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Friday, August 28, 2020

Comte Humbert III of Savoy & Comtesse Beatrice of Viennois

 94555148. Comte Humbert III of Savoy & 94555149. Comtesse Beatrice of Viennois

8/4/1136, Humbert born in Savoy, s/o 189110310. Amadeus III of Maurienne, count of Savoy & 189110297. Mathilda d’Albon.

1/9/1137, ‘A. comes et marchio cum uxore sua M. … et Umbertus eorum filius.’ donated property to the monastery of Ripalta.

3/30/1143, ‘Amedeus comes et marchio et Maies comitissa uxor eius et Umbertus eorum filius, donated property to the monastery of Saint-Maurice.

9/25/1143, Pope Celestine II succeeded Pope Innocent II.

3/9/1144, Pope Lucius II succeeded Pope Celestine II.

2/15/1145, Pope Eugene III succeeded Pope Lucius II.

3/30/1147, ‘Amedeus comes et marchio et Majes comitissa uxor eius et Umbertus eorum filius’ confirmed the rights of the monastery of Saint-Maurice d´Agaune.

1147, ‘Amedeus comes et marchio’ confirmed donations to Saint-Sulpice en Bugey, for the soul of ‘filii mei Humberti’.

8/30/1148, Humbert’s father died on crusade.

7/1149, Humbert at war with the citizens of Turin.

1150, Humbert succeeded as Comte de Maurienne et de Savoie.

1150, ‘Humbertus Mauriacensis comes et marchio’ donated ‘locum de Tyneres’ to the abbey of Hautcrêt.

1150, Count Humbert III confirmed a concession of a golden ‘tabula’ set with precious stones given to his father Amadeus by St. Maurice.

1150, Humbert at St Maurice with the bishops of Lausanne and Sion and made an agreement over a debt.

1150-51, Humbert married Faidiva, [likely] d/o Alphonse Jourdain & Faidiva of Toulouse.

1/3/1151, ‘Umbertus comes, Amedei comitis filius … cum uxore sua … Faidiva’ donated property.

3/4/1152, Frederick Barbarossa elected King of the Germans.

7/8/1153, Pope Eugene III died; succeeded by Pope Anastasius IV.

12/3/1154, Pope Anastasius IV died; succeeded by Pope Hadrian IV.


1155, Humbert married Gertrude, d/o Thierry, count of Flanders.

6/18/1155, Frederick I crowned Holy Roman Emperor. [Humbert was soon in conflict with Frederick.]

1157, Humbert  held fiefs from the Archbishop of Lyons.

~1159, Beatrix born in Bourgogne, d/o §§ Comte Gerard de Mâcon et de Vienne & Guyonne de Salins.

9/7/1159, Pope Alexander III succeeded Pope Adrian IV.

1162, Humbert divorced Gertrude.

1162-3, Humbert leading a group hostile to the Emperor, captured by Count Gerard of Macon, and then ransomed for 6000 marks [which he could not pay.]

1164, Humbert married Klementia von Zahringen [divorcee], d/o Konrad Herzog von Zähringen & his wife Clémence de Namur.

1164, Humbert in a dispute with Antheleme of Belley.

1165, Charter of Humbert of Savoy to Bonnevaux. (S) Medieval Agriculture, Berman, 1986.

3/1168, Humbert supported the army of Emperor Frederick I as he crossed the Alps returning from Lombardy via Savoy.

1171, Benedict, abbot of Chiusa, in the service of Humbert as an ambassador to England to arrange for a marriage of one of his daughters.

6/28/1172, ‘Umbertus comes de Morienna’ granted privileges to the monastery of Santa Maria di Staffarda.

1172, Humbert has castellans at Miradolo and in the Val di Fenestrelle.

1172-73, Humbert allied with William of Montferrat against Asti.

2/12/1173, Humbert III, Gerard of Macon, Raymond V of Toulouse, and Alfonso II of Aragon met with King Henry II of England at Montferrand in Auvergne. [They soon afterwards all moved to Limoges.] Humbert made an agreement with King Henry to marry his daughter Alice to Henry’s son John. [At this time Humbert had no male heir.]

1173, Humbert claiming the title Lord of Turin, Cavoretto and Collegno, and to possess the homage of the counts of Castellamonte and Canavese.

1174, Humbert, siding with the Pope Alexander III, was deprived of many of his titles in war against Emperor Frederick I.

[––Humbert & Beatrix––]

1175, Humbert married  Beatrix.

1176, Humbert, as lord of the city under the Emperor, to have ‘special reserves’ in their favor in a treaty made by the Turinese.

1176, Humbert in conflict with Milo, bishop of Turin; specifically over the destruction of Rivalta castle.

1178, Guy de Chandieu sent by Humbert, count of Savoy, as his ambassador to England to concluded the marriage of Prince John with his daughter. (S) Historic Studies, V1, Read, 1897, P140.

6/1178, ‘Comes Humbertus et socer eius Girardus Viennensis’ are at Belley.

9/1/1181, Pope Lucius III succeeded Pope Alexander III.

9/15/1184, Beatrice’s father died at Rhone-Alpes, France; buried at St. Etienne, Besancon, France.

10/20/1188, An agreement between the Bishop of Maurienne and the canons of his cathedral names ‘Humberto comite presidente.’

3/4/1189, Humbert died; buried at the Abbaye de Hautecombe, Savoy.


6/12/1189, ‘Thomas … Mauriannensis comes et marchio Italiæ’ confirmed the donations made by ‘pater meus … [et] domini comitis Humberti … abavi mei’ to the canons of Saint-Jean de Maurienne, with the advice of ‘B. matris mee et … tutore meo Bonifacio marchione Montisferrati.’

4/8/1230, Beatrix died.

(S) Early History of the House of Savoy. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Child of Humbert and Beatrice:

i. Tommaso of Savoy (47277574), born 3/20/1177 in Savoy.

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