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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Duke Gozelon I of Upper and Lower Lorraine

~990, Gozelon born in Belgium.
By 1008, Gozelon I became Margrave of Antwerp and Count of Verdun.
1023, Gozelon I became Duke of Lower Lorraine on the death of his brother Godfrey II.
4/14/1028, Henry III succeeded as King of Germany.
7/20/1031, Henry I succeeded as King of France.
1033, Gozelon I also became Duke of Upper Lorraine on the death of his cousin Frederic III of Bar.
11/15/1037, Gozelon defeated and killed Odo II, count of Blois, in battle at Commercy.
By 1040, ‘Adelaydis comitissa uxor quondam … Ludouici comitis’ donated property to Verdun Saint-Vanne subscribed by ‘dux Gozelo et eius filius Godefridus.’
6/16/1040, ‘Heinricus … rex’ confirmed the foundation of the convent of Maria Magdalena at Verdun which records donations by ‘Guota per manus mariti sui Gotefridi ducis.’
1040, Gozelon appointed his son Godfrey as Comte de Verdun.
4/19/1044, Gozelon died.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Les Enfances Godefroi, Mickel, 1999.
Child of Gozelon and ?:
i. Godfrey III of Upper Lorraine (1512883450), born by 1020 in Lotharingia.

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