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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Admiral Stephen de Turnham & Lady Edelina de Broc

 486764626. Admiral Stephen de Turnham & 486764627. Lady Edelina de Broc

~1155, Stephen born in Kent, England, s/o §§Robert de Turnham. [Stephen older brother of Robert de Turnham (973530162).]

~1170, Edelina born in Maine, France, d/o 973529254. Randulph de Broc & 973529255. Damietta de Gorram.

1186, Stephen de Turnham, seneschal of Anjou. (S) Companion – History of England, 1832, P674.

2/11/1188 at Gedington, Stephen de Turneham attested a royal charter to Bungay Nunnery, Suffolk. (S) CH&I.H.II., P285.

6/12/1189 at Le Mans, Henry, with 700 knights, was defeated by his son Richard, aligned with King Philip II of France. Stephen fired Le Mans to keep it from falling into the hands of King Philip.

7/5/1189 at Chinon, Stephen de Turnham attested a royal confirmation [hence, with the king] of a grant by Waleran fitz Robert to Swainby, Lincolnshire. (S) CH&I.H.II., P297.

7/6/1189 [the next day], a Thursday, King Henry II died at Chinon.

9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.

12/12/1189, Stephen de Turnham with King Richard departed on the 3rd Crusade.

7/1190, The English and French armies met at Lyons; where they learned that the German Emperor, leading his forces to the crusade, had died in an accident.

1191, Stephen the Admiral of the English crusader fleet. (S) History of the Royal Navy, V1, Nicolas, 1847, P435. [Stephen’s brother Robert also a fleet commander.]

1191, The crusaders captured the city of Messina, Sicily, after they had refused to let the English ships land.

4/1191, 24 ships sank in a storm on the way to Cyprus.

7/1191, The crusaders captured Acre. Many of the forces, especially the Germans, returned home.

9/5/1191, The crusaders defeated Saladin at the battle of Arsuf.

12/1191, The crusaders arrived at Beit Nuba, 12 miles from Jerusalem, but decided not to besiege the city.

8/1/1192, The crusaders conducted a sea assault on Jaffa, which had been recaptured by Saladin.

9/29/1192, Admiral Stephen de Turnhan, seneschal of Anjou, appointed to conduct Queen Berengaria and Joan of Acre back from Palestine to Rome. [Robert de Leyburn was a member of the retinue. Robert’s son married Stephen’s daughter.]

10/9/1192, King Richard turned the crusader over to Henry of Champagne, and left to return to England. [But was captured in route – the time of “Robin Hood.”]

By 12/1192, Stephen had escorted the royal family members to Rome.

[––Stephen & Edelina––]

~1192, Stephen married Edelina.

4/1194, King Richard returned to England from captivity.

1197, Stephen de Turnhan appointed high sheriff of Berkshire and Wiltshire.

1198, Thrupp, Gayton, Grimsbury and Creaton farmed to Sephen de Turneham. (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, V2, 1925, P24.

1198, Stephen de Turnham, for 300 marks, granted the wardship and lands of the heir of Robert de Leeburn, and the benefit of the marriage of the said heir. [The heir was Roger who would marry Stephen’s daughter Alianor.]

10/1198, Stephen a justice in the counties of Essex, Hertford and Surrey. (S) 1235 Surrey Eyre, Crook, 2002, P12.

1198-99, Stephen de Turnham in charge of the temporalities of York. (S) English Episcopal Acta 27, Lovatt, 2004, P52.

5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.

6/24/1199, Stephen ordered to deliver the temporalities of York to the safekeeping of Ralph de Kyme.

1200, Ralph de Willington made fine to have the question of his obligation to Stephen de Turnham, a royal justice, judged by the Justiciar.

11/22/1200, at Lincoln, Stephen de Turnham [and his brother Robert] a witness when King William the Lion of Scotland did homage to King John.

