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Friday, May 29, 2020

Count William of Blois & Ctss Agnes de Sulli

1512946736. Count William of Blois & 1512946736. Ctss Agnes de Sulli

~1082, William de Sulli born in Blois, s/o 319838530. Stephen-Henri of Blois & 756441989. Adela of Normandy. [Eldest brother of King Stephen of England.]

~1085, Agnes de Sulli, heiress of the lordship of Sully-sur-Loire, born in France.

1102, William named Count of Blois and Chartres.

1104, William married Agnes.

1107, William removed as count by his mother because of his erratic behavior.

William died.

Child of William and ?:

i. Margaret de Sulli (756473369), born 1105 in Sully-sur-Loire, France.

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