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Thursday, June 12, 2014

65536 Bonde-Coriton

65536. Richard Bonde & 65537. Elizabeth Coriton

1507, Richard born in Saltash, Cornwall, England, heir & s/o 131072. William Bonde & 131073. Jane Gybbs.
~1508, Elizabeth born in Saltash, Cornwall, England, coheiress & d/o §Thomas Coryton of Saltash.
6/24/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.
By 1519, Elizabeth’s father died. [See Family Notes.]
Elizabeth 1st married to John Batten.
1529, Richard’s father died; Richard age 22.
Richard married Elizabeth.
Richard Bond and his wife Elizabeth v George Hill. Bill for discovery and injunction. A messuage and land called Willes in the parish of Down St Mary, Devon.
1/28/1547, Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII as King of England.
1/4/1550, Parties: (1) Richard Bonde, esquire to (2) Richard Bannock. 21 year lease, to commence after death of lessor's mother Johan Bonde, if lessee is still alive; rent 16 shillings and 2 geese at Michaelmas; 1 days' harvest work at Erth or 4 pence; heriot a best beast. Lands and tenements in Bassestreete which Thomas Spoure senior and Richard Bannock now hold. (S) Cornwall Council, RD/849.
7/10/1553, Lady Jane Grey became the [disputed] Queen of England [for 9 days.]
7/19/1553, Mary I, sister of Edward VI, became Queen of England.
12/4/1553, Richard buried at St. Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall. (S) Heraldic Church Notes From Cornwall.
11/17/1558, Elizabeth I succeeded Mary I as Queen of England. [Both daughters of King Henry VIII.]
1560, Elizabeth Bonde v William Taperell, William Oliver and John Taperell. Bill for discovery. A tenement and lands in Treverbyn, in the parish of St Neot, Cornwall. (S) UKNA, C/2/Eliz/B18/37.
 (S) The Visitations of the County of Cornwall, Vivian, 1887, P41.
Family notes:
·         8/26/1519, Parties: 1) William Trubody of Treworeck in St Cleer, to 2) John Trubody his eldest son, and Mary, daughter of Thomas Coryton, gentleman deceased, whom John Trubody is to marry. Litelton Perote alias Castell in Lanlivery, and Polscoff in St Winnow near Lostwithiel. (S) Cornwall Council, CN/800.
Children of Richard and Elizabeth:
i. William Bond (32768), ~1530 in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.
ii. Edward Bond, born ? in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.
iii. Thomas Bonde, born 1532 in Saltash, Cornwall, England. [3rd son]
Thomas married Jane ?. [The beginning of the Holewood line.]
3/1600, Thomas died; leaving to the poor of Fulham 20s perannum out of lands in Austen’s Field. (S) Western Atniquary, V11, 1893, P101.
iv. Elizabeth Bond, born ? in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.
Elizabeth married William Jackman.
v. John Bond, born ? in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.
6/5/1570, John buried at St. Stepens by Saltash.
vi. Agnes Bond, born ? in Earth by Saltash, Cornwall, England.
Agnes married William Hole.