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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baron John de Saint John & Alice Fitz Peter

30420930. Baron John de Saint John & 30420931. Alice Fitz Peter

~1240, John born in England, s/o 60841860. Robert de Saint John & 60841861. Agnes de Cantelupe.

~1250, Alice born in England, d/o 121688160. Sir Reynold Fitz Peter & 60841863. Alice ?.

6/29/1256, Whereas Robert de Sancto Johanne, with the king’s consent, has given To Reynold son of Peter the marriage of John his son and heir, to the use of Alice daughter of the said Reynold and has married the said John to Alice, the king confirms the said marriage … (S) CPRs.

1267, John’s father died; John holding lands in Hampshire, Herefordshire, Berkshire, Warwickshire, Kent and Sussex. Seated at Basing, had held 4 manors near Chichester, Sussex.

6/4/1267, Commitment during pleasure to John de Sancto Johanne of the castle of Procestre, … in the same manor as Robert de Sancto Johanne, his father, answered … with mandate to the tenants to be intendant to him. (S) CPRs.

6/28/1270, Protection with clause volumus … for 4 years for the following crusaders … John de Sancto Johanne … (S) CPRs.

10/16/1270, Confirmation of a grant by John de Sancto Johanne, knight, to Philip le Taylur, citizen of London, and Sabina his wife, of the manor of Erde, co. Kent … (S) CPRs.

3/12/1272, Simple protection without clause, until Midsummer, for John de Sancto Johanne, going beyond seas. (S) CPRs. [Apparently John did not attend the crusade.]

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

[––John & Alice––]

By 1273, John married Alice.

1/23/1276, Protection with clause volumus … for 2 years for John de Sancto Johanne, going beyond seas. (S) CPRs.

11/1276, John one of the barons present at the council of Westminster when judgement was given against Llewelyn, Prince of Wales.

2/27/1277, Protection with clause volumus … for the following going to Wales on the king’s service … John de Sancto Johanne … (S) CPRs.

5/14/1277, Inspeximus of a writing whereby John de Sancto Johanne, knight, granted to Nutus Fulberti, citizen and merchant of Florence and Mary his wife, for the lives of both … his whole manor called Sottewelle, co. Berkshire, … (S) CPRs.

7/17/1277, Protection … going to Wales on the king’s service … William de Gorges, gone with John de Sancto Johanne. (S) CPRs.

1277, King Edward was in Chester where he cleared a road through a dense forest, and started construction on the castles of Flint and Rhuddlan. King Edward made forays into the Welsh lands of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, prince of Wales, capturing Snowdonia and the isle of Anglesey.

8/7/1278, Order to cause Roger de Mowbray, imprisoned in that castle [Windesore] for certain trespasses …, to be delivered to Maurice de Berkley, … and John de Sancto Johanne, who have mainperned to have him before the king. (S) CCRs.

1282, John part of King Edward’s invasion of Wales.

12/11/1282, King Edward’s forces defeated Llewelyn ap Gruffydd at the Battle of Radnor in eastern Wales. King Edward received the head of Llywelyn at Rhuddlan castle. [Aka Battle of Orewin Bridge.]

1283, John summoned to the Shrewsbury parliament.

7/10/1284, “Richard Fitz Aleyn, who is under age and whose lands are in the King's hand during his minority, complains that John de St John has encroached on various liberties, rights and customs belonging to the honour of Arundel.” (S) UKNA.

4/26/1286, John received letters of protection for 1 year on going abroad with the King. John named Thomas de Basing, clerk, as his attorney in England.

6/24/1286 from Dover, Edward and Eleanor traveled to Gascony where they would stay for 3 years.

1286-89, John attended the King in France.

10/1288, John a hostage handed to Aragon [Spain] to secure conditions on which the Prince of Salerno had been released.

By 2/2/1289, John had returned to England.

8/1289, Edward and Eleanor returned to England.

5/1290, John attended parliament.

10/29/1290, John received letters of protection for 1 year on going abroad with the King. [To Scotland.]

10/1291, John de Sancto Johanne and Roger Lestrange, knights, the king's envoys, traveled to meet with Pope Nicholas IV regarding “the 10th” levy to support the next crusade.

3/1292 at Tarascon, John de Sancto Johanne and Roger Lestrange, knights, the king's envoys, part of the mediation between Sicily and Aragon. (S) UKNA.

1292, John returned to England.

11/1292, John in Scotland attending the King.

1292, King Edward arbitrated the dispute over the Scottish crown in favor of John de Baliol.

12/13/1292 at Tuggehale in the presence of Robert deTibotot, John de Sancto Johanne, Walter de Langeton, keeper of the wardrobe, … and John de Drokenesford, the great seal was delivered to John de Langeton who sealed writs therewith. (S) CFRs.

7/1293-3/1294, John the king’s lieutenant [Seneschal] in Gascony, with 2,000 livres tournois annually. (S) UKNA. John spent his time strengthening and provisioning the fortified towns and castles.

