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Bond 8194 Pascowe-Kempe

8194. John Pascowe & 8195. Thomasine Kempe

7/25/1603, King James I succeeded Queen Elizabeth I in England.
Aft. 1603, Plaintiffs: John Pascowe alias John Baker. Defendants: Thomas Kendall. Subject: messuages and lands in the parish of St Austell, Cornwall. Document type: [pleadings]. (S) UKNA, C 2/JasI/P3/27.
1604, John Pascoe married Thomasine at St. Stephen by Saltash, Cornwall.
11/5/1605, The “Gunpowder Plot”, an attempt to assassinate King James I.
1611, The “King James Bible”, the 3rd English translation accomplished by 47 scholars from Greek [New Testament], Hebrew [Old Testament] and Latin [Apocrypha], published.
~1618, John [Paskowe, Pascoe, Pascowe] died; buried at St. Stephens.
Aft. 1618, “Thomasine Paskow, widow”, remarried to Francis Crocker, gent. [Multiple children.]
3/15/1620, Francis, son of Francis Croker, gent. , and Thomasine his wife baptized at St. Stephens. [1st child by Francis associated with Thomasine.]
By 1625, Defendants: Francis Crocker, Thomasin Crocker his wife, Richard Porter, William Hechins and Josias Hobb. Subject: lease of a tenement in Trematon in the parish of St Stephen's by Saltash, Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 2/JasI/W11/35.
2/2/1626, Charles I became King of England; succeeding King James I of Scotland and England.
10/12/1627, Moses, son of Francis Croker, gent. baptized at St. Stephens. [Last child.]
5/11/1630, Thomasine buried.
(S) Heraldic Church Notes  – From Cornwall.
Children of John and Thomasine:
i. Elizabeth Pascowe, born ~1608 in Cornwall, England.
5/16/1628, Elizabeth married Arthur Burell in Cornwall.
ii. Johanna Paskowe (4097), born ~1611 in Cornwall, England.
iii. Mary Pascowe, baptized 10/18/1615 in Cornwall England.

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