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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Baron Roger de Someri & Lady Nichole d’Aubigny & Lady Amabil de Chaucombe & Baron Gilbert de Segrave

 486765256. Baron Roger de Someri & 486765257. Lady Nichole d’Aubigny & 4997461. Lady Amabil de Chaucombe & 243376348. Baron Gilbert de Segrave

~1205, Roger born in Sedgley, Staffordshire, England, d/o 973530512. Ralph de Someri & 973530513. Margaret Crassus.

~1205, Nichole born in England, d/o 973530514. William D’Aubigny & 973530515. Mabel of Chester.

~1210, Gilbert born in England, s/o 486752696. Stephen de Segrave & 486752697. Rohese le Despenser.

1211, Roger’s father died; his brother William Percival de Somery succeeding. [his mother surviving and re-marrying to Maurice de Gaunt.]

1212, The Great Inquisition granted the wardship of the estates of Ralph de Somery of Dudley, Worcestershire to the earl of Salisbury. (S) Historical Intrepretation, Bagley, 1973, P109. [Roger de Somery accounted for 50 fees of the old feoffment.]

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

~1220, Amabil born in England, d/o §§Robert de Chaucombe & Juliana ?. (S) Magna Britannia Antiqua & Nova, Cox, 1738, P590. [Robert s/o §§Hugh de Chacombe & Amabel ?.]

1221, Roger’s brother William died; William’s son Nicholas de Somery suceeding.

[–––Roger & Nichola–––]

~1225 at Barrow, Leicestershire, Roger married Nichole.

1228, Roger’s nephew Nicholas de Somery died as a minor without heirs.

1229, Roger succeeded to the family estates and did homage for the lands.

6/25/1229, Allowance of the agreement between Maurice de Gaunt and Roger de Sumery … manors of Duddeleg and Seggesleg to Maurice for 7 years … and the said Roger shall not marry within the said term save with the consent of the said Maurice. (S) CChRs. [Maurice de Gaunt is Roger’s step-father.]

Bef. 7/4/1229, Roger de Sumeri confirmed an agreement between Margaret his mother and William de Englefeld [his nephew, son of his sister Isabel] concerning a grant and exchange of lands at Bradfield, Berkshire.

10/5/1229, Stephen son of Guy gives half a mark for having a pone against Roger de Somery, concerning land in Elmdon [Essex.] (S) FRsHIII.

11/1229, Roger de Somery, who holds half a fee of the king and 2 fees of the honour of Boulogne , £10 for the same and so that he is not made a knight. (S) FRsHIII.

11/1230, Maurice’s step-father died; his mother surviving.

9/23/1232, Order to make respite of the demand of 92£ from Roger de Somery for a debt of his father. (S) Cal. of Fine Rolls, Dryburgh, 2007, P433.

6/7/1233, Because at this Pentecost last past Roger de Somery did not come to the king so that he could gird him with the belt of knighthood, order to the sheriff of Worcestershire to take the honour of Dudley and the other lands of the same Roger. (S) FRsHIII.

By 8/1233, Roger de Somery made peace with the king. (S) Peter des Roches, Vincent, 2002, P403. [Roger gave a hostage, the son and heir of Simon of Frankley.]

1233-34, Roger de Somery fought with the royalists during the “The Marshall’s War.”

7/10/1234, Mandate to Walter de Bello Campo to deliver Ralph de Frankelegh to Roger de Sumery. (S) CPRs.

1235-6, William de Englefeld paid 2 marks in aid, for marrying the King’s sister Isabel to Frederick, emperor of the Romans, for his fee in Middlesex of the honor of Roger de Somery. (S) Delafield, V2, 1945, P804.

1238, A “monstrous and inhuman race of men”, with a leader called Khan, began to overun far eastern Europe.

10/1238, The men of Alrewas give 20 m. for having a certain writ against Roger de Somery, their lord. (S) FRsHIII.

1240, Roger co-inherited land of his paternal grandmother Hawise Pagnel in Staffordshire: ‘Gervasio Paenel cuidam Hawisie sorori et heredi’, to her grandsons: ‘Radulpho cuidam Willelmi et fratri et heredi, et de Willelmo cuidam Nicholao … filii et heredi, et de Nicholao isti Rogero ut avunculo quia non habuit heredem de corpore sua.’

