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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Roger de Albini de Mowbray & Lady Alice de Gaunt

 189125120. Baron Roger de Albini de Mowbray & 189125121. Lady Alice de Gaunt

1119, Roger born in England, s/o 378250240. Nigel de Albini & 378250241. Gundred de Gourney. [Roger took the “Mowbray”, the name of his paternal grandmother’s brother Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland.]

~1122, Alice de Gaunt born in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England, d/o 378224168. Walter de Gaunt & 378224169. Maud de Bretagne.

11/26/1129, Roger’s father died.

1129, Roger owed 100 marks for his lands, paid 30, and pardoned 40 by a King’s writ.

1130, Roger’s issues claimed by the Sheriff of Yorkshire: £21 5s 10d for the payment of 1 knight, 10 serving men, 1 porter and 1 watchman, keeping the castle of Burton-in-Lonsdale of the Mowbray fee. (S) Lancashire Pipe Rolls of 31 Henry I, Farrer, 1902, P4.

1131, Adam, son and heir of Gislebert Tyson, accounted for a fine to plead for his lands until Roger de Mowbray, son of Nigel de Albini, became a knight. (S) History – Barony of Alnwick, V1, Tate, 1866, P45.


Alice 1st married to Ibert de Lacy.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England, usurping Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I; and starting a civil war.

8/22/1138, Roger, a minor and ward of King Stephen, at the battle of the Standard near Northallerton; the defeat of the Scots and King David.

1138, Roger and his mother hosted 12 monks fleeing from the Scots at Thirsk castle before sending them to a near relative, Robert de Alnetto.

1139, Alice’s father died, her brother Gilbert succeeding.

9/30/1139, Empress Matilda, d/o Hing Henry I, landing at Arundel in Sussex, invaded England.

1140, Roger of age.

1140, Roger de Mowbray, at the request of his mother Gundreda and the Archbishop of York, gave some monks she was supporting his cow pasture of Cambe, with all the land of Wildon … for their support.

2/2/1141, Roger taken prisoner by Empress Matilda at the battle of Lincoln; in which King Stephen was captured. Roger was released after making concessions which reduced his feudal authority.

[––Roger & Alice––]

1141, Roger married widow Alice.

9/14/1141, Empress Matilda’s forces defeated at the battle of Winchester by forces led by King Stephen’s wife Mathilde of Boulogne. The Empress’ brother Robert of Gloucester captured.

11/1/1141, Matilda exchanged King Stephen for Robert.

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.]

9/8/1142, Roger de Mowbray, at the instance of his mother Gundreda, founded Byland abbey, Yorkshire. (S) Foundation History of the Abbeys of Byland and Jervaulx, Burton, 2006, P11.

1144-5/1155, Alice sealed a charter with her own seal. [One of the earliest examples of a non-royal noblewoman having a personal seal.] (S) Nobelwomen, Aristocracy and Power, Johns, 2003, P126.

1145, Roger de Moubray and a relative Sampson de Albini founded a monastery at Newburgh for black canons. (S) Topographical – Isle of Axholme, V1, Peck, 1815, P52.

1146, Roger de Mowbray made a gift of Temple Basall in forest of Arden to the Templars. (S) Knights Templar, Ralls, 2007, P198.

1147, Henry de Lascy confirmed a grant to the monks of Pontefract of land which Lady Alice, wife of Roger de Mowbray, gave to them for the soul of her former husband lord Ilbert, Henry’s brother. (S) Record Series, V25, 1899, P33. [Witnesses included Alice de Albemarle; Gundreda, mother of Roger de Mowbray; and Matilda, the mother of Alice de Gant’s first husband, Ilbert de Lacy.]

1147, Roger de Mowbray provided for the monks of Byland to move to Stocking, near Cukewald, under Blakhow-hill.

1147, In Normandy at Bayeux, Roger received a letter from his mother, hand delivered by the abbot of Byland. Roger sent back a letter to Gundreda his mother and his steward and his bailiffs of York that they were to defend the abbot, who was in conflict with local land owners. (S) Nobelwomen, Aristocracy and Power, Johns, 2003, P96.

6/1147, Roger went on crusade with the king of France.

12/25/1147, On Christmas day on the coast of modern-day Turkey, encamped by a river, a tremendous storm washed away much of the supplies of the French. They decided to take a route over the mountains to Antioch.

1/4/1148, The crusaders fought in a battle at Laodicea against the Turks. [Roger is said to have vanquished a stout and hardy pagan in single combat – possibly at this battle.]

3/19/1148, The crusaders reached Antioch.

