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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Comte Stephen ‘Tete-Hardi’ of Burgundy & Comtesse Beatrix of Lorraine

 159917968. Comte Stephen ‘Tete-Hardi’ of Burgundy & 159917969. Comtesse Beatrix of Lorraine

~1057, Stephen born in Burgundy, s/o 756441248. William I of Burgundy & 756441249. Etiennette of Vienne.

By 1070, Beatrix born in France, d/o §§Gerard IV Duke of Upper Lotharingia & Duchess Hadwige ?.

4/10/1070, Beatrix’s father died.

1087, Stephen, seigneur de Varasque, succeeded as Comte de Macon. (S) FMG.

~1093, Stephen married Beatrix of Lorraine.

1097, Rainald, leaving on crusade, appointed his younger brother Stephen as regent. (S) FMG.

6/1101, Stephen left on the minor crusade as the commander of the forces of 319838530. Count Stephen-Henri of Blois.

5/27/1102, Stephen died [beheaded after being captured] on crusade at Ascalon.

1116-17, Beatrix died.

Child of Stephen and Beatrix:

i. Guillaume de Macon (79958984), born ~1095 in France.

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