12/1/1240, Lichfield. Roger de Sumery, complainant, vs. Philip de Ruleg. (S) Collections – Staffordshire, V4, 1883, P236.

4/7/1242, Protection for the following so long as they are on the king’s service beyond seas … Roger de Sumery … (S) CPRs.

7/1242, Roger de Someri a member of the army of King Henry III in France at war with King Louis IX. The 2 armies met at the battles of Taillebourgh [6/19] and Saintes, with the superior sized French force winning.

1242-3, ‘Rogerus de Sumery in Bradefeld i. feodum ... Margareta de Sumeri in Bradefeld unum feodum predicti Rogeri ... Willelmus de Englefeld in Englefeld unum feodum de eodem feodo.’

11/27/1243, … lands late of H. earl of Arundel … to Robert de Tateshal … manor of Bukenham … to John son of John son of Alan … castle and manor of Arundel … to Roger de Sumery, who espoused Nicholaa … manor of Barwe … to Roger de Muthaud who espoused Cecily [sister of Nicholaa] … castle and manor of Rysinges … the king has taken their homages … (S) CPRs.

4/1244, Roesia de Verdun sued Roger de Sumery over a convention made about land in Seggeslega. [Roger did not appear.] (S) Collections – Staffordshire, V4, 1883, P102.

1244, Tenements in Northwood were held by John Rumyn, and his service fee was assigned to Roger de Somery and Nicholaa his wife, third coheir of Hugh d'Aubigny. (S) Hist. of Sussex, V4, 1953, Stoughton.

1244, Roger summoned to receive knighthood; but did not attend. The king seized Newport Pagnell for his refusal [given to William de Beauchamp (9994918) & Ida Longespee.]

12/28/1244, Roger de Somery gives 3 m. for having a writ [to remove a plea] from the county court of Gloucestershire before the king [coram rege] against Maurice of Berkeley. (S) FRsHIII.

7/11/1245, Mandate to … by letters close … Hugh de Venables, Henry de Aldithelegh, Thomas Corbet, John fitz Alan, Ralph Basset of Periton, Roger de Sumery … D. son of Llwewlin has given seige to the castle of Dissard … to rescue the said castle. (S) CPRs.

10/6/1245, Order to the sheriffs of Warwickshire and Leicestershire and Staffordshire to place in respite, … the demand that they make … from Roger de Somery for the aid generally granted to the king to marry his first-born daughter from the knights’ fees which he does not recognise. (S) FRsHIII.

1/22/1246, Agreement made at Leycester, … between Roger de Quincy, earl of Winchester, and Roger de Somery, … park of Bradgate … (S) Fragmenta Antiquitatis, Blount, 1784, P237.

4/22/1246, Grant to John Maunsel … manor of Bilsington … gift of the heirs [of H. de Albyniaco, late earl of Arundel] … John son of Alan, Roger de Sumery, and Nicholaa his wife, Roger de Monte Alto and Cecily his wife, … (S) CChRs.

7/30/1247, Roger granted a market and fair, and free warren, at Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

2/8/1248, The king has pardoned to Roger de Somery 130 m. of the £100 at which he was amerced before the king (coram Rege) for the default which he made in the king’s court (curia Regis) against the abbot of Titchfield. (S) FRsHIII.

4/16/1249, A royal charter confirming previous charters of Hugh de Gondeville; Ranulph, earl of Chester; and Roger de Somery.

1250, Nichola died. (S) Reports and Papers – Lincoln and Northampton, V29, 1907, P586.

[Date missing] IPM of Nicholaa, late wife of Roger de Somery. Buckingham: Partition, between Maud de Erdinton, Ralph de Crumwell, Walter de Sutleye and John le Estraunge, heirs of the said Nicholaa, the morrow of St. Andrew, 12 Edw. I. (defective and defaced.) Olney. The manor (full partition with the names of tenants and of many cultures, meadows &c.), including the wood of Waldhey, the keepership of the wood of Olney, ½ knight's fee in Emberton, 1 knight's fee in Shenle, ½ knight's fee in Woketon, and 1 knight's fee in Alecote. (S) CIsPM.


3/21/1251, Appointment of Roger de Sumery and Robert de Grendon to take inquisition between Thomas Corbert, plaintiff, and Hugh de Say, … deforciants, touching the rescue of the booty in the land of the said Thomas and his man killed; and mandate to the sheriff of Salop, John Lestrange, and John son of Alan to have [a jury of 12 men.] (S) Patent Rolls, Lyte, 1908, P115.

