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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Henry de Tracy & Lady Maud de Brewes

 189134934. Baron Henry de Tracy & 189134935. Lady Maud de Brewes

By 1190, Henry born in England, heir & s/o 378269868. Oliver de Tracy & 378269869. Eve de Torrington.

5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.

~1205, Maud born in England, d/o 121685152. William de Brewes & 121685153. Maud de Clare.

1210, Henry heir to his father’s half share of the barony of Barnstaple.

1211, Henry de Tracy accounted to the Exchequer for 25.5 fees. (S) History of Totnes Priory, V2, 1917, P1112.

1213, ‘Rex Johannes concessit Baroniam de Berstaple Henrico de Tracy, Anno Regni sui tercio’: Henry obtained the other half of the barony of Barnstaple by a gift of King John on forfeit of William de Brewes [Maud’s grandfather].

6/1213, Tawstock given to Henry de Tracy by King John; who had seized it from Loretta, countess of Leicester. [Loretta was Maud’s aunt.]

1214, Henry fought at Poitou. [King John unsuccessfully invaded France trying to recover his lands.]

7/2/1214, Prince Louis of France victorious at the battle of La Roche-aux-Moines against the forces of King John of England.

1214, King Philip and King John agreed to a 6-year truce at Chinon.

10/1214, King John returned to England.

1215, Henry de Tracy ordered to deliver the castle of Barnstaple to Giles de Braose, bishop of Hereford.

1215, Henry joined the barons against King John.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

10/21/1215, Writs sent to William Marhal concerning Swansea Castle in Gower, Henry de Tracy for Barnstaple Castle, and Henry fitz Count for Totnes Castle, the latter 2 being the centers of the Braose estates in the West Country. (S) Lords of the Central Marches, Holden, 2008, P179.

5/12/1216, Prince Louis [future VIII] of France, after a successful landing, crowned King of England in London.

6/14/1216, Louis captured Winchester, and controlled half of England.

1216, Henry’s lands granted by King John to William de Briwer, junior.

10/18/1216, King John died.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

10/1216, ‘Henr de Trascy’ is named among the guarantors for a pledge of ‘Roberti de Ferariis’. (S) FMG.

6/1217, Henry de Tracy to give Loretta, countess of Leicester, full seisin of Tawstock as her maritagium.

9/12/1217, For 10,000 marks and some land exchanges, Prince Louis forfeited his claim to the English crown by the treaty at Kingston-on-Thames. [Part of the agreement was the pardoning of his English supporters.]

1217, Henry de Tracy appointed sheriff of Devon.

1217-8, Henry’s lands restored.

4/2/1219, Edith who was the wife of Richard King’ gives the king the fourth part of the below-written debt for summoning Henry fitz Count before the itinerant justices in Devon to answer her for £4 18s. 11d., and Reginald de Vautorte for 38s., Henry de Tracy for 31s., … (S) FRsHIII.

4/1220, In a Bench case against Henry de Tracy, Reginald de Braose complained in court of the council’s failure to fulfil promises made to him in 1217. (S) Minority of Henry III, Carpenter, 1990, P179.

[––Henry & Maud––]

Bef. 5/1220, Henry married Maud, acquiring the manor of Tawstock, Devon; inherited from Maud’s aunt Lorette de Brewes, Countess of Leicester.

1221, Henry sued his brother-in-law John de Brewes.

1223, ‘Henricus de Tracy ... de dimidio feodo quod est in manu R. de feodis Oliveri de Tracy’, lands in Devon. (S) FMG.

1228, Torrington castle, belonging to Henry was ordered “thrown down” by King Henry. Henry’s castle of Barnstaple was ordered to have the walls reduced to a height of 10 feet. (S) Medieval Castle, Pounds, 1993, P145.

3/1230, Lease from Juliana, widow of John Frusselov, … Witnesses: Henry de Tracy, … (S) Manuscripts, Autographs, Charters … Warner, 1906, P42.

4/30/1230, Henry de Tracy, from Portsmouth with King Henry, invaded Brittany in hopes of recovering Normandy. They established their camp at Nantes, and captured a small castle.

10/1230, King Henry abandoned his invasion and returned to England.

1232, Henry de Tracy the head of the justices itinerant in Cornwall. (S) History of the High Court of Chancery, Robinson, 1882, P308.

2/4/1233, Fulk fitz Warin has made fine by 600 m. … Pledges of Fulk for the aforesaid fine: William de Stuteville, Henry de Tracy and William fitz Warin. (S) FRsHIII.

7/14/1233, Devon. Henry de Tracy gives the king 10 m. for having his charter concerning having a market and fair at his manor of Ilfracombe. (S) FRsHIII.

11/30/1233, Appointment of Henry de Tracy to keep the sea shore of the county of Devon against the incursions of evildoers and the king’s enemies. (S) CPRs.

1235, Henry de Tracy summoned his knights, and they, in court assembled, granted him an aid. (S) English Constitutional History, Taswell-Langmead, 1946, P90.

1235-6, Henry returned 56 knights’ fees for the whole barony.

1238, Henry de Traci, asked by what warrant he holds Fremington hundred. (S) Crown Pleas of the Devon Eyre of 1238, 1985, P61.

1241, Sir Henry de Traci, overlord of the barony of Barnstaple. (S) Devon Notes and Queries, V2, 1903, P187.

1242-3, William de Monceus held a fee in Combe Monceaux, Devon, of Henry de Tracy. (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, 1925, P377.

