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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Count Robert de Beleme & Countess Agnes of Ponthieu

756472972. Count Robert de Beleme & 756472973. Countess Agnes of Ponthieu

~1051, Robert born in France, s/o 639664140. Roger de Montgomery & 639664141. Mabel Talvas de Alencon.

1059 at Cleville, Roger de Montgomery [to establish a memory for the local inhabitants] threw his son Robert of Belleme, ‘clad in a fur coat of gris’, into the water at the point to which the lordship of the abbot of Troarn extended. (S) Medieval Village, Coulton, 1989, P73.

1060, ‘Rogerus de Monte Gomeri … Robertus filius Rogeri de Monte Gomeri’ witnessed the charter by which Guillaume II, Duke of Normandy, granted Brenerias to the abbey of Bayeux.

8/4/1060, Philip I succeeded as King of France.

By 1062, ‘Rogerii, Mabiliæ … Rogeri pueri filii Rogerii, Roberti fratris eius’ witnessed a charter for Saint Martin de Sées.

By 1062,Robert’s elder brother Roger died.

By 1062, Robert, without his brother, witnessed a charter for Saint Aubin of Angers.

10/14/1066 at the Battle of Hastings, Robert’s father Roger in command on the right.

10/25/1066, William I crowned King of England.

~1072, Agnes born in Ponthieu, d/o §§Comte Guy de Montreuil of Ponthieu & Ctss Adila ?.

By 1079, ‘Rogerius comes … et sua uxor Mabilia atque suus filius Rotbertus’ donated property to Notre-Dame de Bellême. (S) FMG.

1079-80, Robert’s mother killed at Bures-sur-Dives; Robert inheriting her property as Robert of Belleme.

1079-80, ‘Roger ex Northmannis Northmannus son of Roger’ donated property to St Martin, Troarn for the soul of his wife Mabel lately deceased; subscribed by ‘Rogerii comitis, Rotberti filii eius, Hugonis, Rogerii, Philippi, Arnulfis [filiorum eius]’.

1086, Robert of Belleme persuaded Picot of Sai and Drogo of Commeaux to make a friendly compromise over a disputed dowry, the concord was ratified in his court at Belleme, in the presence of more than 40 knights. (S) World of Oderic Vitalis, Chibnall, 1996, P119.

[–––Robert & Agnes–––]

Bef. 9/9/1087, Robert married Agnes.

9/9/1087, William the Conqueror died; his 2nd son William succeeding to England, the eldest son Robert succeeding to Normandy.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England.

4/1088, King William Rufus sent Eustace III, count of Bologne; and brothers Robert of Belleme (756472972), Hugh of Montgomery [eldest], and Roger of Poitou (319832070) with a force of knights and Flemings as an advanced party into southeast England, suppressing a rebellion of barons expecting the invasion of his brother Duke Robert. [Robert did not invade.] (S) William Rufus, Barlow, 1983, P75.

1088, Robert and the others of his group decided to support Duke Robert as King and took Rochester castel.

6/1088, Robert and the others surrendered the castle.

7/1088, Robert returned to Normandy with Henry, the brother of King William. On landing, they were captured and imprisoned by Duke Robert, who had been convinced by Bishop Odo of Bayeux that they had plotted against him with King William. [Robert released both soon after.]

5/1089, Robert was released by the siege of his father of the castle at Saint-Ceneri, who then negotiated for Robert’s release.

1089, ‘Edgarus Adelinus et Robertus Belesmensis atque Guillelmus de Archis monachus Molismensis’ the advisers of Robert, Duke of Normandy.

1089, Robert returned with his father to England.

1090, ‘Rodbertus Belesmensis’ built ‘Furcas ... castellum et ... Castellum Gunterii ... super Olnam fluvium ad Curbam’ and attacked all his neighbours.

1090, Roger Montgomery supported his brother Robert of Belleme against an attack by Hugh de Grantmesnil.

11/1090, Robert aided Duke Robert in suppressing a rebellion in the city of Rouen. Robert and other supporters were allowed to take hostages to ransom. [Future King Henry, younger brother of Duke Robert, also participated.]

1/1091, William de Warenne in the service of Hugh de Grantmesnil fought the forces of Robert de Belleme and Duke Robert Curthose, older brother of future King Henry I, at Courcy, France.

4/1091, Duke Robert of Normandy and King William of England by force disinherited their brother Henry from possible succession to their titles. [He would eventually take the titles of both].

1091, Robert attacked his enemies, the Giroie-Grandmesnil family.

By 1091-92, Robert built a new castle at Fourches, close to the center of power of the Giroie-Grandmesnil family. Robert unsuccessfully laid siege to Robert Giroie’s castle of Saint-Ceneri.

1091-92, Robert’s castle of Domfront was occupied by Henry, brother of King William. [This did not involve a conflict between Robert and Henry.]

1092, Robert joined with Duke Robert [Henry’s brother] in building a new castle at Chateau Gontier to protect his lands from Henry’s incursions.

1092, Robert made a donation the family foundation of Saint-Leonard of Belleme to Marmoutier; associating his brothers with the gift. (S) England and Normandy, Bates, 1994, P170.

1092, Elias of Maine in conflict with Robert of Belleme. (S) Henry I and the Anglo-Norman World, Fleming, 2007, P73.

7/27/1094, Robert’s father died; Robert succeeded in Normandy, and his older brother Hugh succeeding in England.

1095, Three of Robert’s brothers in England complicit in the rebellion of Roger de Mowbray; and then forced into exile.

1095, Robert de Belesme one of the commanders in the siege of Ascelin Gouel in his fortress at Breherval, in support of William of Bretevil. (S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P325.