1252, “Rogerus de Somery, tenens manerium de Barewe post Mortem Nicolae …” (S) History and Antiquities of Charnwood Forest, Potter, 1842, P17.

8/6/1253, King Henry left for Gascony from Portsmouth with 300 ships. Roger accompanied the King on the expedition. (S) 13th Century England, Durham Conference, 2003, P45.

10/23/1253, Henry’s army in camp at Benauge, France [east of Bordeaux].

11/3/1253, Roger de Somery granted a fair at Clent, Worcestershire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

12/28/1253, Henry’s army in camp at Bazas, France [southeast of Bordeaux].

3/19/1254, Henry’s army in camp at Meilhan, France [south of Bordeaux, near the Spanish border].

8/12/1254, Henry’s retinue in camp at Bordeaux, France.

11/20/1254, Henry’s retinue in camp at Orleans, France.

1/1255, King Henry returned with his army to England.


1231, Gilbert granted the town of Kegworth by Simon de Montfort, lord of Leicestershire.

12/27/1232, The king has granted the manor of Newcastle under Lyme to Gilbert of Seagrave, with the castle , and all lands and tenements in the external vills pertaining to the manor, with the advowson of the church of Stoke and its other appurtenances, without any retention, to have and hold from the king and his heirs to Gilbert and his heirs forever at fee farm, rendering £20 each year [Ranulf, earl of Chester and Lincoln, died without heirs]. (S) FRsHIII.

3/16/1233, Leicestershire. The king has pardoned to Gilbert of Seagrave the 5 m. that are exacted from him by summons of the Exchequer for a prest made to him in Brittany.

12/17/1233, Pledges for the Bishop of Exeter having the custody of the land and heir of W. d’Avranches: Earl Roger Bigod for 100 m. … R. earl of Cornwall for 100 m. … William, count of Aumale, for 100 m. … Geoffrey de Dynham for 40 m. Robert Marmion for 100 m. Gilbert of Seagrave for 40 m. … William LongespĂ©e for 100 m. Elias Gifford for 20 m. Upon the barony of the same bishop, 300 m., by the king. (S) FRsHIII.

 [–––Gilbert & Amabil–––]

By 1237, Gilbert married Amabil.

6/22/1237, The king has granted to Juliana, who was the wife of Robert of Chalcombe , all chattels that Robert left to her in his testament … in part payment of the debt that Robert owed the king, unless Juliana can show that Gilbert of Seagrave ought to acquit Robert of that debt. (S) FRsHIII.

11/17/1238, Order to place in respite the demand from Gilbert of Seagrave for 21½ m. of a prest. (S) FRsHIII.

4/1239 in London, Fine levied … whereby Ralph Basset [of Sapcote, Lincolnshire] and Milicent his wife, convey to Juliana “que fuit uxor Roberti de Chauycumbe,” a carucated of land in Stroby [Lincolnshire] in return for which Gilbert de Segrave and Amabel, his wife, sister of the said Millicent, and co-heir of Robert de Chaucumbe, grant to the said Ralph and Millicent 100s worth of land in Chaucumbe [Northamptonshire.] (S) Descr. Cat. – Berkeley Castle, Fitzharding, 1892, P85.

6/16/1240, John de Neville has made fine with the king by £50 for the trespass of the king’s forest … Pledges for this fine: William de Ferrers, Nicholas de Molis and Gilbert of Seagrave. (S) FRsHIII.

1241, Gilbert succeeded to his father’s estates [Gilbert’s older brother John died in 1231.]

4/8/1242, Gilbert de Segrave appointed governor of Kenilworth castle. (S) CPRs.

5/6/1242, Gilbert de Segrave appointed justice of the forests south of Trent. (S) CPRs.

1242-3, Gilbert de Segrave hekd ½ fee in Raunds of the honor of Peverel. (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, V2, 1925, P204.

1243, Nichole coheir to a fourth of the Albini estates of her brother Hugh.

6/1243, A final concord between Gilbert de Segrave and his step-mother Ida. (S) Studies in 13th Century Justice, Meekings, 1981, P106.

7/21/1244, Northampton and Leicestershire. The king has given respite to Gilbert of Seagrave from the £40 which are exacted from him by summons of the Exchequer for several demands. (S) FRsHIII.

