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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Duke Alain de Cornouaille & Duchess Ermengarde d'Anjou

 639672180. Duke Alain de Cornouaille &  639672181. Duchess Ermengarde d'Anjou

1063, Alain born in Brittany, France, s/o §§Duke Hoel de Cornouaille (b.~1035, fl.1066, d.1084) & 1279344361. Duchess Hawise of Brittany (b.by1040, d.1072).

[Hawise (1279344361) d/o 2558688722. Duke Alan III of Brittany (b.997, m.1018, fl.1027, d.10/1/1040) & §§Duchess Bertha of Chartres (b.~1005); ––>§§Bertha d/o Count Odo II of Chartres (b.~985) & §§Countess Ermengarde of Auvergne.

Allan III (2558688722) s/o §§Duke Geoffrey I of Brittany (b.980, fl.992, m.by996, d.11/20/1008) & 5117377445. Duchess Hawise of Normandy (b.~973, fl.1008, d.1026).

Hawise (5117377445) d/o 3025764384. Duke Richard I of Normandy & 3025764384. Mistress Gunnora ?. (S) Henry II, Warren, 1973, P75.]

1066, Alain’s father died, his brother Hoel V succeeding [married to Hawise de Bretagne.]

1069, Ermengarde, born in Anjou, France, d/o 378220544. Count Fulk IV of Anjou & 12793443623. Countess Hildegarde de Beaugency.

1069-70, Ermegarde’s mother died. [Likely in 1069 during the birth of Ermengarde.]

1075, ‘Berta comitissa Alani Redonensis ducis uxor’ donated property to Sainte-Croix de Quimperlé, for the souls of ‘filie nostre Hadeuis comitisse Hoelis ducis Britannie conjugis et … filiorum suorum, meorum … nepotum Alani (639672180) et Mathie’.

Bef. 1084, Property to the abbey of Redon affirmed by ‘Hoel comes et Haduis comitissa, Alanus [Alain] et Mathias et Eudo filii eorum’.

4/15/1084, Alain succeeded his brother Hoel. ‘Alanus comes filius Hoeli comitis’ confirmed the rights of the abbey of Sainte-Croix de Quimperlé’. (S) Ecclesiastical History of England, Ordericus Vitalis: V2, 1884, P76.

[––Alain & Constance––]

1086-88 at Bayeux, Alain married Constance of England, d/o 378220548. William the Conqueror (b.1027, d.1087).

[––Ermengarde & Guillaume––]

1087, Duke Guillaume IX of Aquitaine (189110276) 1st married Ermengarde.

7/31/1089, Alanus dux Britannorum et Constantia uxor eius" donated property to the priory of Livré.

[––Alain––] & [––Ermengarde––]

8/13/1090, Constance died; buried at the Church of St Melans near Rhedon.

1091, Guillaume’s marriage to Ermengarde dissolved due to consanguinity. [No surviving children.]

[––Alain & Ermengarde––]

~1091, Alain married 2nd Ermengarde d’Anjou.

1092, Alano qui et Fergant, Hoeli filio, totius Britannie consule, donated property to the abbey of Redon.

1097, Alain attended the 1st crusade.

4/12/1109, Fulco Andecavorum comes nepos Goffridi Martelli … donated property to Angers with the consent of,  Ermenjarde filia sua comitissa Brittaniæ.

1112, Alanus, Hoelli filius, comes totius Britannie et princeps, donated property to the abbey of Redon with the consent of, suorum filiorum Conani et Gaufridi, necnon et uxoris suæ Hermengardis et uxoris filii sui Conani, Mahalt.

1114-16, Alain abdicated to his son and became a monk the abbey of Redon [Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, France]. Conan III ruled as regent of his father with the advice of his mother.

10/3/1119, ‘Alanus Fergent pater Conani’ died.


1128, Ermengardis mater mea et uxor mea Matildis, signed the charter under which Duke Conan III confirmed the possessions of the monks of Saint-Melaine de Rennes.

1129-36, Conanus Britannorum dux" donated property to Saint-Nicolas d´Angers, which names ‘mater mea Ermengardis comitissa’.

1135, Conan III founder of the Abbey of Buzay with Ermengarde.

6/1/1146, Ermengarde died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

“Brian fitz Count”, prominent in the records of King Stephen’s time, is the half-brother of Conan III, being an illegitimate son of Alain IV, Duke of Brittany,.

Child of Alain and Ermengarde:

i. Conan III de Bretagne (319836090), born ~1092 in Brittany, France.

ii. Hawise de Bretagne (39979729), born ~1100 in Brittany, France.

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