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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Count Thibaut II of Champagne & Countess Matilda of Carinthia

 378220994. Count Thibaut II of Champagne & 378220995. Countess Matilda of Carinthia

1090, Thibaut born in Blois, France, s/o 319838530. Stephen of Blois & 756441989. Adela of Normandy.

~1105, Matilda von Sponheim, born in Carinthia [in Austria], d/o §§Duke Engelbert of Carinthia & Duchess Uta of Passau [Germany].

8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

1100-01, Charte de Comte Hugues: “… These witnesses are: … Adela, countess and daughter of the king of the English, and her 3 sons, William, Thibaut, and Stephen …”

5/19/1102, On the death of his father, Thibaut succeeded as Count of Champagne.

1106, Thibaut’s younger brother Stephen sent to be educated at the English court of his uncle King Henry I. [Thibaut was apparently raised by his uncle Hugh of Troyes.]

1107, Thibaut became of age and participated in the governance of Blois.

1108, Hugh le Puiset attacked Adela’s lands. Adela and her son Theobald traveled to Paris to seek support of King Philip. [Hugh was defeated by their joint forces.]

8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France.

1109, Countess Adela resigned her regency in favor of her son Theobald.

1109, King Louis VI supported by Theobald of Blois and the Count of Anjou in a border conflict with King Henry of England, Duke of Normandy. (S) Oxford Encyclopedia of Medieval Warfare, V1, 2010, P525.

Bef. 9/14/1110, By charter, Adela of Blois had relinquished certain rights over to the abbey of Bonneval. [Adela’s sons Theobald and Stephen both consented to the grant.] (S) Social Origins of Medieval Institutions, O’Callaghan, 1998, P275.

1111 at Etampes, Count Theobald witnessed King Louis’ charter in favor of the monks of Staint-Jean-en-Vallee.

3/12/1111, Thibaut of Blois headed a delegation to a royal council at Melun to ask King Louis VI to suppress the attacks by Hugh le Puiset, referred to as “a mad dog”. [King Louis launched a campaign against Hugh.]

1111, Count Theobald in an open alliance with his maternal uncle King Henry of England. [Theobald was conflict with King Louis over the unauthorized construction of his castel at Allaines.]

1112, Exercising his power, King Louis VI forbid Theobald, Count of Blois to build new castles without his consent.

1112, Theobald of Blois and Hugh le Puiset, recently released by King Louis from prison, joined in opposition to King Louis.

1112, King Louis defeated in battle near le Puiset [50 miles south of Paris] by Theobald of Blois and Hugh le Puiset.

1113, Thobald and Rotrou the Great fought together at Belleme.

2/2/1113, Theobald and his brother Stephen with King Henry I on his visit to the abbey of Saint-Evroul.

3/1113, King Louis had to yield Maine and Brittany by treaty [near Gisors] to England after Theobald of Blois and a coalition of barons supported King Henry [who were the three signatories.]

1114, Theobald and his brother Stephen visited Crowland abbey in England to meet with their former tutor Geoffrey of Orleans, now the abbot.

1114, International fairs were held at Bar-sur-Aibe and at Troyes in Champagne.

1114, Multiple ‘optimates’ gave Theobald council.

1115, Thibaut, count of Blois and Chartres, founded 2 priories. (S) Mores Catholici, Digby, 1840, P9. [One priory was the 3rd daughter house at Clairvaulx of Cisteaux.]

5/1115, King Henry went to Normandy where he captured several castles, and aided his nephew Theobald of Blois against the King of France.

1116, Theobald captured William II, count of Nevers, brother-in-law to William, count of Evreux.

4/2/1116, King Henry of England crossed to Normandy to support Theobald who was under pressure from King Louis VI to release William, count of Evreux. (S) Robert Curthose, Aird, 2011, P256.

1117, King Henry sought alliances with Theobald of Blois, and the count of the Bretons, against an alliance of Count Baldwin VII, King Louis VI, and Fulk of Anjou.

1118, Preuilly, in the diocese of Sens, founded by Adela of Normandy and her son Theobald. (S) Cistercians in the Middle Ages, Burton, 2011, P25.

1118, Theobald held court at Chartres where he made a grant to the abbey of Bonneval.

1118, King Louis defeated Theobald and Hugh le Puiset at the battle of Janville. Theobald was wounded and retreated. Hugh’s castle of le Puiset was destroyed and its wells filled. [Hugh went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land where he died.]

1118, At the battle of Alencon, Theobald was wounded in the forehead by an arrow, and Fulk V of Anjou took the town. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P142.

