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G25: 30422304 Carmynow-Dinham

30422304. Sir Roger Carmynow & 30422305. Johanna de Dinham

Roger born in England, s/o §Roger Carmynow & Sara Hornacote.

1270, Sir Roger accompanied Prince Edward I on crusade.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1274, Roger de Carmynou had by customery right the parking of all distresses taken in Kerrier hundred, with the right to demand a penny for each animal parked. (S) The Hundred and the Hundred Rolls, Cam, 1960, P82.

1276, Roger’s sister Maud, married to Sir Robert Heligan died.

Roger heir to his brother John.

~1293, Roger married his daughter Joan to William de Walesbraus [Whalesboro - age 5.]

1296, Roger de Carminow sought to recover against Richard de Ditchen a messuage, 80 acres of land and 10 acres of wood. (S) The Cartulary of Launceston Priory, 1987.

1297, Dominus Rogerus de Carminow, knight, summoned to attend King Edward I.

1300, Roger knight of the shire for Cornwall.

1301, Roger de Carminow, called to reply to the King for his man’ of Wynyeton, said that Richard, formerly E. of Cornw., gave to a certain Gervaise de Hornyngcote, his ancestor, the manor of Wynyton, Merthyn, and Tam’ton in exchange for the manor of Bochym.

1302, William Bottreux brought Writ of Wardship against Roger Carminow and demanded William, the brother and heir of John de Whalesboro. Roger replied, ‘William whilst your ward married our daughter’. [Nous vous dioms qe vivant Joh frere Willame, e en vostre garde estcant, si fut Willame marie a nostre fille.]

1302, Assize roll: Sarra de Hornyacote mother of Roger de Carmynowe.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

Bef. 12/20/1308, Roger died; Joan surviving.

1/16/1309, IPM of Roger, Oliver aged 30 and more.

6/9/1309, Presentation of Roger son of Roger de Carmenou, … to the church of St. Stadian, in the diocese of Exeter. (S) CPRs.

6/4/1320, Licence for Oliver de Carmynou to grant … his reversion in the manors of Merthyn, Wynyenton and kenel, held in chief as of the earldom of Cornwall … which Joan, late the wife of Roger de Carmynou holds in dower of the inheritiance of the said Oliver, … regrant the same to Oliver de Carmynou and Elizabeth his wife … John, brother of said Oliver, … Richard brother of the same John, and Mivan brother of the said Richard, … and failing issue to William Walebreus and Joan his wife and the heirs of their bodies, … (S) CPRs.

1321, Joan surviving.

By 1329, Johanne de Kaermynaw died. (S) Parochial History of Cornwall, 1838, P231.

(S) Journal, Royal Institution of Cornwall, 1889, PP149&222. (S) Publications of the Harleian Society, V9, 1874.

Family notes:

·         1173, Roger de Carminow held one knights’ fee in Moteland, Cornwall.

·         1220, Roger de Carminow witnessed a charter relating to Trenant, Cornwall.

·         1257-1280, Robertus, Roger de Carminow’s son and heir. (S) The Registers of Walter Bronescombe, Bishop of Exeter, 1889, P393.

·         Roger Carmynow, married to Sarra, s/o Robert Carmynowe [‘Robert de Carminow’ held a knights’ fee in 1256.]

·         Sarra Hornacote, d/o Gervais Hornacote, heiress to her neice Margery Hornacote, d/o her sister Cenota.

·         Gervais Hornacote, s/o Robert de Tintagel [died 1224], s/o Gervais de Hornicote [died 1207.]

·         1285, [Cornish deed] Joanna, widow of Roger de Carminow. [Indicates there may be a generation missing.]

Children of Roger and Johanna:

i. Sir Oliver Carminowe, born by 1280 in England.

Oliver married Elizabeth Pomeroy.

Oliver, sheriff of Cornwall, keeper of Launceston castle.

Oliver married Isould, d/o Reynold Ferrers [2 daughters].

Aft. 8/31/1335, Oliver died; his heir his son Roger [by Elizabeth].

ii. Roger de Carminou, born in England.

Bef. 8/1320, Roger died leaving his brother Olive as his heir.

iii. Joan Carminou, born ? in England.

~1293, Joan, as a child, married to William de Whalesboro.

5/10/1321, Joan, wife of William de Walesbreu, a sibling of Oliver de Carminow.

William died.

10/13/1333, Joan, who was the wife of William de Walesbreu.

2/23/1347, Joan, relict of William de Whalesbreu, presented to St. Mawnan-in-Kerrier.

11/6/1348, Joan, relict of William de Whalesbreu, presented to St. Mawnan-in-Kerrier.

Bef. 8/6/1349, Joan died; her son son her heir.

iv. John Carminow (15211152), born ~1290 in England.