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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sir Roger Grenville & Margaret Whitleigh

131078. Sir Roger Grenville & 131079. Margaret Whitleigh

~1475, Margaret born in Efford, Cornwall, England, coheiress & d/o §§Richard Whitleigh of Efford.

~1477, Roger Graynfild born in Cornwall, England, heir & s/o 262156. Sir Thomas Grenville & 262157. Isabell Gilbert.

7/6/1483, Richard III succeeded Edward IV as King of England. [Usurping never-crowned 12-year-old Edward V.]

10/30/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England, becoming the first monarch of the House of Tudor.

Margaret 1st married Edmund Cheyney.

1/11/1493, Thomas Greynfyld arranged for the marriage of his son and heir Roger Graynfeld with Margaret, d/o Richard Whitleigh of Efford in Egg Buckland.

[––Roger & Margaret––]

By 2/20/1493, Roger married Margaret; his father Thomas granting him and his wife Margaret all the messuages within the manor of Kilkhampton.

“Richard Leche. v. Roger Greynfyld, esquire, and Margaret, his wife, and John Kelly.: Reversion upon the death of John Germayn of a `tenure' in the manor of Pynhoo, granted for a fine paid by complainant by John Cheyney, esquire, whose son Edmund married the said Margaret.”

1504-15, Plaintiffs: Johan or Jayne Courteney, widow. Defendants: Roger Graynfyld and Richard Halse. Subject: Detention of deeds relating to a messuage in Lifton. Devon. (S) UKNA, C 1/295/63.

1505, Sir Thomas and his son Roger granted to John Grigge and Joane his wife messuages in Merlona St. Peter, Devon.

1509, Margaret’s father died. Margaret cohieress with her sister Joan to Wendon, Waynard and Respryn.

6/24/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

1510-11, Roger, Sheriff of Cornwall.

3/9/1512, Roger’s father Thomas wrote his will. Roger, executor, to provide for his brother John if he did not become a priest; and to arrange for his sister Honor to be married.

3/18/1513, Roger’s father died, Roger age 35.

4/3/1514, Roger presented Richard Gilbert, his cousin, to Bideford.

1517, The abbot of St. Clive, co. Somerset, with the consent of his convent, granted Roger all their wood and trees growing in Merewood.

1517-18, Roger, Sheriff of Cornwall.

1518, Roger conveyed to Richard Gilbert, his cousin, the whole manor and borough of Kilkhampton to the use of his last Will. It is seald “Sigill rogeri graynfild amigeri.”

6/1520, Roger in France, near Calais, when King Henry VIII of England met with King Francis I of France; known as the “Field of Cloth of Gold.”

1522, Roger Graynfild and Richard, his son and heir of the said Roger and Margaret his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of Richard Whitleight, deceased, granted to Peter St. Aubyn the moiety of the manor of Cleghar to the use of Christiana, daughter of the said Roger, in order of a marriage between her and James, son of the said Peter. [Marriage never took place.]

1522, Roger, Sheriff of Cornwall.

3/23/1523, A dispute over the offerings for the maintenance of the bridge at Bideford between Roger and Richard Gilbert settled by Bishop Veysey at the Palace in Exeter.

1523, Roger Graynfyld knighted.

7/7/1524, Roger died.

(S) A Complete Parochial Hist. of the County of Cornwall, V2, Polsue, 1868, P373. (S) A View of Devonshire in 1630, Westcote, 1845, P630. (S) Hist. of the Granville Family, Granville, 1895, P71ff.

Family notes:

·         Roger Grenville called the “Great Housekeeper” for his open and liberal hospitality. “Rogerus Graynfyld, armiger, & Margaretta” recorded in the obituaries of Tywardreath Priory.

·         §§Richard Whitleigh descended from Roger de Whitleigh, owner of Efford in 1345, who also owned Haroldsore in Harberton parish. Roger’s wife was Margaret, heiress & d/o Robrert Beauden, lord of Egg-Buckland [and his wife Joan, heiress & d/o Nicholas Halton]. Margaret’s sister Joan married Richard Hals of Kenedon. (S) Devonshire Wills, Worthy, 1896, P494.

Children of Roger and Margaret:

i. Philippa Greville, born ? in Cornwall, England.

Philippa married Thomas Tremayne, esq. of Collacombe.

ii. Sir Richard Grenville, born ~1495 in Cornwall, England. [Heir]

Richard married Matilda, coheir & d/o John Bevill of Gwarnike in S. Allen.

1518-23, Plaintiffs: John Gelbert, esquire, …, executors of Richard Gilberd, canon of Exeter. Defendants: Richard Graynfyld, son and heir of Roger Graynfyld, knight, …, feoffee to uses. Subject: Debt of the said Sir Roger charged by his will on the manor of Kilkhampton. Cornwall. (S) UKNA.

1529, Richard, M.P. for Cornwall.

12/1534, Richard’s name included in a list drawn up by Oliver Cromwell.

1541, Richard granted the manor of Buckland Monachorum, and the rectory of Moorwinstow, by the King.

8/9/1548, Richard, his brother John and others, addressed by a letter from Lord Seymour of Sudlye, High Admiral, giving them authority to commission privateers to take French ships and goods.

3/24/1550, Richard buried at Kilkhampton.

iii. Anne Greville, born ? in Cornwall, England.

Anne married John Drake, esq. of Ash, in Musbury.

2/18/1577, Anne died.

iv. John Grenville, born ? in Cornwall, England.

1520, John entered the Inner Temple [with his brother Richard.]

1528, John received his B.A.

1532, John received his M.A.

John married Lettice, d/o Thomas Lucas of Suffolk.

1535, John, Serjeant-at-arms for King Henry VIII.

1545, 1554, 1558, John, M.P. for Exeter.

9/7/1548, John, a buccaneer, reported from Fowey they he himself had waylaid, taken, sunk or driven on shore and indefinite number of French trading vessels, bringing the prizes to Fowey and Plymouth.

1580, John died, buried at Kilkhampton.

v. Digory Grenville, born ? in Cornwall, England.

Digory married Philippa Tregarthen of Penheal in Egloskerry.

Digory married 2nd Mary, d/o Nicholas Cavell, widow of John Reskarrick.

By 1547, Plaintiff: George Broughton Defendant: Dygory Graynfyld, Thomas Arundell, and Richard Chamont Place Or Subject: Messuages, lands, and tenements (replication only) County: Somerset. (S) UKNA.

vi. Christiana Greville, born ? in Cornwall, England.

Christiana married James Erisey.

vii. Agnes Grenville (65539), born ~1510 in Cornwall, England.