11/1118, At the battle of L’Aigle, Normandy, Theobald captured by the garrison. King Henry and Count Stephen brought a force of knights and rescued Theobald.

1119, “I Adela, countess of Blois, and Thibaut, my son, …, that we have granted our fair of Sezanne, which is on the feast of St. Nicholas, completely to clothing the poor monks of Christ of the church of St. Mary of Molesme …”

6/1119, King Henry, with Stephen of Blois, attacked Amaury de Montfort at Evreux. They burnt the city, but Amaury was able to hold out in the citadel. Amaury kept possession the castle of Evreux, a truce having been negotiated by Theobald. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P153.

1119, Theobald released William II, count of Nevers after holding him prisoner for 4 years. (S) Life of Blessed Bernard of Tiron, Grossus, 2009, P77.

12/25/1120, King Henry was at Brampton near Huntingdon for Christmas. Theobald, count of Blois, was with him. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P514.

1/1121, Counts Theobald and Stephen at King Henry’s Epiphany court at Brampton, to which all the bishops of England were summoned. (S) Chronicle of John of Worcester, 1998, P149.

1/29/1121 at Windsor castle, King Henry married Adeliza de Louvain. Counts Theobald and Stephen were present.

1121-2, Thobald founded a family foundation at l’Aumone (Loir-et-Cher).

[–––Thibaut & Matilda–––]

1123, Thibaut married to Matilda.

1124, Hugh, Thibaut’s uncle, count of Bar-sur-Aube [Troyes], disinherited his son Eudes, gave his titles and lands to Thibaut, and joined the Templar knights [at the time consisting of about a dozen knights.]

1125, Thibaut’s mother retired to the convent of Marcigney, leaving Thibaut to administer the family estates.

1125, Thibaut received 3 counties in Champagne from his uncle Count Hugues. These strategic lands on either side of King Louis VI posed a threat to the Capetians.

1126, Theobald’s and Stephen’s brother Henry appointed abbot of Glastonbury [the richest monastery in England] by King Henry. [The brothers the nephews of King Henry.]

1126, Countess Matilda began to accompany Thibaut on his travels.

1127, Bernard de Clairvaux urged Thibaut to do homage to the bishop of Langres for Bar-sur-Aube. (S) Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Williams, 1935, P191.

3/28/1128, Thibaut present with Bernard de Clairvaux when Anolz [aunt of Bernard] too the veil.

1128, Thibaud, son of Adela, at her urging, remitted the St. Martin prebends into the hands of the successor of Ivo of Chartres. (S) Proceedings of the Battle Conference, 1991, P144.

1129, Henry, abbot of Glastonbury, and brother of Theobald and Stephen, created Bishop of Winchester [and still holding the abbey of Glastonbury – making him one of the richest men in England.]

1129-30, In England, Merchants from Provins, of Count Theobald, had their tolls remitted.

1130, Fairs in Champagne became international.

1130, Adela, countess of Blois, wrote a letter to her son Theobald, count of Blois. (S) Letters of Medieval Women, Sutton, 2002, P-IV.

9/1134, A fire ravaged Thibault’s town of Chartres, damaging the hospital and church.

11/1135, Thibaut appointed guardian of Prince Louis VII when King Louis was suffering a long illness.

12/1/1135, Thibault’s uncle, King Henry I of England died; Thibault was proposed by some as the new king.

12/21/1135 at Lisieux, Theobald met with Robert, earl of Gloucester [s/o King Henry] and other Norman barons to discuss succession in England. [In the mean time Theobald’s younger brother Stephen had already raced to England to claim the crown.]

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

12/22/1135, Theobald received a messenger that said his brother Stephen had been selected King. [The actual crowning in London took place on this date; younger brother Henry being a major player in arranging the coronation. King Stephen and Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I, would be at war in England for many years because Stephen usurped her throne.]

1136, Brothers Walern, count of Meulan, and Robert, earl of Leicester, hired Theobald, count of Blois for 100 marks. (S) Place of War in English History, Prestwich, 2004, P64.

6/1136, Theobald, count of Blois, began to prosecute the war against Roger de Tosny. (S) Reign of King Stephen, Longman, 2000, P61.

6/1137, Thibaut one of the nobles who escorted Eleanor of Aquitaine to her wedding in Bordeaux to King Louis VII.

1137, Thibaut met with his brother King Stephen of England in Evreux. King Stephen offered Theobald an annual pension of 2000 silver marks and agreed to fight against the Angevins. (S) Boulogne and Politica in Northern France, Tanner, 2004, P207.

