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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Roger de Leyburn & Lady Alianor de Turnham

 243382312. Baron Roger de Leyburn & 243382313. Lady Alianor de Turnham

~1194, Roger born in England, s/o §§Robert de Leyburn & Margaret ?.

By 1198, Alianor born in England, coheir & d/o 486764626. Stephen de Turnham & 486764627. Edelina de Broc.

1198, Stephen de Turnham (243382313), for 300 marks, granted the wardship and lands of the heir of Robert de Leeburn, and the benefit of the marriage of the said heir. [The heir was Roger who would marry Stephen’s daughter Alianor.]

5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.

1199, Roger’s father died.

1201, Roger, son of Robert de Leiburne, in the custody of Stephen de Turneham.

1203, Roger still a minor ‘infra etatem, et in custodia Regis.’

1207-8, Roger’s mother Margaret paid a fine for a licence to marry again.

3/9/1214, Alianor’s father died.

6/15/1215 at Runnymead, King John forced to sign the Magna Carta.

10/1215, King John laid siege to Rochester castle in Kent. Roger one of the defenders.

11/30/1215, King John captured Rochester castle; Roger de Leyburn taken prisoner and put in the custody of Peter de Maulay. Roger was released on paying the moiety [250 marks] of a fine of 500 marks, and giving security for his good behavior. (S) Archaeological Journal, V21, 1864, P31.

1216, Roger de Leyburn, of full age, given re-seisin of his lands.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

[––Roger & Alianor––]

~1218, Roger married Alianor.

1/26/1219, Order to the sheriff of Surrey that since Thomas de Balinghem and his wife, Mabel, Adam de Bendenges and his wife, Alice, Roger of Leybourne and his wife, Eleanor [Alianore], Ralph son of Bernard and his wife, Eleanor, and Ralph de Fay and his wife, Beatrice, made fine with King John, father of King Henry, for five palfreys, for having all land formerly of Stephen of Thornham which falls to Mabel, Alice, Eleanor, Eleanor, and Beatrice by hereditary right. (S) FRsHIII.

By 1220, Alianore died. [likely associated with the birth of son Roger.]


1220, A plea brought by Edelina de Broc, suing Richard Malherbe for 4£ 18s. rent, and William de Bathonia for 25 acres of meadow and 12.5 of wood in Artingdon, Surrey. They in turn called to warrant the heirs of Stephen de Turnham who were Thomas de Bavelingham and Mabel his wife, Adam de Bendenges and Alice his wife, Ralph de Fay and Beatrice his wife, Roger de Leyburn, Ralph fitz Bernard and Alianore his wife . (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, 1925, P182.

11/1221, William de Tatelinton and Clemence his wife with Sibil de Broc [Clemence and Sibil maternal aunts of Alianor] sued Roger de Leyburn for the manor of Berewic as their right whereof their mother Damota was siezed in the time of King Richard.

6/19/1222, Pledges for William Mauduit for his fine for his relief … Roger of Leybourne for 10 m. (S) FRsHIII.

2/1223, The suit between Roger and Clemence and her sister Sibil continued at Westminster, at which time Roger appeared. Roger called to warranty the other heirs of Stephen de Turnham [Alianor’s 4 sisters and their husbands.]

10/1224, Amercements from the assizes of novel disseisin taken at Shrewsbury … From Roger of Leyburn, half a mark, for disseisin, by the plevin of William of Hadnall and Adam del Eaton. (S) FRsHIII.

1225, Beatrice de Fay [sister of Alianor] vs. Roger de Leyburn in a plea of warranty.

8/1226, Roger’s suit with Lilleshull abbey about Berwick chapel and Harmer Pool resolved.

1228, Roger de Leyburn assessed scutage on knights’ fees in Oxon and Kent. (S) Palatine Note-Book, V3, 1883, P210.

1229, Roger de Leyburn applies to the justices assigned to the custody of the Jews for terms of payment of his debt of £73 12s 6d to Hamo, the wealthy Jew of Hereford. (S) Notes and Queries, White, 1891, P353.

11/12/1233, Roger de Leyburn essoignes himself versus Hugh de Hovill and Beatrice his wife, and versus John, son of Ralph fitz Bernard, … in a plea of land.

1/20/1235, Roger of Leybourne gives the king 20s. for attainting twelve jurors by 24 law-worthy knights, before the itinerant justices in Essex, in the assize of mort d’ancestor. (S) FRsHIII.

2/3/1237, Sibil de Brok versus Roger de Leburn.

1240-5, Sir Roger de Leyburn of Kent bore ‘asure, six lions rampant, arg’ [born by Edward of Salisbury at the Conquest.] (S) Romantic Richmondshire, Speight, 1897, P364.

1242-3, Alan de Rumellei held 1 fee in Steeple Aston of Roger de Leyburn, who held it of the fee of the countess of the Isle of Wight. (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, V2, Farrer, 1925, P126.

2/3/1244, John de Leyburn’s widow, Florence, now married to Matthias de Mara, surrendered Florence’s claim of dower in Berewyk to Roger de Leyburn, tenant of the manor. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V10, Eyton, 1860, P217.

7/5/1245, Paulinus Peivre witnessed a confirmation of a charter of Roger de Leyburne to Sir Geoffrey le Despenser. (S)  CChRs. [Roger sold Berwick to Sir Geoffrey for 400 marks, reserving a rent.]

1246-7, ‘Rogerus de Leyburn reddit compotum de ccli de prestito, per Vicecomitem Essexie.’ [A loan from the King of £200 out of the issues of the Pleas of the forest of Essex.]

1247-1250, Sir Roger de Leyburn recorded each year as owing the debt of £200.

1250, Roger died.

(S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V1, Eyton, 1854, P173. (S) Archaeologia Cantiana, V5, 1863, P151.

Family notes:

§§Robert de Leyburn, s/o §§Philip de Leyburn & Amia fitz Gerold, d/o §§Robert fitz Gerold [and sister & coheiress of her brother Ralph fitz Gerold.] (S) Romantic Richmondshire, Speight, 1897, P365.

1189, Robert de Leyburn attended the 3rd crusade with King Richard.

10/29/1192, Stephen de Turnhan, seneschal of Anjou, appointed by king to bring Queen Berengaria and Joan of Acre back from Palestine to Chinon Castle. [Robert de Leyburn a member of the retinue.]

Child of Roger and Alianor:

i. Roger de Leyburn (121691156), born ~1220 in England.

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