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Friday, April 24, 2020

King Hugh Capet of the Franks & Queen Adelaide of Poitou

3025764396. King Hugh Capet of the Franks & 3025764397. Queen Adelaide of Poitou
940, Hugh born in France, s/o 6051528792. Hugues des Francs & 6051528793. Hedwig of Germany.
~952, Adelaide born in France.
9/12/954, King Lothair succeeded King Louis IV as King of the West Franks. [Lothair and Hugh were 1st cousins, their mothers were sisters.]
956, Richard I of Normandy named as the guardian of Hugh. [Richard betrothed to Hugh’s sister Emma.]
6/16/956, Hugh’s father died; Hugh a minor.
956, Hugues suceeded as Count of Paris, and to Orleans, Senlis, and Dreaux; and all of Nuestria.
956, Hugh’s brother created ‘Henri, Duc des Burgundy’ by King Lothair. [After the death of Henri without heirs, Hugh’s son Robert would eventually conquer Burgundy.]
958, ‘rex [Hugh] et mater sua et Ugo filius Ugonis et mater sua’ attended a hearing ‘apud Marziacum vicum iuxta Nevernis … contra Guillelmum comitem Aquitaniæ post missa sancti Martini.’
960, Hugh installed as Duc des Francs/dux Francorum by Lothaire, King of the West Franks.
2/2/962, Otto I, King of Germany, crowned ‘Emperor of the Romans’ in Rome. [Otto I the uncle of both King Lothair and Hugh Capet, being the brother of both of their mothers.]
968, Richard I of Normandy [married to Hugh’s sister Emma] recognized Hugh Capet as his overlord.
[––Hugh & Adelaide––]
By 971, Hugh married Adelaide.
5/7/973, Otto II succeeded Otto I as Holy Roman Emperor. [Otto II age 18 at the death of his father.]
974, Duc Hugh the primary ruler of West France under King Lothair.
977, Duc Hugh gave the towns of Couvin, Fraisne, Nîme, Eve and Bens [Belgium] as her dowry on the marriage of his daughter Hedwige [Avoie] to Reginar IV, comte de Hainaut.
978, Duc Hugh commanded the army which retook the kingdom of Lotharingia from Otto II King of Germany.
980, King Lothair, without Hugh’s input, made a peace agreement with King Otto II of Germany.
981, Duc Hugh became an ally of Otto II.
5/981, Duke Hugh Capet captured Montreuil from Arnulf II of Flanders. (S) Friends, Family and Allies, Tanner, 2004, P42.
981 at Amiens, Saint Valery appeared to Hugh in a dream and told him ‘thy children shall be kings to the seventh generation.’ (S) Pictorial Ancient History of the World, Frost, 1846, P180. [Hugh had translated the relics of the Saint personally on his shoulders.]
12/7/983, Otto II King of Germany died; leaving a 3-year old as his successor. King Lothair attacked Lotharingia; but Duke Hugh refused to participate.
984, Duke Hugh sent his son Robert to school at Reims. (S) Rethinking France, V4, Nora, 2010, P10.
5/985 at Compiegne, King Lothair tried Archbishop Aldalbero of Reims for treason. Duke Hugh arrived with a army, rescued the archbishop, and dispersed the assembly.
985, Hugues’ widowed sister Beatrice, intervened with Hugues over the capture of her son by French troops during the siege of Verdun, and actively attempted to resolve the Franco/German conflict over Lotharingia by diplomatic means.
3/2/986, King Lothair succeeded by his son King louis V.
5/22/987 at Compiegne, During another trial of Archbishop Aldalbero of Reims for treason, King Louis V died [end of the Carolingian line.] Duke Hugh took charge of the assembly and declared the archbishop aquitted.
5/29/987 at Senlis, Hugh succeeded King Louis V. [The election opposed by Charles, Duke of Lotharingia, Louis V’s uncle. Hugh easily won with the support of Archbishop Aldalbero of Reims and Baldwin IV of Flanders.]
6/1/987, King Hugh ‘Capet’ crowned at Noyon.
7/3/987, King Hugh consecrated at Reims. [The kingdom of France existed as 15 independently-governed principalities.]
12/25/987, Robert II designated as heir to his father. [Hugh wanted to ensure ‘Capet’ succession without an election.]
4/1/988, Robert II crowned at the cathedral of Sainte-Croix in Orléans [‘rex designatus’ King of the Franks – the beginning of a Capetian tradition to crown the eldest son before the death of the father.]
5/988, Charles Duke of Lotharingia captured Laon [and then Reims] from King Hugh.
988, By arrangement of King Hugh, Robert II married Rosalie di Ivrea [who was quickly repudiated.]
5/988, At the court of King Hugh at Braine-le-Compte, King Hugh Capet championed Baldwin IV’s succession in Flanders, which was challenged by his cousin Count Arnulf of Gent.
988, By arrangement of King Hugh, his son Robert II married widow Rosalie di Ivrea. Rosalie was given Montreuil-sur-Mer by the county of Flanders as her dowry.
989, Hugh traveled to Reims to see Archbishop Aldalbero, who had become ill. Hugh arrived the day the archbishop died. Hugh appointed Arnulf, s/o King Lothair, and nephew of Charles, Duke of Lotharingia, as archbishop – hoping to appease Charles.
990, A peace agreement between King Hugues of France, and Duke William IV of Aquitaine and Odo I of Blois.
990-1, Archbishop Arnulf arranged for his uncle Charles, Duke of Lotharingia, to capture Reims.
3/29/991 at Laon, King Hugh captured Charles, Duke of Lotharingia, and his supporter, Arnulf, archbishop of Reims, with the help of Ascelin, bishop of Laon. [Charles, Duke of Lotharingia, died in prison the same year.]
6/991, King Hugh invoked a synod at Reims [in the abbey of St-Basile at Vierzy] which deposed Arnulf. Hugh replaced Arnulf with Gerbert of Aurillac.
991, King Hugh Capet gave Odo of Blois the county of Dreux. (S) Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P77.
991-2, King Hugh of France, with Fulk Nerra, Bouchard of Vendome, and Richard, count of Normandy, captured Melun and Chateaudun [where the defeated were treated severely].
992, King Hugh and Pope John XV in conflict over the appointment of Gerbert of Aurillac at Reims. [This appointment would not acceptable because it was made by a ‘French’ council of Bishops.]
993 at Chelles, King Hugh called a new council and re-affirmed the appointment of Gerbert of Aurillac at Reims.
4-5/993, Odo I of Blois and Bishop Adalbero of Laon arranged a meeting at Metz with King Hugh of France and his son Robert, intending to take them prisoner [which was unsuccessful because the conspiracy was uncovered by the King].
993, King Hugh of France encourged Fulk Nerra of Anjou to attack Brittany and Touraine. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, Reuter, 1999, P391.
9/994, King Hugh of France supported Fulk Nerra’s campaigning by relieving the siege of Langeais by Odo I of Blois.
7/4/995, King Hugh’s nemesis Odo I of Blois died.
10/24/996, King Hugh died at villa ‘Les Juifs’, near Prasville, Eure-et-Loire; returning from a pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Maieul; buried église de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis.
6/15/1004, Adelaide died.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007.
Family notes:
Adelaide is usually given as d/o William III ‘Tête d’Etoupes’, aka ‘William I, comte de Poitou.’ However, there is strong circumstantial evidence that William IV was not her brother.
Child of Hugh and Adelaide:
i. Robert II Capet of France (1512882198), born 3/27/972 at Château de Melun in France.

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