1096, Count Elias le Flech (378220546) of Maine captured in battle by Robert of Belleme and imprisoned at Rouen. Elias arranged for his release by surrendering his county to William II of England.

1097, Robert de Belleme, in support of King William II, built the castle at Gisors. (S) London Encyclopedia, Curtis, P718.

1097-98, Duke Robert subsidized the military expenses of Robert of Belleme. (S) Place of War, Prestwich, 2004, P116.

7/31/1098, Robert succeeded his brother Hugh as earl of Shrewsbury, paying a fine of £3000. His acquisitions included Arundel with its harbor. Robert still held the Montgomery-Beleme lands in Normandy.

1098-99, Robert made peace with the Welsh leaders across his border [and later would elicit their help against King Henry.]

8/2/1099, King William of England killed in a hunting incident.

1100, The foundation of the priory of St-Pierre d´Abbeville by ‘Guy comte de Ponthieu et Adèle sa femme’, sealed by ‘Guy comte, de Agnèz sa fille, de Mahaut sa fille.’

8/5/1100, At his coronation King Henry I announced the “Charter of Liberties”.  A quickly prepared coronation, 3 leading barons were absent: William, count of Mortain; Robert of Beleme; and William Warren; who together controlled large parts of England. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007, P139.

10/13/1100, Agnes’ father died and Robert added the title of Count of Ponthieu in right of his wife. This also gave him control of the Somme estuary on the coast.

11/1100, William de Warrene, earl of Surrey; Robert de Belleme, count of Ponthieu; and William, count of Mortain, assembled in England in support of Duke Robert’s invasion of England. They were also allied with Henry, count of Eu; and Eustace, count of Boulogne.

11/13/1100, Agnes’ father died.

1101, ‘Wido … Pontivi regionis comes’ issued a charter to the church of Montreuil witnessed by ‘Agnetis mee filie.’

7/20/1101, Robert supported Duke Robert Curthose on his invasion of England, claiming his right to the throne over his brother Henry. [No battle took place.]

8/1101, King Henry and Duke Robert signed the treaty of Alton. King Henry got England, but gave up claim to all lands in Normandy.

11/5/1101, Robert, count of Ponthieu, issued a charter to Troan abbey. (S) Families, Friends, and Allies: Tanner, 2004, P146.

1102, Agnes recommended a cleric for preferment. (S) England and Normandy, Bates, 1994, P171.

1102, Robert, summoned to the king to answer 45 offenses, which included the construction of Bridgenorth castel, put his castles on defense. Robert got support of his Welsh vassals by promising them freedom. [Over the next 5 months King Henry captured Robert’s castles, along with those of his brothers.] (S) The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Garmonsway, 1990, P237.

1102, Robert, besieged at Shrewsbury by the king, capitulated and was allowed to leave England, perpetually banished with loss of all English possessions.

1103, Robert de Belleme demanded homage and fealty of Ralph d’Escures, abbot of Seez, which was refused on the grounds of papal prohibition. (S) Anselm of Bec and Robert of Meulan, Vaughn, 1987, P109.

1103, King Henry pushed his brother Duke Robert to attack Robert, as they had made a mutual pact. Robert de Beleme captured William of Conversao, Duke Robert’s brother-in-law in one of the engagements and held for ransom.

1103-04, Robert imprisoned Agnes in his castle, but she escaped and sought refuge with the Countess Adela of Blois.

1104-05, Agnes in Ponthieu.

~1105, Agnes died, leaving Robert as the Count of Ponthieu.


1105-06, Robert de Belleme and Count William of Mortain allied themselves with Duke Robert Curthose. (S) Law and Government, Garnett, 1994, P166.

1/1106, Robert de Beleme accompanied Duke Robert on his visit to King Henry in England.

3/1106, Robert de Belleme and his son William issued a charter to the monks of Mormoutiers. (S) Families, Friends, and Allies:, Tanner, 2004, P146.

9/1106, William, count of Mortain, appealed to Robert while he was under siege by King Henry at Tinchebray. Robert and Duke Robert arrived. Duke Robert ordered King Henry to end the siege as William was his vassal in legitimate possession of the castle.

9/28/1106, Robert commanded the reserves of Duke Robert at the battle of Tinchebray. King Henry captured his brother Robert, Duke of Normandy. Robert, perceving the loss, left the field of battle.

10/15/1106, King Henry, now Duke of Normandy, held a council of magnates at Lisieux. Robert refused to attend, but soon after gave his homage to King Henry.

11/1106, Robert witnessed a charter of King Henry.

8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France.

7/1110, The death of Count Helias of Maine led to rebellion in souther Normandy against King Henry by multiple barons including Robert de Belleme. (S) Power and Border Lordship, Thompson, 2002, P61.

1111-13, War began between Theobald of Blois and King Louis VI. Robert fought mostly in southern Normandy, defending his own lands. [Which put Robert in conflict with King Henry of England, duke of Normandy.]

11/4/1112, Robert at the Norman court of King Henry, as a representative of King King Louis of France, was arrested and imprisoned at Keresburch in Normandy. [Robert was charged with multiple misdeeds.]

7/1113, Robert moved to imprisonment at Wareham castle, Dorset in England.

By 6/1119, Robert [likely] died in prison [King Henry promised Fulk of Anjou that he would restore the lands of Robert’s son William in Normandy.]

(S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Boulogne and Politics, Tanner, 2004.

Child of Robert and Agnes:

i. William III Talvas (378236486), born aft. 1092 in France.

ii. Clemence de Ponthieu (311835901), born ~1095 in France.

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