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Monday, May 19, 2014

Bond 16408 Kekewich-Bardfield

16408. John Kekewich & 16409. Thomasin Bardfield

~1505, Johannes born in Katchfrench, Cornwall, England, s/o §George Kekewich & Johanna Talcarne.
~1505, Thomasin born in Shefield, Essex, coheir & d/o 32818. Thomas Bardfield.
John 1st married Alice, d/o William Inne, Esq. [No children.]
Thomasin's father died.
1511-14, Thomasin Danielle, of Chenville, Essex, and her sister Margaret [Gedge of Essex] inherited the estates of her uncle John Bardfield, including Margaretting, Essex.
By 1514, Thomasin 1st married to William Daniell of London.
John married 2nd Joan ? [apparently divorced – see 1544 lawsuit.]
John, of the parish of St. Germans, Cornwall, married Thomasin, a widow and coheir in Essex, where they made their primary home. They also had a house in the parish of St. Mary le Strand, London.
9/15/1538, Johannes wrote his will, leaving 200 pounds to his son George, and naming Thomasyn as his “sole extrix.”
1539, John was high in a list of squires appointed to take part in the reception of Anne of Cleeves [4th wife of King Henry VIII.]
10/31/1539, John of Margetting, Esq., died at Berdefield Hall, Essex; buried in the parish of Margetting.
10/19/1541, John’s will proved.
Thomasin married 2nd Oliver Hyde of Banbury Court, Agingdon, Berkshire [much younger than her].
1544-1551, Plaintiffs: Oliver Hyde and Thomasin his wife, executrix and late the wife of John Kekewiche. Defendants: Richard Cliker, husband of Joan, late the wife of the said John. Subject: Rent of land in St Germans (Saint Jerms). Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/1133/69-71.
1545, Thomasin and Oliver bought the manor of Maiden Erlegh near Sonning, Berkshire;
1/28/1547, Edward VI succeed Henry VIII as King of England.
1548, Thomasin and Oliver bought the manor of Fulbrook near Burford, Oxfordshire.
2/9/1566, Oliver died.
1/13/1568, Thomasin died.
(S) The Visitations of the County of Cornwall, 1887, Vivian, P252. (S) House of Commons 1509-1558, Bindoff, 1982, P430, P459. (S) Genealogist, V6, 1882, P10.
Family notes:
·         George Kekewich, the father, came out of Shropshire into Cornwall.
o   By 1515, Plaintiffs: Edward, son and heir of John Kendale. Defendants: George Kekewich. Subject: Lands mortgaged by the said John in Duloe and Morval. Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 1/144/77.
·         George Kekewich, s/o Johannes Kekewich de Lenly, s/o Johannes Kekewich of Lenley in Com. Salop& Agnes ?, s/o Pierce Kekewich, Kt., who came to Shropshire from Lincolnshire.
·         Johanna Talcarne, heiress & d/o Edward Talcarn de Katchfrench, s/o Johannes Talkarne de Kathcfrench, s/o Johannes Talkarne de Katchfrench, Com. Cornub.
Children of Johannes and Thomasin:
i. George Ketchwich (8204), born 11/17/1530 in Katchfrench, Com. Cornwall, England.
ii. Maria Kekewich, born ? in Katchfrench, Com. Cornwall, England.
9/15/1538, Maria, a minor, named in her father’s will, receiving 200 marks.
Maria married 1st John Hide of Berks [younger brother of her mother’s 2nd husband.]
Maria married 2nd Richard Radish.
iii. Agnes Kekewich, born ? in Katchfrench, Com. Cornwall, England.
9/15/1538, Agnes, a minor, named in her father’s will, receiving 200 marks.
Agnes 1st married John Sherington.
Agnes 2nd married Nicholas Stephens.