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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Count Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona & Countess Petronilla of Aragon

 189110288. Count Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona & 189110289. Countess Petronilla of Aragon

~1115, Ramon born in Barcelona, Spain, s/o §§Ramon Berenguer III & Dolça de Gévaudaun.

~1127, Ramon’s mother died.

8/19/1131, Ramon succeeded his father.

1136, Petronilla [Peyronella in Aragonese, Peronela in Catalan] born in Aragon, d/o 378220578. Ramiro II of Aragon & 378220579. Agnes of Acquitaine.

[––Ramon & Petronilla––]

8/11/1137, Ramon pledged to the infant Petronilla, age 1 year.

11/13/1137, Petronilla’s father abdicated in favor of his son-in-law Ramon. Ramon became the Prince of the Aragonese people.

3/1138, An agreement to a dispute between Ramon and Ponc Hug I, count of Empuries. (S) Making Agreements in Medieval Catalonia, Kosto, 2001, P244.

1138, Ramon Berenguer IV (as regent for Petronila) ordered penalties levied on non-resident landlords in Zaragoza whose houses were not inhabited. (S) Victors and the Vanquished, Catlos, 2004, P110.

9/16/1140, A deed of Ramon Berenguer, prince of Aragon: The Patriarch and Chapter in Jerusalem ceded their claims on the kingdom [as given by Ramiro II’s brother Alfonso the battler], and received in return from Ramon territory and vassals to found a church in Calatayud, next to the Mozarabic quarter. (S) The Way of Saint James, V3, 1920, P315.

1139-41, Count Rodrigo Gonzalez, returning from Jerusalem, visited Count Ramon of Barcelona. (S) The World of El Cid, Barton, 2000, P184.

1142, Count Ramon spent 15 days in Lombers in the south of France.

10/1142, Count Ramon ended an attempt to conquer Pamplona.

11/1142, Count Ramon in the extreme south at Daroca.

7/1143, Ramon marched into the north of Midi, where his vassal Count William of Montpellier was attempting to subdue a revolt.

4/1144, Count Ramon recaptured Tarazona and Sos, which had been overrun by Garcia Ramirez.

1144, Ramon became the regent of Provence [until 1157] during the minority of Ramon Berenger II.

1145, Count Ramon granted the right to operate an urban mill to a group for two-thirds of the ‘multura’. (S) Barcelona and Its Rulers, Bensch, 2002, P71.

1146, The Almohads invaded the peninsula. [Count Ramon would be involved in battles with the Moors for the rest of his life.]

2/1147, Count Ramon conquered most of Provence.

10/17/1147, Ramon with Alfonso VII of Castile in conquered Almeria.

6/29/1148, Count Ramon and the count of Urgell began the siege of Tortosa.

1148, Count Ramon and the count of Urgell conquered the castle of Asco to impede help to Tortosa from Segria.

12/30/1148, Ramon, with Guillaume of Montpellier and Ermengard of Narbonne, captured Tortosa.

3/1149, Ramon with an army of Catalans began the siege of Lleida. Ramon led the siege from his camp at Gardeny.

10/24/1149, Ramon captured Lleida. (S) Key Figures in Medieval Europe, Emmerson, 2006, P553.

[––Ramon & Petronilla––]

1150, Ramon married Petronilla.

1/1151, Alfonso VII and Ramon Berenguer IV by the Treaty of Tudejen partioned the conquering of the kingdom of Navarre. (S) Spain, 1157-1300, Linehan, 2011.

1151, Ramon founded the monastery of Poblet.

4/4/1152, Queen Petronilla issued a document at Barcelona giving 2000 morabentinos to the churches for the care of her soul; and specified that the kingdom of Aragon was to be given to her son if the unborn child was a male. [Petronilla very ill, noting ‘she is lavoring in birth’.] (S) Queens, Regents and Potentates, Vann, 1995, P54.

9/3/1152, Ramon Berenguer IV conceded, for 200 morabatins, ‘locum qui appelatur Cambrils in territorio Tarrachonae’ to Ponc de Regomir and his heirs. (S) Medieval Mediterraean Ports, Busch, 2001, P106.

4/1154, at Canfranc, in old Aragon on the border of Bearn, Ramon became the regent for Gaston V of Bearn, whose mother had recently died.

1153, Ramon sought and obtained an alliance with King Henry II of England. (S) History of Spain, V1, Burke, 1900, P216.

1153, Ramon captured Castillo de la Zuda near Tortosa. (S) Spain 2007, Harmsen, 2006, P455.

11/15/1153, Ramon purchased a third of Tortosa from Genoa for 16,640 gold coins.

1154, Ramon worked with Pope Anastasius IV in placing prelates to the benefit of Barcelona at the expense of Navarra and Leon.

2/5/1155, Ramon Berenguer IV a charter of settlement to all men ‘venerint ad populandum et habitandum in Cambrils’. (S) Medieval Mediterraean Ports, Busch, 2001, P107.

1156, Ramon declared himself ‘homo, miles, et servus’ of Pope Adrian. Pope Adrian declared Ramon ‘Sacrosancta romana’; able to only be excommunicated by a legate or the Roman pontif.

8/16/1157, Petronilla’s father died.

8/21/1157, Alfonso VII, Emperor of all of Spain, died; leaving Ramon as the most important of the Iberian kings.

2/1158, Sancho III renewed the treaty of Tudellen with Count Ramon. (S) History of Medieval Spain, O’Callaghan, 1975, P235.

6/24/1158, Pope Adrian, ignoring the existance of Ramiro II, bequeathed all the lands of Ramior’s brother Alfonso [who had left them to military orders] to Count Ramon.

12/13/1158, Raimundus, count of Barcelona and prince of Aragon, marquis of Tortosa and Llerde, concedes to Ramon Turredell and his wife, a quarter of a mill that the count had in the area of Villa Terrasa. (S) Shaltiel Manuscripts, Shaltiel-Gracian, 2004, P14.

5/31/1159, Pope Adrian wrote Ramon urging him to greater deeds.

~1159, Petronilla’s mother died at the abbey of Fontevraud.

1160, Ramon gave permission for a new public bath outside the city wall of Barcelona. (S) Barcelona, Eames, 1990, P28.

10/10/1160, Berenguer Mir and Pere Tosa paid 26 muigs of grain so that if Count Ramon or his men came to Llagostera they would only have to account for wine expenses. (S) Fiscal Accounts of Catalonia, Bisson, 1984, P58.

1161-62, Ramon willing to recognize the antipope Victor IV in Provene to hold that county. (S) Crusade, Heresy and Inquisition, Smith, 2010, P38.

8/6/1162, Ramon died in Italy while conferring with Frederick Barbarossa over claims to Provence [by his will putting his son Ramon Berenguer [future Alfonso II] under the guardianship of King Henry II of England.]


6/18/1164, Petronilla renounced her titles in favor of her son Alfonso, age 10.

1173, Petronilla died. (S) History of Spain, V1, Burke, 1900, P216.

(S) Adrain IV The English Pope, Bolton, 2003. (S) Kingdom of Leon-Castilla, Reilly, 1998.

Family notes:

Child of Ramon and Petronilla:

i. Alfonso II of Aragon (94555144) born 3/1157 in Huesca, Spain.

ii. Dulce of Aragon, born ? in Spain.

Dulce married Sancho I of Portugal, s/o 94555154. King Alfonso Henriques I of Portugal & 94555155. Queen Mafalda of Savoy.

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