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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Gilbert Fitz Richard de Clare & Lady Adelize de Clermont

 319832448. Baron Gilbert Fitz Richard de Clare & 319832449. Lady Adelize de Clermont

~1070, Gilbert, Lord of Clare, born in Normandy, France, s/o 639664896. Richard de Clare & 639664897. Rohais Giffard.

~1070, Adelisa in France, d/o 639664898. Comte Hughes de Creil & 639664899. Marguerite de Ramerupt. (S) FMG.

9/9/1087, William the Conqueror died.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror. His elder brother Robert became Duke of Normandy.

1088, Gilbert’s father retired as a monk, Gilbert succeeding.

1088, Gilbert part of the invasion of England by Robert, duke of Normandy, against King William Rufus of England [brothers]. Gilbert held Tonbridge for Duke Robert.

4/1088, Gilbert and his brother Roger besieged at Tonbridge by King William and surrendered after 2 days. (S) Religious Patronage, Cownie, 1998, P212.

6/1088, Gilbert, having submitted to William, attended his court in the south of England.

1090, Gilbert’s father died; his older brother Roger succeeded to the Norman lands, Gilbert succeeded as lord of Clare and Tonbridge. (S) FMG.

[––Gilbert & Adelize––]

~1090, Gilbert married Adelize.

1090, Gilbert fitz Richard chose to replace the canons of the college of St. John the Baptist at Clare with Bec monks. (S) Anselm of Bec, Vaughn, 1987, P66.

1091, Gilbert fitz Richard attested a charter of King William. (S) Regesta Willelmi Conquisitoris et Wilhelmi Rufi, 1913, P-XXIV.

1094, Gilbert fitz Richard of Clare, Hugh of Montgomery earl of Shrewsbury, and Ernulf of Hesdin allied against King William. (S) Anselm of Bec, Vaughtn, 1987, P178.

1097, Gilbert son of Richard at the founding of St. John’s abbey. (S) English Historical Review, V37, 1922, P20.

1098, Gilbert in a joint expedition attacked Anglesey in Wales. (S) Age of Conquest: Wales, Davies, 2000, P87.

1099, Ralf de la Cressimere witnessed a charter of Gilbert Fitz Richard. (S) Harleian Society, V103, 1951, P34.

Aft. 11/1099, Adelisa’s father died.

1100, Gilbert fitz Richard acquired the lands of Rainald son of Ivo, and made grants to his foundation at Clare. (S) Stoke by Clare Cartulary, Pt3, 1984, P19.

8/2/1100, Gilbert present when King William Rufus was killed while hunting. (S) History of Normandy and of England: William Rufus, Palgrave, 1864, P678.

8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

3/1101, Gilbert of Tonbridge a surety for King Henry in his treaty with the Count of Flanders. (S) Battle Conference, V11, 1988, P268.

7/20/1101, Duke Robert of Normandy, eldest brother of King Henry, invaded England. Many of the barons of England supported the Duke.

9/1101, The King grants to Bishop Herbert … ‘Nomina primatum et principum:’ Robert count of Ponthieu, Stephen count of Brittany, Robert count of Meulan, Eustace count of Boulogne, Henry earl of Warwick, Simon earl of Northampton, William earl of Warren, William count of Mortain, Count Rogert the Poitevin, Eudes the sewer, Hamon the sewer, William the butler, Richard de Redvers, Robert fitz Hamon, Alan fitz-Flaad, Gilbert Fitz-Richard, Robert Malet, Roger fitz-Richard.

8/1101, King Henry and Duke Robert ceased warfare by the Treaty of Alton.

12/25/1101 at Westminster, Gilbert fitz Richard at King Henry’s Christmas court. [King Louis VI of France was also at this court.]

1102-04 at Westminster, Notification to Robert bishop of Lincoln … The King has restored Duxford to Count Eustace … attested Henry, earl of Warwick, Gilbert fitz-Richard, …

1/1103 at Salisbury, Gilbert fitz Richard attested an agreement between William abbot of Fecamp and Philip de Braose, in the presence of King Henry and Queen Matilda.

1103, Gilbert served as a justiciar in Kent. (S) Battle Conference, V11, 1988, P270.

1107, Gilbert [de Clare] commanded a force sent against the Welsh. (S) Suffolk Green Books, V8, 1904, P158.

1109, Gilbert fitz Richard attested the confirmation of the gifts of Henry count of Eu to the church of St. Mary, Bec.

1110, Gilbert granted the lordship of Cardigan in Wales; built castles at Llanbadarn Fawr and Din Geraint. (S) History of the Early Medieval Siege, Purton, 2009, P264.

1110-15, Gilbert fitz Richard founded the priory of Cardigan in Gloucester. (S) Dependent Priories of Medieval English Monasteries, Heale, 2004, P290.

1110-4/1116 at Windsor, Writ to Richard de Monte, sheriff of Oxfordshire … attested by John bishop of Lisieux and Gilbert-Fitz-Richard.

1111, Gilbert fitz Richard gave land and the church of St. Padarn, Cardigan, to Gloucester parish. (S) Religious Patronage, Cownie, 1998, P61.

1113, Gilbert commanded the vanguard of an army invading north Wales against Griffith Gwynedd and Owen, Prince of Powys.

1113, ‘Henrico regnante Dei gratia Rege Anglorum, Rohes uxor Richardi filii Comitis Gisleberti, dedit Deo, … concessit Gislebertus filius suus, uxorque ejus Aeliz, … Testibus: Willielmo Gyffart, … Fratribusque suis, Rogero, Waltero, Roberto, Eudone Dapifero …’ (S) History and Antiquities of Eynesbury, Gorham, 1820, P-CV.

7/1114, Gilbert fitz Richard brought his column of ‘the Britons of the South and the French and Saxons from Dyfed and all the South’ on the Welsh campaign. [King Henry I led his first invasion in Wales against Gruffydd and Owain of Powys.] (S) Henry I and the Anglo Norman World, Fleming, 2007, P60.

10/8/1115 at Westminster, In the presence of Queen Matilda and William her son, Gilbert fitz Richard attested a grant to Bishop Bernard of St. Andrew the Apostle in Wales.

1116-17, Gilbert fitz Richard founded the priory of Llanbandarn-Fawr in Gloucester.

By 1117, Gilbert of Clare and Tonbridge died.


Adelisa married 2nd [as his 3rd wife] Bouchard, seigneur de Montmorency.

[Undated] Adeliz, uxor Gilberti filii Ricardi, et Gillebertus et Walterus et Baldewinus et Rohaisia pueri Gilberti donated property to Thorney Monastery. (S) FMG. [1st daughter Alice married in 1111.]

1128-38, Adelisa, with daughter Rohese, and 2 younger brothers confirm a gift to Thorney abbey.

(S) New England Historical Register, V75, 1921, P60. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007, P48. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Gilbert and Adelize:

[‘Guillaume de Jumi├Ęges’ names Richardum qui ei successit et Gislebertum et Walterium et unam filiam ... Rohais” as the sons and daughters of Gislebertus ex filia comitis de Claromonte. (S) FMG.]

i. Alice Fitz Richard (1512946707), born ~1092 in Kent, England.

ii. Richard de Clare (159916224), born ~1094 in Hertfordshire, England.

iii. Gilbert de Clare (378236700), born ~1096 in Kent, England.

iv. Walter de Clare, born ? in England.

v. Rohese de Clare, born (94536969) born ~1110 in Kent, England.

vi. Margaret de Clare (189128105), born by 1117 in England.

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