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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Baron Hugh de Mortimer

 79958912. Baron Hugh de Mortimer

~1090, Hugh born in France, s/o §§Ralph de Mortimer & Milicent ?

8/2/1100, Henry I succeeded William Rufus as King of England.

1117, Hugh de Mortimore, a baron, escorting the bishops of Hereford and Coventry to Northampton.

Bef. 1140, Hugh died. [Assumed by break in records.]

Family notes:

·         10/14/1066, Ralph de Mortimer a commander of William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings.

·         1072-85, §§Ralph de Mortimer sent into the marches of Wales against Edric, Earl of Shrewsbury; defeated Edric at the siege of Wigmore castle. Ralph was granted all of Edric’s estates and seated himself at Wigmore.

·         9/28/1106, Ralph de Mortimer in France to oppose the forces of Robert Curthose, eldest s/o the Conqueror, in support of King Henry I, captured Robert at the battle of Tichebrai, and imprisoned him in Cardiff castle.

·         ~1115, §§Ralph de Mortimer held a moiety of a fee in Lincolnshire. [Previously held Ralph de Mortimer in 1086.]

Child of Ralph and Milicient:

i. Hugh de Mortimer (39979456), born ~1117 in Normandy.

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