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Friday, June 20, 2014

Lord John Durneford & Joan Cokayn

262594. Lord John Durneford & 262595. Joan Cokayn

~1370, John Derneford born in Devon, England.

~1382, Johanne [Jane/Joan] born in Gidleigh, Cornwall, England, d/o 525190. Henry Cokynne & 525191. Alice Caryndoun.

1394, John married Joan.

12/12/1394, At Caryndon, Isabella D’Aumarle and others paid John Durnford and Johanna his wife 1000 marks to quitclaim Gidleigh. … John Durneford' and Joan have acknowledged the manors, rent, third part and advowsons to be the right of Nicholas, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Joan to Nicholas, Isabel, John Isak' and John Prous and the heirs of Nicholas for ever. (S) Feet of Fines, Devon.

4/6/1402, Award (Recital of dispute) between 1 Richard Spicer and John his brother, and 2 John Durneford and w. Joan, about 2 mess., 2 carrucates of land in Morvyle and Caryndon, Cornwall; … and 1 third part of the manor of Ashewater, Devon … Richard Spicer for his costs was to be paid by the Durnefords £30 … (S) Cornwall Council, ME/668.

2/12/1404 at Caryndon, Richard Spicer esquire … during the life of John Durneforde. Charter indented of 2 messuages and 2 carucates of land in Morville, and Caryndoun co. Cornwall, the manors of Lustle, 'North Hewysshe, Seint Marietavi' and Avton Giffarde and 3 messuages and 3 carucates of land in Studbury, Radewelle, Hauemouth and Worthy co. Devon, and 1 messuage and 1 carucate of land in Heyghtchirche and Whitchirche co. Somerset, … by gift of John Durneforde and Joan his wife by fine levied in the late king's court; and proviso that if John Durneforde shall die within 10 years the same shall remain during that term to the grantees, otherwise the remainder shall be to Joan daughter of Henry Cokynne, wife of the said John, and to the heirs of her body, remainder to her right heirs. Witnesses: John Herle, William Talbot knights, … (S) CCRs.

8/31/1422, Henry VI succeeded Henry V as King of England.

11/6/1424, John Durneford of Carndon granted a license for his chapel of St. John the Baptist at Caradon in Linkinhorne.

7/25/1426, Dorset. IPM of Alice wife of Lewis Cardygan. Jurors … John Durneford … (S) MMC, E-CIPM 22-555.

7/7/1432, Portection for 1 year to John Derneford of Derneford, co. Devon, ‘husbondman,’ in the company of John de Radclyf, king’s knight, captain of the castle of Fronsak in the parts of the duchy of Aquitaine. [John’s protection revoked the following Oct. for ‘tarrying’ because of his own affairs.]

John died.

Johanne deseized Stephen Idell of Gidleigh.

9/10/1454, Johanne died.

Family notes:

·         [Undated] John Deneford and Johanne, his wife, daughter of Alice, daughter of Clarice, sister of John Daumarle, of Devon, knight, vs. Nicholas Tremayn, feoffee to uses. Manors, advowsons, and lands in Flute Daumarle, Sydenham, Guddelegh, Northhiwyssh, Throulegh, and Seintmarie Tavy; a rent in Colyton; land in Holbeghton and Witcherche. (S) Lists and Indexes, Iss16, 1903, P485.

Children of John and Johanne:

i. Alice Durnford (131297), born ~1402 in Gidleigh, Cornwall, England.

ii. Johanna Durnford, born ~? in Gidleigh, Cornwall, England.

Johanna married Sir Piers Edgcombe, esq.