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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bond 8194 Pascowe-Kempe

8194. John Pascowe & 8195. Thomasine Kempe

10/25/1578, John born in Cornwall, England, s/o 16388. John Pascoe & 16389. Elizabeth Edwards.
7/25/1603, King James I succeeded Queen Elizabeth I in England.
Aft. 1603, Plaintiffs: John Pascowe alias John Baker. Defendants: Thomas Kendall. Subject: messuages and lands in the parish of St Austell, Cornwall. Document type: [pleadings]. (S) UKNA, C 2/JasI/P3/27.
1604, John Pascoe married Thomasine at St. Stephen by Saltash, Cornwall.
11/5/1605, The “Gunpowder Plot”, an attempt to assassinate King James I.
1611, The “King James Bible”, the 3rd English translation accomplished by 47 scholars from Greek [New Testament], Hebrew [Old Testament] and Latin [Apocrypha], published.
3/23/1618, John [Paskowe, Pascoe, Pascowe] died; buried at St. Stephens. (S) UKNA, WARD 7/58/86.
3/18/1619, “Thomasine Paskow, widow”, remarried to Francis Crocker, gent. [Multiple children.] (S) Exeter Marriage Licences.
3/15/1620, Francis, son of Francis Croker, gent. , and Thomasine his wife baptized at St. Stephens. [1st child by Francis associated with Thomasine.]
By 1625, Defendants: Francis Crocker, Thomasin Crocker his wife, Richard Porter, William Hechins and Josias Hobb. Subject: lease of a tenement in Trematon in the parish of St Stephen's by Saltash, Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C 2/JasI/W11/35.
2/2/1626, Charles I became King of England; succeeding King James I of Scotland and England.
10/12/1627, Moses, son of Francis Croker, gent. baptized at St. Stephens. [Last child.]
5/11/1630, Thomasine buried.
(S) Heraldic Church Notes  – From Cornwall.
Family notes:
1553–1603, John Pascoe and Elizabeth, his wife, vs. Margery Parkyne and others, land in St. Stephen’s, Cornwall. (S) GBPRO, Lists and Indexes, V21, Proceedngs in Court of Requests.
Children of John and Thomasine:
i. Elizabeth Pascowe, born ~1608 in Cornwall, England.
5/16/1628, Elizabeth married Arthur Burell in Cornwall.
8/10/1642, Elixabeth buried at St. Stephens by Saltash.
ii. Johanna Paskowe (4097), born ~1611 in Cornwall, England.
iii. Mary Pascowe, baptized 10/18/1615 in Cornwall England.