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G25: 30422840 Ufford

30422840. Thomas de Ufford & 30422841. Eve de Clavering

Bef. 1286, Thomas born in England, 2nd s/o 60845680. Robert de Ufford & 60845681. Joan ?. [Thomas younger half-brother of Robert, 1st Lord Ufford, and uncle of Robert, 1st Earl of Suffolk.]

~1290, Eve born in Clavering, England, heir & d/o 60845682. John Fitz Robert & 60845683. Hawise de Tibetot.

Eve 1st married to Thomas de Audley of Heleigh, Staffordshire. [No children.]

Bef. 9/9/1298, Thomas’ father died.

Bef. 12/14/1307, Thomas de Audley, a minor, died [his brother Nicholas his heir]. Eve had her widow’s dower, which included the manor of Audley and a third of Endon.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

5/22/1308, Grant to Thomas de Ufford of the marriage of Eva, late the wife of Thomas de Aldithelegh, tenant in chief, or fo any fine incurred by her by marrying without licence. (S) CPRs.

1309, “Eve que fuit ux: Thome de Aldightegh” … “et Thomam de Ufford et eandem Evam quam idem Thomas duxit in uxorem”. (S) CCRs.

6/24/1314, Thomas slain at the battle of Bannockburn; buried at Langley Abbey, Norfolk.

Eve lived with [and possibly married] Thomas de Audley’s cousin, Sir James de Audley, s/o Hugh de Audley & Iseult de Mortimer.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

1327, Eva, “Eua de Ufforde”, on the tax rolls of Suffolk in Villata de Craneford Cum Swyflyngge. (S) Suffolk in 1327, Is9, 1906, P107.

1332, James de Audley [husband of Eve] died.

1332, Eve presented to the rectory of Blythburgh.

11/17/1335, Licence for James Daudele to enfeoff … manors of Forde, Egemondon and Neuport, co. Salpo, … now held for life by Eva late the wife of Thomas Daudele, … with successives remainders to Nicholas and Roger his sons, in fee tail, and to his right heirs. (S) CPRs.

Eve married Sir Robert de Benhale. [No children.]

1338, Sir Robert presented in Eve’s right to the rectory of Burgh, co. Norfolk.

1342, Eve and Robert released their rights to multiple manors to Ralph de Neville and her mother.

1345, Eve age 40 and more at the death of her mother.

1346, “… Roberto de Benhale et Eva uxore ejus, … “ (S) Inquisitions and Assessments Relating to Feudal Aids, 1904, P503.

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England [likely entering through Bristol].

1348, Robt. de Benhale and Eva his wife v. Robt. de Martham, … (S) Short Calendar of the Feet of Fines for Norfolk, 1886, P319.

1354, Domina Eva de Audeley cum duabus Puellis recepta funt in Fraternitatem. (S) An History of the Mitred Parliamentary Abbies, V1, 1718, P321.

4/3/1360, Sir Robert summoned to parliament for the barony of Clavering in right of his wife.

Sir Robert died.

2/18/1369, Pardon to William de Upgate … at the request of Eva Daudele late the wife of Robert de Benhale, … (S) CPRs.

9/20/1369, Eve died; buried with all of her husbands and Sir James de Audley.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P212. (S) Gen. Memoris of the Extinct Family of Chester of Chicheley, Waters, 1878.

Family notes:

·         A seal of Eve: “in the centre was half the arms of Ufford, impaling half the arms of Audley, and above in a triangular position, three small shields of her own arms de Clavering, in a lozenge.” (S) History and Antiquities of the County of Norfolk, Armstrong, 1781, P44.

Children of Thomas and Eve:

i. Baron John de Ufford, born ? in England. [Heir]

1361, John died unmarried; buried at Langley; his brother Edmund his heir.

ii. Sir Robert de Ufford, born ? in England.

Robert died before his older brother leaving no surviving heirs.

i. Edmund de Ufford (15211420), born by 1315 in England.

Children of James and Eve: [3 daughters: Katherine, Ann and Hawise.]

(S) Memorials of the Order of the Garter, Beltz, 1841, P83.

i. Sir James de Audeley, born ~1320 in England.

1346-47, James and Peter accompanied the Black Prince to France.

1354-55, Sir James Audeley and Peter, his brother, captains of the host in the retinue of the Black Prince during the attack on Bordeaux, France.

9/19/1356, Sir James de Audeley identified as the most distinguished knights at the Battle of Poitiers. [James’ brother Peter is also mentioned.]

1369, Sir James appointed governor of Aquitaine.

ii. Peter de Audeley, born ? in England.

1359, Peter, a commander, died at the castle of Beaufort in Champagne.