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Friday, August 28, 2020

Baron Reginald de Breuse & Lady Grace Briwere

 94559172. Baron Reginald de Breuse & 94559173. Lady Grace Briwere

1182, Reginald born in Bramber, Sussex, England, s/o 189118344. William de Braose & 189118345. Maud St. Valery.

~1184, Grace born in England, d/o 189118346. William Briwere & 189118347. Beatrice de Vaux.

9/3/1189, Richard crowned King Richard I of England.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

[––Reginald & Grace––]

~1201, Reginald married 1st Graecia Brewer.

1208, Reginald de Braose had to provide his son William as a hostage to King John.

1209, Reginald fled to Ireland where he was taken in by William Marshall.

1210, Reginald’s father William, initially a supporter of King John, had to flee England for Ireland.

6/10/1210, King John going to Ireland, landed at Waterford, and looked for rebel William [the father]. William escaped, but his wife and son [Maud & William, Reginald’s mother and brother] were captured. King John had them transported to Windsor Castle where they were put in a dungeon and starved to death.

8/9/1211, Reginald’s father died in France.

1212, Reginald de Brause paid fees in Sussex. (S) Dict. Of English Surnames, 1991, P438.

1214, Grace died.


1215, Reginald married 2nd Gladys Dhu ferch Llywelyn ap Iorwerth (9994865). [Aka Wentelina, no children.]

1215, Reginald joined the baron’s revolt against King John.

5/1/1215, By authority of his brother Giles, the bishop, Reginald began attacks in Wales taking Pencelli, Abergavenny, and 3 castles: White castle, Grosmont, and Skenfrith.

5/5/1215, The revolting Barons formally renounced their allegiance to John and invited the King of France to invade England. [This was prevented by the Pope, who excommunicated the barons.]

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

1216, Reginald de Breuse with Welshmen attacked Goodrich.

5/12/1216, King Louis VIII of France, after a successful landing, crowned King of England in London. In June, Louis captured Winchester and controlled half of England.

8/1216, King John visited Reginald de Breuse in Wales, but it “did not avail him anything.”

10/18/1216, King John died.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1217, William Marshall wrote in the name of King Henry requesting the return of Reginald to allegiance.

6/23/1217, Reginald gave homage to King Henry III and was restored to all the possessions of his family. [Welsh in opposition immediately attacked his lands.]

1217, Reginald allied with Prince Rhys after falling out with Llywelyn, providing hostages and surrendering Swansea.

9/12/1217, For 10,000 marks and some land exchanges, Louis forfeited his claim to the English crown by the treaty at Kingston-on-Thames, called the Treaty of Lambeth. A principal provision of the treaty was amnesty for English rebels.

10/1217, Geoffrey de Marsh was reprimanded for not having yet executed a royal order for the restoration of Limerick [Ireland] to Reginald de Breuse.

5/26/1218, The king dispatched Peter fitz Herbert … to call upon Walter de Lacy, Hugh de Mortimer, and Henry de Monmouth, … permitting Reginald de Braosa do have possession of the lands of his father. (S) Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica, 1840, P71.

1219, Maud de Clare, widow of his brother William, sued her brother-in-law Reynold de Brewes over her dower lands.

7/10/1219, Llywelyn, prince of North Wales, other Welsh, the marchers and Reginald de Braose came to Shrewsbury. (S) UKNA.

1219, Reginald de Braose and John de Braose [his nephew] in a curia regis suit with King John who claimed that Reginald’s father had been seised of the lands and had performed homage for them.

10/2/1220, Surrey. Gervase Escurel gives the king the fourth part of 15m. for doing justice against Reginald de Braose. (S) FRsHIII.

6/11/1221, Order to the barons of the Exchequer to place in respite the demand for debt they make from Reginald de Braose for Adam de Port’ of the honour of Kington. (S) FRsHIII.

4/30/1222, Llywelyn requested an extension of a truce with William Marshall and Reginald until the following Easter.

7/7/1223, Order to the barons of the Exchequer to place in respite, until 15 days after Michaelmas in the seventh year, the demand that they make from Reginald de Braose by summons of the Exchequer for the last scutage of Poitou from the time of King John. (S) FRsHIII.

9/1223, Llywelyn attacked Reginald’s castle of Builth with a large force. Reginald sent a request to the crown for help.

By 9/20/1223, The approach of the royal army lifted the siege of the castle.

4/10/1224, Order to the sheriff of Herefordshire to place in respite the demand for scutage that he makes from Reginald de Braose for Brecon, Radnor and Kington. (S) FRsHIII.

Bef. 6/9/1228, Reginald died at Brecon, Breconshire, Wales. (S) FRsHIII.

[––Post Mortem––]

1232, Grace’s brother William died; co-heiress [deceased] with her 4 sisters.

(S) King John, the Braoses, and the Celtic Fringe, Holden. (S) Minority of Henry III, Norgate, 1912.

Children of Reginald and Grace:

i. Matilda de Breuse, born ~1202 in Brecknock, Surrey, England.

Matilda married Rhys, born in Wales, s/o Rhys Gryg & Joan de Clare.

1234, on the death of Rhys Gryg, the Vale of Tywi was divided between Rhys and his brother Maredudd. Rhys got castle Dinefwr and Maredudd got castle Dryslwyn, about 5 miles apart. They were not the best of neighbors.

1244, Rhys died.

Matilda surrendered castle Carreg Cennen to the English [apparently to spite her son.]

Child: Ryhs Vychan, born ? in Wales. Rhys married Gwladus, d/o Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, Prince of Wales. 1248, Rhys regained possession of castle Carreg Cennen. 1256, Llywellyan ap Gruffud invaded Ystrad Tywi and ousted Rhys from Dinefwr, giving Maredudd control of the land. 6/10/1257, Rhys present at the battle of Llandilo supporting the English. Llywellyan ap Gruffud restored Dinefwr to Rhys when attempting to unite the Welsh rulers. 1271, Rhys died at Dynevor castle, 3 weeks after his nemesis and uncle Maredudd.

ii. William de Breuse (47279586), born 1204 in Surrey, England.

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