5/1244, Henry de Tracy, Gilbert de Preston and Robert de Haya, justices itinerant. (S) Cornwall Feet of Fines, V1, 1914, P43.

7/16/1245, Appointment during pleasure of Henry de Tracy to the custody of the king’s isle of Lunday, with the stock and profit thereof … he shall not be bound to render account thereof. (S) CPRs.

1246, Henry answered for 28 knights’ fees of the Braose moiety, and 28 for his paternal inheritance, of the honor of Oliver de Tracy.

1247, Henry de Tracy had not collected all the scutage due him from his vassals, and the sheriff was ordered to come to his assisstance. (S) Studies in Taxation, V2, Mitchell, 1914, P235.

8/8/1250, Mandate to Henry de Tracy to deliver the isle of Lundey to Robert Walerand. (S) CPRs.

5/13/1251, Mandate to Henry de Tracy, Hamelin de Deaundun, … to view in what state … the castle of Exeter … (S) CPRs.

1253, Henry de Tracy, holding 56 fees, in service on the Welsh frontier. (S) Studies in Taxation, Mitchell, 1914, P255.

6/1254, Henry de Tracy, Roger de Wycestr’, Gilbert de Preston, … justices to hear all pleas in Somerset, Wilts, Devon, Cornwall, … (S) Somersetshire Pleas, Landon, 1897, P424.

1256, Henry an itinerate justice in Cornwall.

1257, Henry de Tracy the head of an assize of novel disseisin in Devonshire. (S) History of the High Court of Chancery, Robinson, 1882, P308.

1257, Henry made governor of Exeter castle.

1257-8, Henry active in service against the Welsh. (S) Reports & Transactions – Devonshire, 1940, P172.

1/12/1259, Commitment to Hervey de Chaworcis … 20 marks receivable of Henry de Tracy of the 20£ a year which Patrick de Chaworcis used to receive of Henry for certain land in Haldesworth. (S) CPRs.

1259, Henry given a charter of free warren in Tavistock, Devon, and a yearly fair and weekly market at Nymet Tracy, Devon.

7/4/1259, Henry granted a market and fair at Bow, Devon. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1/28/1259, Sir Henry de Tracy ordered to make payments as dower of 10 marks yearly to Hawise, widow of Patick de Chaworth. (S) CPRs. [Hawise is Henry’s step-sister.]

11/25/1260, Commission to Henry de Tracy to view and test wines in all boroughs, cities and towns in the county of Devon … he withdraw whatever wines he finds to be putrid or currupt, and cause the tuns to be emptied, to avoid danger to the country. (S) CPRs.

1261, Henry a Baron of the Exchequer. (S) History of the High Court of Chancery, Robinson, 1882, P308.

7/9/1261, Henry de Tracy to deliver the castle of Exeter to John de Muscegros. (S) CPRs.

2/3/1263, Henry settled property on his son Thomas and his wife Iseult.

9/24/1264, Mandate to Henry de Tracy to deliver the castle of Exeter to Oliver Dinaunt. (S) CPRs.

9/21/1265, Appointment … to take into the king’s hands the lands of rebels … knights in the following counties … Devon {Henry de Tracy. Richard Bauzan. (S) CPRs.

12/12/1265, Henry and his son Oliver appointed wardens of the sea shore in Devon. (S) CPRs.

3/15/1266, Pardon to Nicholas de Meldon for the death … inquisition made by Henry de Tracy and John Qyintyn … (S) CPRs.

1/16/1267, Pardon to Walter son of Walter le Fever of Nortumulton, … inquisition made by Henry de Tracy … (S) CPRs.

5/23/1268, Pardon to Walter Lemman for the death … inquisition made by Henry de Tracy … (S) CPRs.

1270, Henry de Tracy summoned for a 1266 event in which his son Thomas [now deceased] carried off a stage from Hawkridge without warrant and took it to Henry at Tavistock. (S) Annals of the Ancient Royal Forest of Exmoor, Rawle, 1893, P61.

7/1272, Henry de Tracy ended his claim of presentation at Tawstock and his demand for custody of Barnstaple priory, and was re-admitted into the favor of Bishop Bronescombe. (S) Ecclesiastical Antiquities in Devon, Oliver, 1840, P117.

Maud [apparently] died before Henry.

Bef. 8/21/1274, Henry, knt. of Barnstaple, Devon died. [His son Henry deceased, his daughter Eve deceased, his heir was his granddaughter Maud, d/o Eve.]

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P31. (S) The Judges of England, Foss, P485. (S) Note-Book of Tristram Risdon, 1897, P63.

Children of Henry and Maud:

i. Eve de Tracy (94567467), born ~1225 in England.

ii. Henry de Tracy, born 1237-8 in England.

7/18/1260, Henry de Tracy, son of Henry de Tracy, granted a weekly market and fair at his manor of Bovey Tracy. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

Henry died before his father. (S) FMG.

iii. Thomas de Tracy, born ~1241 in England.

Bef. 10/6/1256, Thomas married Iseult de Cardinham, d/o Andrew.

3/28/1266-1269, Thomas died before his father. (S) History of Totnes Priory, V2, 1917, P1116; (S) Journal of Cornwall, V11, 1895, P293.

iv. John de Tracy, born ? in England.

John died before his father.

v. Oliver de Tracy, born ? in England.

12/12/1265, Henry and his son Oliver appointed wardens of the sea shore in Devon. (S) CPRs.

Oliver died before his father. (S) FMG.

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