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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Comte Otto-William of Burgundy & Ctss Ermentrude de Roucy

~958, Otto-William in Burgundy, s/o §§King Adalbert of Italy (b.~934, d.~973) & Queen Gerberga of Chalon.
~960, Ermentrude born in France, d/o §§Renaud of Roucy. [Roucy in northern France.]
4/30/971, Otto’s father died.
970’s, Otto’s mother married Duke Henry I of Burgundy who adopted Otto and gave him the county of Burgundy.
980, Otto-William married Ermentrude, widow of the Count of Macon.
990, Otto-William, Count of Nevers and Macon.
4/1003, King Robert of France, supported by Richard, count of Normandy, invaded Burgundy, vying with Otto-William [step-son of Duke Henry]. They laid siege to Auxerre [unsuccessfully] into the summer. Otto-William received the duchy of Burgundy from his step-father, Duke Henry Capet, brother of King Hugh Capet.
1004, A donation by ‘Otto comes cognomento Willelmus’ with ‘filii eius Rainaldi.’
Bef. 1015, Ermentrude died.
1015, ‘Otto comes et uxor mea Adila’ donated property to Saint-Vincent de M√Ęcon subscribed by ‘Rainaldi filii sui.’
1015, Otto offered the crown of Italy on the death of King Arduin, but did not accept.
1016, Otto-William revolted against Emperor Henry II of Germany.
11/2/1023, ‘Otto comes qui nominatur Willelmus’ issued a charter subscribed by ‘Raynardi comitis, Adheleydis uxoris eius.’
9/21/1026, Otto died.
Child of ? and Ermentrude:
i. Gerberge de Macon, born by 980 in Macon.
Gerberge married William III of Provence, s/o 3025764398. Comte William d’Arles & 3025764399. Queen Adelaide-Blanche of Anjou. [See William III for details.]
Child of Otto and Ermentrude:
ii. Rainald I of Burgundy (1521882496), born 986 in Burgundy.
iii. Duchess Agnes of Burgundy (6051529339), born ~992 in Burgundy.
Agnes married 1st Duke William V of Aquitaine (6051529338) [his 3rd, (b.969), (d.1/31/1030)]
1/31/1030, William died.
1032, Agnes married 2nd Comte Geoffrey I Martel d’Anjou, s/o 1512882176. Comte Fulk III Nerra of Anjou & 1512882177. Ctss Hildegarde de Metz.
By 1050, Geoffrey (d.1060-61) divorced Agnes. [No children.]
Agnes died.
Child of William and Agnes: Agnes of Poitou (3025764669) born ~1028 in Poitou.

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