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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Roger de Vautort & Lady Alice ?

 486686082. Baron Roger de Vautort & 486686083. Lady Alice ?.

~1165, Roger de Valle Torta born in England s/o §§Baron Reginald de Vautort.

~1165, Alice born in England.

1169-73, Roger’s father died.

~1183, Roger de Valletort married Alice.

1195, Roger de Valletort held the barony of Trematon, Cornwall.

Aft. 1199, Roger acquired the lands of Henry de Nonant by fines of 600 marks with King John. [See son Reginald 1227.]

1205, Roger de Valletort, heir to Henry, son of Roger de Novant of the Honour of Toteness. (S) Notitia Parliamentaria, Willis, 1716, P276.

1206, Roger of Trematon castle, Cornwall, died.


1209, Henry de la Pomerey [(243343040), husband of Johann] owed 600 marks for livery of his lands; Alice Valletort paying 400 marks.

(S) Hist. Peerage of England, Nicolas, 1857, P485.

Family notes:

1140, Roger de Valletort held the barony of Trematon, Cornwall.

~1163, §§Roger de Vautort (b.~1100) married to §§Emma, died.

1166, §§Baron Ralph de Vautort (b.~1120, d.1166-68) held 59 knights’ fees of the Count of Mortain.

1168, Reginald de Valletort (b.~1140, d.1169-73) held the barony of Trematon, Cornwall.

1302, Henry (30417880) claimed right as coheir of Reginald de Valla Torta in Devon and Cornwall as Henry (30417880), s/o Henry (60835760), son of Henry (121671520), s/o Johanna (243343041), eldest of 2 sisters and coheirs of Roger de Valletort. (S) Victoria History of the County of Devon.

Children of Roger and ?:

i. Reginald de Vautort, born ~1185 in England.

Aft. 1206, Reginald in the wardship of the Bishop of Winchester holding 28 knights’ fees. (S) Rpt. & Trans. Devonshire, V37, 1905, P424.

Reginald married Joan Basset, d/o Thomas Basset of Headington.

1217, Reginald paid a fine of 10 marks to have all the fees of Totnes in Devonshire.

1227, Reginald paid £100 to settle the 600 mark account his father made for the lands of Henry de Nonant. (S) Note-book of Tristram Risdon, 1897, P60.

1245, Reginald died, his brother Ralph his heir.

ii. Ralph de Vautort, born ~1187 in England.

Ralph married Joan, a mistress of Richard, Earl of Cornwall.

1259, Ralph died.

Son: Reginald de Vautort, died a minor.

Son: Roger de Valletort. 1274, Roger died leaving vast debts. His heirs his aunts, Johann & Isabel.

iii. Johann de Valla Torta (243343041), born ~1190 in Cornwall, England.

iv. Isabel de Vautort (486765251), born ~1195 in Cornwall, England.

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