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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Baron William IV de Mohun & Lady Lucy de Tracy

1947025536. Baron William IV de Mohun & 1947025537. Lady Lucy de Tracy

12/22/1135, Stephen of Blois succeeded Henry I as King of England.

~1145, William born in England, s/o 3894051072. William III de Mohun of Somerset & 3894051073. Goldholde ?.

1160, ‘William [III] de Moyon’ donated tithes to Troarn abbey [France]; witnessed by ‘God[eholda] uxore mea et Willelmo [IV] filio meo.’

~1155, Lucy de Tracy born in France. [Proposed: see 1198, 1201.]

1170, A charter records Richard de Moyon resigning property of the church of Lyon to the bishop of Bayeux, William de Moyun the younger confirmed donations. (S) FMG.

[–––William III & Lucy–––]

~1173, William IV married Lucy.

Aft. 1177, William’s father [III] died.

12/1183 at Valognes, William de Moyun witnessed a royal charter to the Augustine abbey of St. Lo. (S) CH&I.HII, Eyton, 1878, P254.

Bef. 1186, William’s mother Goldholde died.

1186, ‘William de Moion’ granted tithes of his mills of Moion, Tesseium and Belcodreium to the Holy Trinity la Luzerne [Avaranches, France], for the soul of ‘his mother Godeheut’, witnessed by ‘Willelmo de Sancto Johanne, Gaufrido [Reginald] et Johanne et Roberto de Moion.’

Beef. 1193, Confirmation by William de Moyun of grants made by his grandfather, Earl William, his father William … Testibus :- Lucia uxore mea, …

Bef. 1193, Confirmation by William de Moyun of a grant of free elections made to the canons of Bruton … testibus :- Lucia uxore mea, Willelmo filio meo et herede, Ricardo de Moyun … (S) FMG.

10/1193, William IV died.


1198, ‘Will de Traceio … Lucia de Moon’ both paid rent on part of ‘terre de Moon.’ [Moion, France.]

1201, ‘Lucea de Moyun’ paid a fine for ‘feud vii mil’ in Cambridgeshire. [Paid 20 marks and accounted for 7 knights’ fees. (S) Journal – British Arch. Assoc., V12, 1856, P316.]

1203, ‘Lucia de Moon [… terre de Moon] … Will de Traceio … versus Oliv de Traceio’ all paid rent in ‘Ballia Constancien’ in Normandy.

~1204, Confirmation by Reginald de Moyun at the prayers of his mother … to the canons of Bruton … testibus:- Lucia matre mea, …

 (S) Two Cartularies – Priory of Bruton, 1894, P239.

Child of William and Lucy:

i. Reginald de Mohun (973512768), born ~1175 in England.

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