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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Baron Oliver de Ingham

 121690520. Baron Oliver de Ingham

~1228, Oliver born in England, s/o 243381040. Oliver de Ingham.

Aft. 1268, Oliver’s father died.

1270, Albreda (486762081), Oliver’s grandmother, died, Oliver her heir.

7/10/1270, Writ for IPM of Albreda de Boterell. Oliver de Ingeham, aged 40 and more, is her Heir. Wilts: Estgremsted and Westdune. 2 carucates land held of the king in chief by service of 1 knight, worth £10. Hampteworthe. 100 solidates of land … doing scutage pertaining to 1 knight’s fee. (S) Abstracts of Wiltshire IsPM, V2, 1908, P54.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

1272, Sir Oliver de Ingham held in Worstede and in Ingham. (S) Ess. Tow’s Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, V11, 1810, Worstede.

Aft. 1272, Oliver de Ingham patron of the church of Great Waxham. (S) Ess. Tow’s Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, V9, 1808, Waxham.

Aft. 1272, Robert son of John Waleran [relative of his grandmother] granted 1 messuage, 2 carucates of land and £2 6s. 8d. rent in Little Somborne to Oliver de Ingham. (S) Hist. of Hampshire, V4, 1911, Little Sombourne.

[––Elizabeth de Horsey––]

5/4/1276, Purparties made by the sheriff of Cumberland of the lands that were the inheritance of William de Reygni, and also of the lands assigned in dower to Akinia, late the wife of William … Robert Kribbe, who married Joan, one of the heiresses … William le Penz, who married Alice, and Hugh de Luketon, who married Joan, and who divide a quarter of the inheritance … Nicholas de Wauton … Elizabeth de Horsey  [worth 27s 54d.] (S) CCRs, 1900, P419. [With other records showing ‘homage’, Elizabeth has not yet married Oliver.]

[––Oliver & Elizabeth––]

Aft. 1276, Oliver married Elizabeth, widow of Thomas de Horsey. [Elizabeth d/o William de Reygni (d.1275) & Akinia ?.]

2/7/1277, Protection with clause volumus, until the octave of Trinity, for Oliver de Ingham, going on pilgrimage to St. Gilles. (S) CPRs.

3/12/1279, Oliver on a commission in Norfolk and Suffolk to determine those who hold a knight’s fee, or £20 or more in lands and have not been made a knight. (S) CPRs. [In May also assigned to look into misconduct of the king's bailiffs and officers in the same counties.]

5/15/1279, Appointment of Oliver de Ingham and John de la More to audit the accounts of the bailiffs of Great Yarmouth. (S) CPRs.

12/27/1279, Oliver de Ingham given quittance of the common summons in co. Southampton of the pleas of the forest. (S) CCRs.

2/4/1280, A suit between the prior of Newark by Ripleye and Oliver de Ingham in the hustings of London touching certain rent in the said city. (S) CPRs. [Oliver’s descendent in 1332 still held property in London.]

6/10/1280, Commission of oyer and terminer to Richard de Holebrok and Oliver de Ingham touching … (S) CPRs.

1281, Bartholomew, son of Stephen, sold the manor and advowson of Lammas to Oliver de Ingham, being then 120 acres in demean, and 15 messuages held of the manor. (S) Ess. Tow’s Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, V6, 1807, Lammas. [Held in 1309 by his son John.]

5/28/1281, To Oliver de Ingham and his fellows, [appointed] to take certain inquisitions concerning knighthood (militia) in co. Suffolk. (S) CCRs.

1281, Sir Oliver was summoned among other barons to attend the King in his expedition into Wales.

1282, Oliver died.

7/15/1282, IPM of Oliver de Ingham alias de Engeham. Southampton: Little Sumburn and Wollopp. A messuage and 2 carucates land, held of Robert Waleraund and worth £20 yearly, … Dorset: Bardolveston. A moiety of the manor … Wilts: Est Codeford manor. … held of the king in chief, as part of [his] portion pertaining to the barony of Deone. Dene and Est Grymstede manor. … barony of Deone … Hampteworth. A messuage, … Norfolk: Redham. The manor … John de Igham, aged 23 within the quinzaine of St. Michael next, is his next heir. Suffolk: Weybrede. The manor … (S) CIsPM. [Sir Oliver de Ingham held of Thomas de Horsey, by the service of a rose, a messuage, and 40 acres of land, 10 of meadow in Horsey, and Elizabeth, his widow, held it after his death. (S) Ess. Tow’s Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, V9, 1888, Horsey.]


1287, Elizabeth a messuage and 40a. of land, 10a. of meadow in dower of Thomas de Horsey. (S) Ess. Tow’s a Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, 1808, P315.

(S) Ess. Tow’s Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, V9, 1808, Ingham.

Child of Oliver and ?:

i. John de Ingham (60845260), born 1259 in England.

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