1201, Roger, son of Robert de Leiburne, in the custody of Stephen de Turneham. (S) Archaeologia Cantiana, V5, 1863, P151.

By 8/8/1204, Edeline’s mother died; ‘Odeline’ heiress of Berwick, Chetton and Eudon, Shropshire; and Frelbury, Southants.

1204, Stephen discharged of all accounts by a fine of 1000 marks.

1204, Stephen given custody of imprisoned Eleanor of Brittany, sister of murdered Arthur of Brittany. [He received her from Peter de Mauley.]

12/1205, Stephen offered King John 3 palfreys to have confirmation of 15 librates of land in Ertendun, Surrey, with the Hunded, which he had and held by gift of King Henry II; and confirmation to him and Edelina his wife made by King Henry II to Ranulf de Broc, his Usher and Marshall, of all the land of her father. (S) Antiquities of Shropsire, V1, 1854, P171.

1206, Stephen received multiple payments of 1 mark each for use by the Queen.

6/15/1208, Final concord:  Lucy, wife of William de Maubanc, released to her sister Edelina and her husband Stephen de Turnham, all right in the Broc inheritance in return for the grant by the latter of their land at Slyfield, in Stoke. (S) 1235 Surrey Eyre, V2, Crook, 1979, P239.

1210, Stephen received a gift of 100 marks from King John.

1210, Multiple correspondances between Stephen and King John.

1210, Stephen de Turneham confirmed grants of his brother Robert and his uncle Michael. (S) Sussex Arch. Collections, 1857, P152.

1211, Stephen de Turnham, a tenant-in-capite of [Berwick] Shropshire, holding 100 solidates of land. (S) Antiquities of Shropsire, V10, 1860, P215.

1211, Stephen’s younger brother Robert died.

1213, Stephen given custody of Prince Henry, and ordered to not allow anyone access without special order.

3/9/1214, Stephen died.


1214, Edelina gave 60 marks and a palfrey for the right to marry whom she pleased.

1214, Edelina gave the chapel of Berwick and her right to Haremore to Lilleshall abbey.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1/26/1219, Order to the sheriff of Surrey that since Thomas de Balinghem and his wife, Mabel [Matilda], Adam de Bendenges and his wife, Alice, Roger of Leybourne and his wife, Eleanor [Alianor], Ralph son of Bernard and his wife, Eleanor, and Ralph de Fay and his wife, Beatrice, made fine with King John, father of King Henry, for 5 palfreys, for having all land formerly of Stephen of Thornham which falls to Mabel, Alice, Alianor, Eleanor, and Beatrice by hereditary right. (S) FRsHIII.

1220, A plea brought by Edelina de Broc, suing Richard Malherbe for £4 18s. rent, and William de Bathonia for 25 acres of meadow and 12.5 of wood in Artingdon, Surrey. They in turn called to warrant the heirs of Stephen de Turnham who were Thomas de Bavelingham and Mabel his wife, Adam de Bendenges and Alice his wife, Ralph de Fay and Beatrice his wife, Roger de Leyburn, Ralph fitz Bernard and Alianore his wife . (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, 1925, P182.

Bef. 4/10/1221, Edlina died: Order to the sheriff of Hampshire to take into the king’s hand all land that Edelina del Broc, who is dead, held of the king in chief. (S) FRsHIII.

(S) Transactions of Shropshire, 1905, P75. (S) DNB, Lee, V57, 1899, P371. (S) Judges of England, Foss, 1848, P121.

Children of Stephen and Edelina:

i. Matilda de Turnhan, born ~1193 in England.

Matilda married Thomas de Bavelingham.

ii. Alice de Turnhan, born ~1196 in England.

Alice married Adam de Bending.

iii. Alianor de Turnhan (243382313), born by 1198 in England.

iv. Eleanor de Turnhan, born ? in England.

Eleanor married Ralph fitz Bernard.

v. Beatrice de Turnhan, born ? in England.

Beatrice married Ralph de Faye.

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