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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Baron Ralph de Tony & Lady Alice of Northumberland

 79958530. Baron Ralph de Tony & 79958531. Lady Alice of Northumberland

By 1075, Alice born in England, d/o 639664242. Earl Waltheof of Northumberland & 639664243. Judith of Lens.

5/31/1076, Alice’s father died.

~1078, Ralph de Conches born in Normandy, s/o 159917060. Ralph de Tony III &159917061. Isabel de Montfort.

1090, Alice became a ward of Simon de Saint Lis, Earl of Huntingdon, who had married her older sister.

Aft. 1094, Ralph’s younger brother Roger died leaving him as his heir.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

3/24/1102, Ralph’s father died [buried at Conches.] Ralph’s mother became a nun at Fontevraudian priory.

1102, Ralph travelled to England to claim his father’s lands. [This is when he would have met Alice.]

1102 [or later], Ralph de Tosny granted all he had in the soke of Necton, except Pickenham, for 80£ a year, to William fitz Estangrin, “just as his father Estangrin held in feefarm from my father.” (S) Commercialization of English Society, Britnell, 1996, P41.

1102, King Henry of England granted Alice to Roger in marriage, encouraging him to shift his allegiance from Robert Curthose [King Henry’s brother], duke of Normandy.

[––Ralph & Alice––]

1103, Ralph married Alice, and received the manor of Walthamstow in marriage. (S) Royal Ancestors of Magna Carta Barons, Collins, 1959, P143.

8/4/1104, Ralph de Conches; Robert, count of Meulan; Richard, earl of Chester; Henry of Eu, Robert fitz Hamon, Robert de Montfort, and Ralph de Mortimer were part of a large force with King Heny as he crossed the channel and proceeded to Domfort. They captured Evreux from King Henry’s brother Robert.

9/28/1106, King Henry captured his brother Robert, Duke of Normandy, at the battle of Tinchebrai, becoming sole ruler of England and Normandy.

7/29/1108, King Louis VI of France succeeded his father, King Philip I.

1118, The Count of Evreux died. Many barons revolted against King Henry. Richard, earl of Chester, Ranulph de Meschines (159916040), Ralph de Conches (79958530), William de Warren (318232092), and Nigel (378250240) and William de Albini (378250248) remained loyal to the King. (S) Constitutional History of England, Stubbs, 1880, P310. [Many other Normans lost their lands and castles to the King.]

1118, Amaury de Montfort [Ralph’s half-uncle] attempted to get Ralph to change allegiance to King Louis.

2/1119, Ralph de Conches with King Henry at Falaise. King Henry attacks and burns Rainald de Balliol’s castle of Renouard. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P508.

8/20/1119, At the battle of Bremule, France, King Henry defeated an alliance of French forces. Between the two sides a thousand knights were engaged. (S) Dictionary of Battles, Eggenberger, 1967, P61.

1119-20, With the help of King Henry, a local settlement involved Ralph de Tony getting Pont-Saint-Pierre, Eustace de Breteuil allowed to keep Pacy, and the daughter of Ralph de Gael was betrothed to King Henry’s son Richard. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P154.

6/1120 at Rouen, Ralph de Todeney witnessed a royal grant to the canons of St. Oswald.

1120 at Rouen, Ralph de Toeny witnessed a royal confirmation to the monks of St. Mary of Lire.

1123, Ralph went to Hautes-Bruyeres to confirm the gifts his mother Isabel de Montfort made to the nuns of Fontevraud in the presence of the bishop of Chartres and the abbes.

1126, Ralph de Tony, lord of Flamsted, Herts, died at Conches, France.


Alice married 2nd Robert de Toulouse, s/o Richard, lord FitzWalter.

[Undated] charter: ‘Aliz de Toeni’ donated ‘ecclesiam de Welcomstowe’ to ‘ecclesiæ S. Trinitatis Lond.’, for the soul of “… et pro incolumitate filiorum meorum Rogeri de Toeni et Simonis et filiæ meæ Isabellæ." (S) FMG.

Alice died.

 (S) Parochial and Family History of the Parish of Blisland, Maclean, 1868, P65. (S) Battle Abbey Roll, V3, 1889. (S) The Conqueror and His Companions, V1, 1874, P217. (S) Norman Frontier, Power, 2004, P382.

Family notes:

·         Conches about 4 leagues southwest of Everux.

Children of Ralph and Alice:

i. Roger de Toeni (159277172), born ~1104 in England.

ii. Margaret de Toeni (39979265), born ~1120 in England.

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