2/3/1294, Esmon [Edmund, Earl of Lancaster (11819892)], filz du Roy Henri d'Engleterre, a son chier cousin [to our dear cousin] mon sire Johan de Seint Johan chevaler, tenant en la duchie de Guyenne, le lieu de nostre treschere seigneur & frere, mon seigneur Edward, par la grace de DIEU, Roy d'Engleterre, seignur d'Irland, & due de Guyenn' & a sire Johan de Havering chevaler, seneschall de la dite duchie, & a tous les autres seneschaus du dist nostre seigneur le Roy & duc, es parties & es terres de la mesme duchie, saluz. – John was ordered by the Earl to deliver seisin of Gascony to its overlord, King Philip the Fair (5909698). John admitted the French into the castles, sold the provisions and stores, and returned to England.

1294, The Gascon War began between England and France, lasting 9 years.

7/4/1295, Edward I to H. [recte Ferdinand IV], king of Castile: credence for John de Brittany (nephew of the king), lieutenant of Aquitaine, and John de St. John, seneschal of Aquitaine, his envoys. (S) UKNA.

10/1/1294, John, and John of Brittany and the expeditionary forces, left from Plymouth.

10/28/1294, The expeditionary force reached Gironde.

10/31/1294, The expeditionary force captured Macau. Then Bourg and then Blaue; and then sailed up the Garonne, but failed to take Bordeau. Continuing upriver, they captured Rions, Podensac, and Villeneuve. Going back to Rions, and then leaving from there, John commanded a small force traveling by river and sea to Bayonne [where he was very popular.]

1/1/1295, The citizens of Bayonne opened the gates to John. The French forces held the castle for 11 days before surrendering. [These successes caused many Gascons to join in support of the English forces.]

1295, Charles of Valois, brother of King Philip, invaded Aquitaine and retook many of the towns along the Garonne valley.

4/1295, Due to the loss of nearby towns to Charles, John of Brittany and John decided to abandon Rion.

1296, Edmund of Lancaster arrived to take command of the expeditionary forces. [He died the same year at Bayonne. Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, then arrived to take command.] During all of these leadership changes, John remained the seneschal.

1/28/1297, John, with Earl Henry, marched to Bellegarde to take provisions. The town was being besieged by Robert, Count of Artois. Near the town, they split into 2 divisions, John commanding one of them. John was attacked by much larger French force. Earl Henry did not engage the forces. That knight the Gascon forces deserted. The next day, John was captured with 10 other knights and taken to Paris.

6/1299, After the treaty of L’Aumone, John was ransomed. [Possibly by the King of Castile.]

3/11/1299, In order to pay his ransom, John had to pledge 4 of his manors for 16 years to the merchants of the society of Buonsignori of Siena.

1/5/1300, Edward I to the men of Annandale and other parts of the March as far as co. Roxburgh: the appointment of John de St. John as captain and lieutenant in the area. (S) UKNA.

6/1300, John, commander of the 4th division, entrusted with the protection of Lord Edward [on his 1st campaign] at the siege of Caerlaverock. “John de Saint John Was everywhere with him, Who on all his white caparifons Had upon a red chief two gold mullets.”

2/12/1301, John, lord of Halnaker, at the Lincoln parliament, signed the baron’s letter to the Pope.

1301, John the warden of Galloway and Sheriff of Dumfries and adjacent marches.

4/1301, John appointed with Earl Warren and others to treat at Cantebury a peace between the English and Scots.

7/22/1301, Sir Ralph de Gorges, 1 knight and 6 horsemen, being part of the retinue of John de St John in the forces of Edward, prince of Wales in Scotland.

9/14/1301, John de St John begs the Chancellor of England to issue for Adam de Kereseye, his valet, safe protection for his coming and going between England and Scotland. (S) UKNA.

1301-2, “Petitioners: John de Seint Johan (St John); Thomas de Lucy … Seint Johan and Lucy request that they be rented the soil as they hold the wood and the covert in their holding of the wood of Allerdale and a great part of the wood of Inglewood with all that pertains to the manor of Cockermouth.” (S) UKNA.

2/16/1302, Writ of Edward I from Roxburgh to John de Sancto Johanne, keeper of Annandale and Galloway, not to hinder the Earl of Dunbar from dealing with the lands of his tenants forfeited to the King. (S) UKNA.

7/12/1302, John with the king at Westminster.

8/1302 at Lochmaben, John de St. John to Ralph de Manton, cofferer of the Wardrobe: illness prevents him being at Roxburgh when summoned, but he is sending a representative. (S) UKNA.

8/30/1302, Writ of Edward I to John de St John, sending him the transcript of a petition presented to parliament. (S) UKNA.

9/6/1302, a Thursday, John, knt., Lord of Basing, Hampshire, Halnaker, Sussex, … died at Lochmaben Castle, Scotland. (S) UKNA.

10/12/1302, Writ for IPM of John de Sancto Johanne in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. (S) CFRs.


11/1/1302, Order to deliver to John de Sancto Johanne, son and heir of John de Sancto Johanne, tenant in chief, the lands late of his said father, he having done homage, saving to Alice, late the wife of John, her dower. (S) CFRs.

6/25/1305, Grant for Alice, late the wife of John de Sancto Johanne, staying in England, … her attorneys in Scotland. (S) CPRs.

Alice died.

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Children of John and Alice:

i. John de Saint John (2498700), born 1274 in Southampton, England.

ii. Agnes de Saint John (15210465), born ~1283 in England.