1137, Thibaut’s charter for Provins established the model for protection and regulation of foreign merchants.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France. [Through building and conflict, Thibaut expanded his lands such that they encircled the royal domain of France.]

1138, Thibaut refused to accompany King Louis VII against a revolt in Poitiers [Poitiers property of the Queen, not the King.]

4/1140, The joint forces of Thibaut and King Louis VII suppressed a revolt at Rheims.

6/1140, King Stephen gave his brother Theobald the town of Maldon, Essex.

9/1140, Theobald visited by his brother Henry of Winchester, now a papal legate, to discuss peace in England.

1141, Theobald did not oppose Geoffrey of Anjou’s claim to Normandy in return for a promise that the city of Tours would be restored to his family. [Geoffrey would finally conquer Normandy in 1144 with the capture of Rouen.]

By 7/1141, Theobald was in forfeit of all of his English lands. (S) Conquered England, Garnett, 2007, P246.

1142, Thibault’s sister Eleanor put away by her husband Count Raoul of Vermandois so that he could marry the sister of the Queen of France. (S) She-Wolves, Castor, 2011, P141.

1142, King Louis excommunicated by Pope Innocent II for approving the marriage of Count Raoul of Vermandois.

1142, King Louis VII in a war with Thibaut, who had the legal and moral high ground over the divorce.

1/1143, King Louis led the assault on the Champagne town of Vitre-sur-Marne, where more than a thousand people died in the fires. Louis was invading in support of Count Ralph of Vermandois, seneschal of France.

1143, Thibaut did homage to the duke of Burgundy, recognizing the county of Troyes in fief from the duke.

1143, Abbot Bernard of Clairvaux mediated an agreement between King Louis and Count Thibaut II of Champagne. [Bernard, one of the most well known spiritual leaders of the time, had been highly critical of Louis’ campaign.]

4/1145, Through the intervention of Queen Eleanor, Thibaut and Louis VII made peace.

1146, “I, Thibaut, count of Blois, make known … that Josbert of La Ferte-sur-Aube, about to go to Jerusalem, has given … I and my son Henry have approve this donation, since the property is in fief from me, …” (S) Fuedal Society, Evergates, 1993, P109.

1147, “I, Thibaut, Count of Blois … do wish that the tavern keepers of Chartres who were accustomed once a year at a certain time to dine together, … ask them to denounce it … and yearly give 30 sous to assist the brothers of the Leprosarium of Grand-Beaulieu … they hold their offices from me … let not any dispurt rise up over this thing …” (S) Bread, Wine, and Money:, Williams, 1993, P78.

1148-9, Count Thibaut received a letter from King Louis VII extolling the virtures of his son Henry and of his loyal service on the King’s crusade.

1150-1, Theobald knighted Empress Matilda’s 2nd son Geoffrey.

1/8/1152, Thibaut IV, count of Blois, died. (S) Priory of Hexham, Raine, 1863, P165.


12/13/1160, Matilda died.

(S) Medieval France: An Encyclopedia, Kibler, 1995. (S) The Aristocracy of the County of Champagne, Evergates, 2007. (S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P136. (S) King Stephen, King, 2011. (S) Power and Border Lordship, Thompson, 2002.

Children of Thibaut and Matilda:

i. Henry of Champagne (94555184), born 1126 in Blois.

ii. Marie of Blois (756501361), born 1128 in Blois. [1st of 6 daughters.]

iii. Thibaut V of Blois, born ? in Blois.

1152, Thibaut attempted [unsuccessfully] to capture divorced Eleanor of Aquitaince, who had just left her husband King Louis VII in Paris.

1154, Thibaut de Blois appointed seneschal of the royal household of King Louis of France.

1159, Thibaut assigned by King Henry II to defend Normandy as he marched south into Toulouse.

12/31/1164, King Louis, with his steward Comte Theobald of Blois, attended the mass of Pope Alexander in the church of St. Columba at Sens.

7/22/1174, King Louis with Philip, comte of Flanders; Hugh, duke of Burgundy; Theobald, comte of Blois; and Henry, comte of Champagne, laid siege to Rouen.

9/21/1177, Near Ivri, King Henry of England and King Louis of France meet and both swear to take the cross. Present were …, Henry the young King, Theobald Comte of Blois, …. (S) CH&I.H.II., P219.

iv. Agnes of Blois (94555225), born ~1140 in Blois.

v. Adela of Champagne (189110497), born ~1142 in Blois.

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