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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Comte Renaud II de Mousson

 189110448. Comte Renaud II de Mousson

~1100, Renaud born in France, s/o §§Comte Renaud I de Mousson.

1/1/1103, Renaud’s grandfather died.

Aft. 1106, Renaud’s father died.

1135, Renaud attended the council of Hugh of Metz with sons Renaud and Theodoric.

6/1147, Renaud attended the crusade with his son Renaud.

12/25/1147, On the coast of modern-day Turkey, encamped by a river, a tremendous storm washed away much of the supplies. The crusaders decided to take a route over the mountains to Antioch.

1/4/1148, The crusaders fought in a battle at Laodicea against the Turks.

1/7/1148 in the area of Mount Cadmus, at night, the rear guard which was surrounded and attacked. The French suffered many losses.

1/20/1148, After additional battles, the crusaders reached Atalya.

3/19/1148, The crusaders reached Antioch.

6/24/1148 at Acre, at a High Court of Jerusalem, the Council decided that the best move in defense of the holy lands would be to retake Damascus.

1148, At Damascus, due to heat, lack of water, and disagreements on plans, a seige failed after 4 days. King Louis sending most of the forces back.

3/1149, Renaud II, Compte de Bar, died at sea in the Mediterranean returning from crusade.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

§§Renaud II, s/o §§Comte Thierry de Mousson & Ctss Ermentrude de Bourgogne, d/o §§Comte Guillaume I ‘le Grand’  de Bourgogne & Ctss Etiennette ?.

1065, Thierry married to Ermentrude.

1071-76, Thierry succeede his father, §§Comte Louis de Mousson & Ctss Sophie of Upper Lotharingia.

1076, Thierry present at the enfranchisement of the chapel in the castle of Amance.

1093, Thierry inherited the [future] county of Bar from his mother.

Aft. 1096, Thierry  invested as Comte de Verdun by Richer Bishop of Verdun.

1102, Thierry dictated his testament at the castle of Altkirch.

1/1/1103, Thierry died, buried at Autun Cathedral.

1106, Ermentrude subscribed her son Renaud's act of sale of the fortress of Commercy to the abbé de Saint-Mihiel.

Child of Renaud and ?:

i. Renaud II de Bar-le-Duc (94555224), born ~1125 in France.

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