2/17/1245, Because Gilbert of Seagrave was bound to render £37 6d. to Deodona, son of Deulecresse of Nottingham, for Hugh de Didiswurth … order to the justices assigned to the custody of the Jews to cause him to have respite from the same debt. (S) FRsHIII.

9/16/1246, The king has granted to Gilbert of Seagrave and Amabilia, his wife, daughter and heiress of Robert of Chalcombe that, for the debts that Robert owed to the king, for which he made fine … to render £10 each year at the same terms at which Robert was accustomed to render them. (S) FRsHIII.

3/2/1247, Pledges for Richard of Dover [on a fine of 2000 m.] … earl of Gloucester for £1000; … Gilbert of Seagrave for 100 m.; … Enguerrand de Fiennes for 50 m.; … and John de Balliol for 50 m. (S) FRsHIII.

1/17/1248, Quitclaim, for a fine of 100 marks which Gilbert de Segrave has made … of all manier of trespass of the forest done when Gilbert was justice of the forest. (S) CPRs.

4/1251, Gilbert de Segrave a justice of the king’s bench at Westminster.

1251, Baldwin de Vere, heir & s/o Robert de Vere of Addington, in the custody of Gilbert de Segrave [and would marry Gilbert’s daughter Margaret.] (S) Genealogical Memoirs – Chichley, V1, Waters, 1878, P50.

6/24/1251 at Clarendon, Gilbert de Segrave witnesed a royal charter. (S) Royal Charter Witness Lists, V292, 2001, P49.

9/25/1251, Gilbert de Segrave appointed a justice for pleas of the city of London, to be heard in the Tower of London. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 1/1252, Gilbert de Segrave hearing pleas in the city of London.

2/11/1252 at Windsor, Gilbert de Segrave witnesed a royal charter. (S) Royal Charter Witness Lists, V292, 2001, P59.

5/30/1253, Protection for the following going with the King to Gascony … Gilbert de Segrave … (S) CPRs.

10/28/1253, at Beauge, Normandy, Gilbert de Segreave a witness to a charter of King Henry to William de Sancto Homero. (S) CPRs.

11/28/1253, at Bazas, Normandy, Gilbert de Segrave a witnessed a royal grant to William de Cantilupo. (S) CPRs.

4/26/1254, The heirs of Ralph Earl of Chester … John de Baylliol, Henry de Hasting, Robert de Bruce, who are of the eldest line …  the heirs of Arundel and Robert de Tattershall, first; John fitz Alan, second; Roger de Somery, third; Roger de Monhaut and Cecilia his wife, … (S) Staffordshire Hist. coll.’s, V4, 1883, Plea Rolls.

9/1254 at Bordeaux, John de Plessis, earl of Warwick, obtained letters of safe conduct from King Louis IX of France and made a trip through Poitou, in the company of Gilbert de Segrave and William Mauduit. (S) DNB, V15, 1909, P1307.

6/16/1254, at St. Macaire, Normandy, Gilbert de Segrave a witnessed a royal grant to Walter, bishop of Worcester. (S) CPRs.

8/25/1254, Letters of credence in favour of Gilbert de Segrave, whom the king has sent to the King of Scotland. (S) CPRs.

1254, While traveling through Poitou, Gilbert de Seagrave and his companions captured and imprisoned, even though they had letters of safe conduct.

Bef. 11/11/1254, After being released from prison in France, Gilbert died on return to England.


2/23/1255, Grant to Hugh de Nede, king’s yoeman, of the marriage of Amabilia late the wife of Gilbert de Segrave, or the fine due if she marry an other than the said Hugh. (S) CPRs.

11/5/1255, Licence for Amabilia late the wife of Gilbert de Segrave to marry this time whom she will, she having satisfied Hugh de Nede, king’s yoeman, to whom the king granted her marriage.

[–––Roger & Amabil–––]

1255, Roger married 2nd, Amabil de Chaucombe, widow of Gilbert de Segrave.

1255, Roger de Somery held the manors of Seggesle and Swineford in Staffordshire. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll., V5, Pt1, 1884, Seisdon Hundred.

1255, Sir William de Parles acknowledged that he owed Roger de Somery, Baron of Dudley, service of one knight's fee and suit of court at Dudley.

1257-8, “From: William of Bloodden, … To: Roger de Somery 1½ acre of land at 'Borgham'.” (S) UKNA.

