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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Richard Bonde Esq. & Elizabeth Coryngton

65536. Richard Bonde Esq. & 65537. Elizabeth Coryngton

1507, Richard born in Saltash, Cornwall, England, heir & s/o 131072. William Bonde & 131073. Jane Gybbs.

~1508, Elizabeth born in Hey, Cornwall, England, coheiress & d/o 131074. Thomas Coryngton & 131075. Blanche ?.

6/24/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

By 1519, Elizabeth’s father died. [See Family Notes.]

Elizabeth 1st married to John Batten.

1529, Richard’s father died; Richard age 22.

[––Richard & Elizabeth––]

1529, Richard married Elizabeth.

Richard Bond and his wife Elizabeth v George Hill. Bill for discovery and injunction. A messuage and land called Willes in the parish of Down St Mary, Devon.

1/28/1547, Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII as King of England.

1/4/1550, Parties: (1) Richard Bonde, esquire to (2) Richard Bannock. 21 year lease, to commence after death of lessor's mother Johan Bonde, if lessee is still alive; rent 16 shillings and 2 geese at Michaelmas; 1 days' harvest work at Erth or 4 pence; heriot a best beast. Lands and tenements in Bassestreete which Thomas Spoure senior and Richard Bannock now hold. (S) Cornwall Council, RD/849.

7/19/1553, Mary I, sister of Edward VI, became Queen of England.

12/4/1553, Richard buried at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall.


11/17/1558, Elizabeth I succeeded Mary I as Queen of England. [Both daughters of King Henry VIII.]

1560, Elizabeth Bonde v William Taperell, William Oliver and John Taperell. Bill for discovery. A tenement and lands in Treverbyn, in the parish of St Neot, Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C/2/Eliz/B18/37.

(S) The Visitations of the County of Cornwall, Vivian, 1887, P41. (S) Heraldic Church Notes From Cornwall, Jewers.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth:

i. William Bond (32768), ~1530 in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.

ii. Edward Bond, born ? in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.

iii. Thomas Bonde, born 1532 in Saltash, Cornwall, England. [3rd son]

Thomas married Jane ?. [The beginning of the Holewood line.]

3/1600, Thomas died; leaving to the poor of Fulham 20s perannum out of lands in Austen’s Field. Thomas’ tomb at Fulham church has the following inscription: “At Earth, in Cornwall, was my first beginninge, From Bondes and Corringtons as it may apere; Now to Earthe in Fulham God disposed my endinge, In March the thousand and six hundred yere Of Christ; in whom my body sure doth reste, Till, both in body and soule, I shall be bleste.” (S) Environs of London, V2, County of Middlesex, 1795, Fulham.

iv. Elizabeth Bond, born ? in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.

Elizabeth married William Jackman.

v. John Bond, born ? in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.

6/5/1570, John buried at St. Stepens by Saltash.

vi. Agnes Bond, born ? in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.

Agnes married William Hole.