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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Baron Walter Fitz Robert & Lady Maud de Lucy

 121698392. Baron Walter Fitz Robert & 121698393. Lady Maud de Lucy

1130, Walter born  in Little Dunmow, Essex, England, s/o 243396784. Robert fitz Richard & 159116049. Lady Maud de Saint Liz.

1134, Walter’s father died; his mother remarried. (S) Transactions – Essex, V5, 1873, P269.

1142, Walter fitz Robert married to Matilda de Bohun.

1146, Matilda de Bohun died.

~1155, Maud born in England, d/o 39979342. Geoffrey de Lucy.

By 1153, Walter sued in the royal courts to recover ancestral lands.

1154, King Stephen directed Walter ot safeguard property for Colchester abbey, a foundation of his aunt.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1/1156, “Apud Dover in transitu Regis”. Walter fitz Robert witnessed a royal charter granting the earldom of Oxford to Earl Alberic.

6/1162, at Chinon, Normandy. Walter fitz Robert witnessed a royal charter on behalf of the monks of St. Peter of Gant.

1166, Walter son of Robert and Richard de Blenchendone held a fee of 1 knight of Margaret de Bohun. (S) Women of the English Nobility, Ward, 1995, P145.

Bef. 1166, Walter confirmed a grant by his mother of a wind mill to Daventry.

[––William & Maud––]

~1167, Walter married Maud de Lucy.

1168, ‘Walter filii Roberti de fefamento Regis’ reported holding 63.5 knights’ fees. (S) Transactions – Essex, V5, 1873, P269.

 [Undated], Walter’s gift of the Hempnall water mill [except for fishing rights], called Twigrind, to Bury St. Edmunds, was made on behalf of the souls of his parents and his 1st wife, as well as for the salvation of his 2nd wife, for his heir, and for all his successors.

1170, Walter pays on inheriting fees held of Margaret de Bohun in Blakeney.

4/1173, King Henry’s eldest 3 sons rebelled against their father. King William of Scotland allied himself with the sons.

6-8/1173, The conflicts were confined to Normandy; until Robert de Beaumont arrived in England with an army of Flemings, who then allied with the forces of Scotland against King Henry II.

10/17/1173, Robert de Beaumont, earl of Leicester, at Fornam, St. Genevieve, defeated and captured by combined forces of Richard de Lucy, Humphrey de Bohun and the earls of Cornwall, Gloucester and Arundel. The engagement was begun by Walter fitz Robert, who rushed the Flemings, making a great carnage.  (S) Chronicle of the War Between the English and the Scots, Fantosme, 1840, P18.

1/23/1176, at Northampton. Hugh de Cressi, Walter fitz Robert, and Robert Mantel; justices appointed to Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Bedford, Bucks, Essex and Herts.

1/15/1177, at the Great Council at Northampton. Walter fitz Robert witnessed a royal charter to the Order of Lepers of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.

1177, Walter sat on a judicial committee with Hugh de Cressi and Robert Mantell. (S) The Chronicle of the Reigns of Henry II and Richard I, Stubs, 1867, P75.

6/30/1180, at Caen, Normandy, Walter fitz Robert witnessed a royal charter granting the office of Constabulariam to William de Humez, which his father Richard de Humed had held.

By 1181, Maud’s father died, her brother Herbert the heir.

11/1181, at Westminster, Walter fitz Robert witnessed a royal charter to the Canons of Waltham, Essex.

12/1181, at Winchester, Walter fitz Robert witnessed a royal charter to Stafford abbey, Essex.

5/1/1182, Walter fitz Robert a justiciar of the Curia Regis at Westminster.

3/1183, at Westminster, ‘Waltero fil. Roberti’ witnessed a royal charter to Canons of Butley.

1184, Walter gave Dunmow priory the church of Burnham in Essex.

1185, Walter fitz Robert of Clare a witness of the confirmation of lands of the canons of Butley. (S) Feudal Assessments, Keefe, 1983, P105.

9/14/1186, at Marlborough, Walter fitz Robert witnessed a royal charter in favor of the Carthusian priory of Witham, Somersetshire.

2/11/1188, At the Great Council at Geddington. Charter of King Henry to the church of Bungay. Witnesses … Earl William of Sussex; Earl David, brother of the King of Scots; Rannulf de Glanville; William de Humez; Walter fitz Robert; Seher de Quinci; William Marshall; … Richard de Camville; … (S) Hugh de Puiset – Bishop of Durham, Scammell, P284, 2011.

7/5/1189, King Henry, having been carried in a dying state to Chinon, Normandy, confirms a grant by ‘Walleran fitz Robert’ to Theobald Walter’s foundation at Swainby, Lincolnshire.

9/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1190-94, Walter fitz-Robert involved in a controvery between the earl of Moreton, brother of the King, and the Bishop of Ely, governor of the realm; Walter adhering with the Bishop. (S) Magna Charta Barons, Browning, 2009, P91.

1191, Castle of the honour of Eye [Suffolk], committed to Walter fitz Robert in the truce [Walter supporting King Richard, who was on crusade, against the king’s younger brother – future King John]. (S) Memoriale Fratris Walteri de Coventria, V2, 1873, P326.

1193-4, Walter fitz Robert holding pleas in Essex and Hertfordshire. (S) Judges of England, V1, Foss, 1848, P367.

By 1194, Maud’s brother Herbert died. [His lands had been confiscated by the king.]

1198, Walter, Baron Baynard, died in Woodham Walter, Malden, Essex, England.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P344. (S) CH&I,H.II.. (S) Harvesting the Air, Kealey, 1987. (S) Women of English Nobility, Ward, 1995, P49.

Family notes:

·         83 of Walter’s writs are exigent, endowing at least 14 institutions. Daventry priory in Northamptonshire and Dumnow priory in Essex were 2 of his favorites.

·         (S) The Lady in Medieval England, Coss, 2000, P36 reverses the marriage of the wives. With limited other information, a working timeline for M. de Lucy being the mother of Robert can be made either way. ‘Lucy’ being the 2nd wife makes for a more reasonable timeline for the children.

Children of Walter and Maud:

i. Robert Fitz Walter (60849196), born ~1175 in England.

ii. Alice fitz Walter (94563993), born ~1178 in England.

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