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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Ralph Lovel & Lady Margaret of Huntingdon

 319398656. Baron Ralph Lovel & 319398657. Lady Margaret of Huntingdon

Bef. 1110, Margaret born in England, d/o 638797314. Edgar Atheling. [See Family notes.]

1110, Margaret heiress to lands in Roxburghshire, Scotland, on the death of her father.

~1115, Ralph Lupellus born in France, s/o 638797312. Earl William of Yvery & 638797313. Auberic de Meulan.

~1133, Ralph married Margaret.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England; ursuping King Henry I’s daughter Empress Matilda; and starting a civil war.

1136, Robert of Brampton forfeited castle Cary when he went into exile. King Stephen granted castle Cary to Ralph Lovel. (S) From Alfred the Great to King Stephen, Davis, 1991, P175.

4/3/1138, Ralph Lovel held the castle at Cary, Somerset against King Stephen. (S) History of the English People, Huntingdon, 2002, P70. [Somerset was dominated by Empress Matilda’s half-brother Robert of Gloucester.]

9/1139, King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England with forces led by her half brother Robert, Earl of Gloucester, and took control of western England. Geoffey Talbot, William Mohun, Ralph Lovel and other barons declared for her cause. (S) History of Englnd, V1, Keightley, 1839, P124.

2/2/1141 at Lincoln, King Stephen was captured by her half-brother Robert and brought to Empress Matilda.

3/3/1141, at Winchester, Ralph Lovel a witness to a charter of Empress Matilda. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010, P156.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

9/14/1141, Empress Matilda’s forces defeated at the battle of Winchester.

11/1/1141, Empress Matilda exchanged King Stephen for her captured half-brother Robert.

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.]

1152, Ralph Lupellus defended castle Cary against King Stephen. (S) Collins’ Peerage.

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.

1155, Ralph’s father died; Ralph succeeding to the English lands, his brother Waleran to the Norman lands.

1159, Ralph died; son Henry succeeding.

By 1164, Margaret died.

(S) TNEH&GR, 1957, P266.

Family notes:

Huntingdon Priory chronicle: Extracts provided for King Edward I in 1291, state that Edward, son of Edmund Ironside, was the father of Margaret queen of Scots and Edgar, and that Edgar was the father of Margaret, of whom was born Henry called Lupellus. (S) Proc. of the Battle Conf., 2002, Gillingham, P45.

Child of Ralph and Margaret:

i. Henry Lovel (159699328), born ~1135 in England.

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