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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Ivo Pantulf & Lady Burga de Stuteville

 243393800. Baron Ivo Pantulf & 2433938001. Lady Burga de Stuteville

~1110, Ivo Pantul born in England, s/o §§Baron Robert Pantulf [2nd s/o §§Baron William Pantulf (d.aft.1112) & Lady Leelina ?, succeeded his father to the estates in England. Robert’s brother Philip succeeded in Normandy.] (S) Hist. of Wem, Garbett, 1818, P27. [See Family notes.]

By 1130, Ivo’s father died.

1130, Ivo Pantulf witnessed a charter of Nicholas, son of Robert de Stafford to Kenilworth priory. ["Nicolaus filius Roberti de Stafford et Robertus primogenitus et heres meus" donated "ecclesiam Sancti Wlfadi de Stanis" to Kenilworth priory. (S) FMG.]

~1133, Burga born in England, d/o §§Robert de Stuteville & Emeburga ?.

12/22/1135, Stephen of Blois succeeded Henry I as King of England.

1135-60, William fitz Alan (378236416) enfeoffed Ivo Pantulf, baron of Wem, in all such portions of the Staffordshire manor of Sheriff Hales, as Rainald Bailgiole had held under the earl of Shrewsbury at Domesday, excluding Burlington. (S) Coll.’s for a Hist. of Staffordshire, V1, 1880, P221. [William’s daughter Cristina married Ivo’s son Hugh.]

1137-38, Ivo succeeded his father.

 [––Ivo & Burga––]

By 1150, Ivo married Burga de Stuteville. [Likely not his first marriage.]

By 1167, Ivo and Bengia built a priory for 8 Benedictine nuns near Bredin, Leicestershire. (S) Hist. of Wem, Garbett, 1818, P27. [Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, who was an attestor, died in 1167.]

[––Ivo & Alice––]

~1168, Ivo Pantulf married 2nd/3rd Alice, d/o Norman de Verdon & Lesceline Clinton. (S) FMG.

4/4/1166, Donations to Cumbermere, including the donation of “Clivam” made by “Yvonis Pantulph et Bricii filii sui”.

1167, ‘Sheriff Hales’ of Ivonis Pantul amerced half a mark. [See 1135.]

1170-75, John de Appeley attests Ivo Pantulf’s confirmation of Buttery to Shrewsbury abbey. (S) Antiq’s of Shropshire, P54.

By 1175, "Ivo Pantul" donated "terram … Hida … ad manerium Hales" to Haughmond abbey, with the consent of "Willielmi filii Alani" (189118208). (S) FMG.

1175, ‘Willelmus Purcel et Gaudefridus de Codewalton homines [men] Yvonis Pantolf’ fined 2m by the King for Forest-Trespassin Staffordshire.

1175, Ivo, baron of Wem, Shropshire, died.

Family notes:

1112, ‘idem Guillelmus’ [William Pantulf] made a donation to ‘ecclesia B. Petri’, with the consent of ‘Leelina uxore sua … tres filii eorum Philippus et Ivo et Arnulfus’ … ‘filii eius … Rodbertus in Anglia’. (S) FMG. [Philip, Ivo, and Arnulfus uncles of Ivo.]

Children of Ivo and Burga:

i. Hugh Pantulf (121696900), born ~1153 in England.

ii. Hamlin Pantulf, born ? in England.

1176-79, The sale of "terram…de Wogheresforlong et de Dorfaut" in the presence of "Hugone Pantun, Hamelino fratre eius, Bricio fratre eius" (S) FMG.

iii. Brice Pantulf, born by 1166 in England.

Aft. 1192, “Robertus dominus Moaldie et senescaldus comitis Cestrie” donated “villam de Gorestre” to Chester St. Werburgh by charter witnessed by “Radulfo de Menilw[arin]...Roberto de Menilwarin, Brito Pantun...” (S) FMG.

iv. Amira Pantulf, born ? in England.

Amiria, a companion of Eleanor of Aquitaine (b.1121, d.1204), Queen of England, received as a gift the manor of Wintreslewe, of which she gave half to the nuns of Amesbury. (S) Eleanor of Aquitaine, Turner, 2009.]

Children of Ivo and Alice:

v. Norman Pantulf, born ~1170 in England.

[Undated] "Normannus Panton" confirmed to "Ranulpho de Tetesworth" the rights granted by "Alicia de Verdon mater mea, consensu Willi Panton fratis mei" in "villa de Rudierd". (S) FMG.

vi. William Pantulf, born ? in England.

William married Alice de Verdon. (S) Hist. of Wem, Garbett, 1818, P27.

[William ‘Panton’ the progenitor of the Pantulf line ‘of Hales and of Cublesdon’. (S) Coll.’s for a Hist. of Staffordshire, V1, 1880, P221.]

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