Aft. 6/1148, At Damascus, due to heat, lack of water, and disagreements on plans, the crusaders’ seige failed after 4 days. King Louis, sending most of the forces back.

1149, Roger returned to England.

1149, Roger de Mowbray recovered Burton.

Aft. 1151, Roger de Mowbrai confirmed the gift of Hoveton to Reiball abbey.

4/17/1153 at York, Roger gave the town of Welleberge to the abbey of Reiball.

1154, Robert de Daiville, constable of Roger de Mowbray. (S) Aristocracy of Norman England, Green, 2002, P209.

6/1154, Alice [Carta Alicia de Gant, uxoris Rogeti de Moybrai], gave £10 of lands in Cave (from her dower of Ilbert de Lacy) to the church of St. Peter at York. (S) East Anglian, V2, 1866, P45.

By 1154, A charter of Roger de Mowbray – his mother “Gundreda matre mea”, his wife “Aleizia uxore mea.”

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.

1155-65, Roger de Mowbray and his son “Nigellus fillius meus” confirmed a grant to the hospital of St Peter, York.

2/1156-3/1157, Roger de Mowbray made a charter at Tours, Normandy. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, Lewis, 2007, P107.

1158, Roger de Mowbray forced to allow Robert de Stuteville to have a share in the Mowbray lands [10 knights’ fees]. (S) Magna Carta, Holt, 1992, P156. [Roger also had to make concessions to William of Lancaster of Burton in Lonsdale, and a reduction of knights’ fees of Eustace fitz John.]

1160, “Roger de Mobraio and Nigel his son” donated property to the abbey of Saint-Andre-en-Gouffern.

4/1163-4/1168 at Westminster, Roger de Mowbray witnessed a royal charter in favour of Lenton. (S) Hugh du Puiset, Scammell, 2011, P274.

11/1165, at Westminster, Roger de Moubray witnessed a royal charter to St. Catherine’s prior near Lincoln.

1166, Roger held 88 knight’s fees.

1168, William Tisosr held 15 knights’ fees of ancient feoffment of Roger de Mowbray in Yorkshire. (S) Archaeologia Aeliana, Society – Newcastle upon Tyne, 1859, P131.

1170-84, Roger held the market of South Cave, East Riding, Yorkshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

Bef. 1172, Roger de Moubray’s grant of timber for the building of Templar house at Penhill. (S) Romantic Richmondshire, Speight, P418.

4/1173, Roger supported Young King Henry and his brothers in rebellion against their father.

1/1174, Roger de Mowbray fortified the castle of Kinard-Ferry, Isle of Axholm, against the King.

1174, Roger de Mowbray supported King William of Scotland in his attacks on lands in northern England.

7/1174, Roger de Mowbray’s castle of Malesart captured by Geoffrey, Bishop-elect of Lincoln.

7/31/1174, Roger traveled to Northampton to submit to King Henry, surrendering the castles of Kirkby Malzeard and Thirsk; for which he received a full pardon.

1174-5, Roger’s castles of Tresk and Malesard were destroyed.

1176, Alice gave lands of the Honor of Mallesart (from her dower of Ilbert de Lacy) to the Monks of Fountains. (S) East Anglian, V2, 1866, P45.

3/13/1177 at Westminster, Roger de Mowbray attends the King’s Great Council at London to make an arbitration in dispute between Santicus, King of Navarre, and Alfonso, King of Castile.

By 1181, Alice died. (S) Nobelwomen, Aristocracy and Power, Johns, 2003, P104.


1186, Roger again went on crusade. [The abbot and convent of Fountains’ abbey gave Rogert £120 to support his trip to the Holy Land.]

7/6/1187, Roger taken prisoner with Guy de Lusignan and William de Marchis [Hugh de Beauchamp is killed] at the Battle of the Horns of Hattin; but ransomed by the Templar knights.

1188, Roger, said to have died in Syria; buried at Sures.

(S) Miscellanea Genealogica Et Heraldica, Bennerman, 2001, P307. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878. (S) The Vale of Mowbray, Grainge, 1859. (S) Monasticon Anglicanum, Dugdale, 1846, P343.

Family notes:

The house of Mowbray had 4 principle seats: Thirsk, Kirkby Malersert [with the barony of Masham in Richmondshire], Black Burton in Lonsdale, Eppleworth [with the island of Axeholme].

Sons Nigel and Robert named in multiple charters.

Children of Roger and Alice:

i. Nigel de Mowbray (94562560), born ~1142 in England.

ii. Robert de Mowbray, born ? in England.

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