5/1257, Roger mustered for King Henry at Glamorgan under the command of Stephen Bauzan to serve in Wales.

6/1257, Roger’s forces were attacked at Coed Llanthen by Maredudd ap Rhys and lost many of their provisions. The next day at Cymerau, the Welsh forces defeated the English and killed their Welsh commander.

10/1/1257, … in Wales in the service of Edward the king’s son and have protection … Roger de Somery. (S) CPRs.

1258, Roger again in service against Llwelyn ap Gruffudd in Wales.

6/1258, King Henry signed the Provisions of Oxford. These limitations by parliament [led by Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester] granted money to Henry in exchange for administrative reform.

2/11/1259, Commission to Peter de Monte Forti, Hugh le Despenser, Roger de Clifford, … touching contentions which have arisen between James de Audithele and Roger de Somery … (S) CPRs.

10/1259, The Provisions of Westminster remedied most of the complaints associated with the Provisions of Oxford. Roger de Sumery chosen as 1 of 12 Commissioners of Parliament, and 1 of 24 Commissioners of the Aid. (S) Constitutional History, Stubbs, 1896, P85.

1/23/1260, Roger held 1 knts. fee of Stanford Manor, Berks.

1260, William de Beauchamp died; Roger re-acquired possession of Newport Pagnell.

8/1/1260, Roger de Somery one of the vassals to the crown summoned to muster at Shrewsbury with horses and arms against Lewellyn ap Griffith. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V7-8, 1858, P26.

2/16/1261, Roger de “Sumery” granted a market at Dudley, Staffordshire.

1261, Roger suffered the King’s indignation for castellating his manor house at Dudley without permission.

3/1262, King Henry repudiated the Provisions of Oxford.

1262, Roger again in service against Llwelyn ap Gruffudd in Wales.

6/20/1262, William of Birmingham impleaded by Roger of Somery, lord of Dudley, regarding the extent of services owed for his lands. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll.’s, V4, 1883, Feet of Fines, Warwick.

4/12/1263, Simon de Montfort returned to England to lead a rebellion of young barons.

1263-4, Roger fortified Dudley castle in Warwick.

10/17/1263, Roger de Somery [one of many] to come to the king at Wyndesor with the horses and arms … (S) CPRs.

5/14/1264, Roger de Somery captured with King Henry at the battle of Lewes, “at the Mill of the Hide”. An estimated 2700 died. (S) Transactions – Bristol and Gloucestershire, V9, 1884, P146.

1264-65, Simon de Montfort effectively ruled England.

1265, Overlord, Roger de Somery, remained true to the King.

5/28/1265, Lord Edward escaped captivity.

8/4/1265, Roger fought with Lord Edward, on the side of the King, at the battle of Evesham, the defeat of Simon de Montfort. [And the end of the Baron’s War.]

10/19/1265, Whereas … church of Staunton … lands of Nicholas de Segrave … belonds to Roger de Sumery who married Amabel the mother of the said Nicholas, by reason of her dower as her share … belonging to Gilbert de Segrave sometime her husband … the king grants that his presentation shall not be to the prejudice of the said Roger and Amabel in future voidances. (S) CPRs.

10/31/1266, The Dictum of Kenilworth released to the public – Roger de Somery was one of the 12 members who drew up the privisions.

9/29/1267, Roger a peace commissioner between Henry III and Llwellyn ap Griffin. [Who had conquered most of Wales.]

2/6/1268, Commission to Robert de Nevile … disturbances … county of Warwick … [between] … Roger de Clifford … Roger de Somery … [In a dispute over lands of William de Birmyngham, who was killed at the battle of Evesham.] (S) CPRs.

3/14/1268, Roger a peace commissioner between Gilbert de Clare and Llwellyn ap Griffin. (S) CPRs.

1/10/1269, Roger de Somery, Philip Basset, William of Valence, James de Audley and Roger de Clifford [plus some earls and bishops] witnessed documents at parliament. (S) 13th Century England, Coss, 1988, P101.

8/1269, Agreement between the lady Joan de Berkeley (9994833) and Sir Roger de Sumery (486765256), of the one part, … William de Camvile (s/o Richard de Kamvill), and Joan his wife, of the other part, … viz. that the said William and Joan shall receive the manor of Torre Brione, with the advowson of the church, for part of the dower of all the lands which formerly belonged to Sir Guy de Briona (94567466) in the parts of Devon; reserving 2 parts of 5 foreign fees belonging to the said [Sir Roger de Su]mery in the said parts. Witnesses:—Sirs Walter de Vernun … (S) Ancient Deeds, Devon, V3, 1900, D.214.

2/12/1270, Roger granted a market and fair at Newport Pagnell by King Henry III. (S) CChRs, 1257–1300, P131.

1270-1, “Grant by Sir Roger de Somery, to John de Englefeud, …, of licence to sport on the water (ad riperiandam riperiam) called 'Pangeburn,' … John has released to Sir Roger, all his right in the warren belonging to Sir Roger's manor of Bradefeud …” (S) UKNA.

2/11/1271, Commission to … touching the person who broke the park of Roger de Somery of Neuporte Peynell, co. Buckingham, hunter there and carried away deer. (S) CPRs.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England. [While on crusade.]

5/15/1272, Licence … to sell … to Roger de Somery all the debts wherein William Parles is bound … (S) CPRs.

4/1273, Roger de Somery, Ralph de Crumbwell and Margaret his wife, John Le Estrange and Joan his wife, Walter de Sully and Mabilla his wife, Henry de Herdington and Matilda his wife, appeared against Isabella Countess of Arundel in a plea … between the said Roger and the other coparceners heirs of Nicholaa formerly wife of Roger, respecting the advowson of the Church of Olney … (S) Plea Rolls for Staffordshire, V6, Pt.1, 1885.

8/1273, Roger died; held of Newport Pagnell of subsidy of £180 [This property eventually inherited by sisters of grandson John Somery in 1322] and lands in 9 counties. (S) Victoria Country House, Buckinghamshire, V4, P215.

8/26/1273, IPM of Roger de Somery: … part of the barony of Chester falling to him through Nicholaa de Albaniaco his first wife, one of the heirs of Hugh de Albaniaco earl of Arundell … Margaret the wife of Ralph de Cromwelle, Joan the wife of John le Strange, Mabel the wife of Walter de Suyllye, and Maud the wife of Henry de Erdinton, are next heirs of the said Nicholaa, and of full age. (S) CIsPM.


11/2/1273, Order to deliver to Anabel, late the wife of Roger de Somery, tenant in chief, the manor of … [5 manors valued at over £100] … assigned to her in dower … (S) CCRs.

2/5/1274, Order to assign to Amabil[ia], late the wife of Roger de Somery, tenant in chief, £15 yearly of land in the manor of Seggesl[eye], which belonged to Roger, in full satisfaction of her dower. (S) CCRs.

11/12/1274, The manor of Swyneford, … the manor of Clent, [both in Northamton] … which the king assigned to Amabilia, late the wife of Roger de Somery, tenant in chief, to hold in dower. (S) CCRs.

2/4/1275, Order to the escheator … to cause [to be sold] the underwood and dead wood of the woods late of Roger de Somery, deceased, tenant in chief. (S) CFRs.

3/21/1276, Order to the sheriff of Leicester to take into the king's hand the pourparty of John (60845488), son of John le Estraunge, one of the heirs (grandson) of Nicholaa, late the wife of Roger de Somery, of her lands in Barewe. (S) CFRs.

8/1/1276, Protection for 2 years for Amabilla de Segrave, going beyond seas. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 12/29/1278, Amabilla, late the wife of Roger de Somery, died. (S) CCRs.

(S) The Reliquary, V1, 1888, P162. (S) Judges of England, Foss, 1848, P466. (S) History – Newport Pagnell, Ratcilff, 1900, P220. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

In the manor of Sedgley, west of Dudley, Roger de Somery possessed an iron mine and 2 ‘great smithies’ (grosse fabricae), works. (S) History of the British Iron and Steel Industry, Schubert, 1957, P107.

Children of Roger and Nichole:

i. Joan de Someri (121690977), born ~1225 in England.

ii. Margaret de Somery (243382629), born ~1230 in England.

iii. Mabel de Somery, born ? in England.

Mabel married Walter de Sully.

1285, Walter died.

1311, Mabel died.

iv. Matilda de Somery, born ? in England.

Matilda married Henry de Erdington.

Matilda married 2nd William de Byfield.

Child of Gilbert and Amabil:

i. Nicholas de Segrave (121688174), born 12/17/1238 in England.

Child of Roger and Amabil:

i. Roger de Somery (2498730), born 1256 in England.

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