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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl Henry de Newburgh de Beaumont & Countess Marguerite de Perche

 486787864. Earl Henry de Newburgh de Beaumont & 486787865. Countess Marguerite de Perche

~1048, Henry born in Newburgh, Normandy, France, younger s/o 636464184. Count Roger de Beaumont & 636464185. Adeline of Meulan.


10/14/1066, Henry in the army of William the Conquerer at the Battle of Hastings.

10/25/1066, William I crowned King of England

1068, Henry made constable of Warwick castle; taken from Earl Edwin of Mercia.

1069-70, There were general uprisings in the midlands; and the Danes made raids on the east coast.

1073 at Le Mans, Normandy, Henry with his father at the court of William the Conqueror.

1073, ‘Rotgerius de Bello monte, Hainricus filius eius’ witnessed the charter under which William I, King of England, confirmed the donation of six churches on Guernsey to the abbey of Marmoutier. (S) FMG.

9/13/1077 at Caen, Normandy, Henry with his father at the Conqueror’s dedication of St-Etienne.

1078-81, Robert and his brother Henry attested royal charters to Cluny.

1079, Henry a councilor to William the Conqueror.

1079-81, Roger de Beaumont and sons Robert and Henry attested a royal confirmation for Troarn.

1/31/1080, Henry attested a royal grant at St-Georges de Boscherville.

4/12/1080, Roger de Beaumont and sons Robert and Henry present at King William’s Easter court in Normandy.

1080, Henry, Baron of the Exchequer in Normandy.

7/14/1080 at Caen, Normandy, Roger de Beaumont and sons Robert and Henry attested a royal confirmation for Lessay.

1081, Henry de Newburg one of those who effected the reconcilation between King William and his son Robert. (S) History, Gazetteer … of Warwickshire, Francis, 1850, P447.

9/5/1082, Roger de Beaumont; Robert, count of Meulan, and Henry at the Norman court of King William.

~1085, Margaret born in Perche, France, d/o §§Comte Geoffrey de Perche (fl.1080) & Ctss Beatrix de Ramerupt. (S) FMG. [For additional information on Geoffrey see (S) The Counts of the Perche, Thompson, June 1995, PhD Thesis, Hist. Dept., University of Sheffield.]

1/13/1086, ‘Rogerius et filii mei Robertus et Henricus’ donated ‘decimam tocius Brotonie’ to Saint-Wandrille. (S) FMG.

1086, Henry held no lands in England; but his brother Robert held 66 manors in Warwickshire.

1087, Henry de Beaumont in Normandy with Ivo Taillebois. (S) Battle Conference, 2003, P149.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England. William’s elder brother Robert became Duke of Normandy.

1088, Duke Robert Curthose unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow his brother King William in England.

[–––Earl Henry–––]

7/1088, Henry created 1st Earl of Warwick for his support in stopping the revolt in England. Henry received his brother Robert’s Warwickshire estates.

1088, Earl Henry twice attested charters of King William.

1088-89, ‘Rogerus de Bellomonte’ founded la Sainte-Trinité de Beaumont-le-Roger, with the consent of ‘liberis meis Roberto comite Mellentensi et Henrico comite de Warwic.’ (S) FMG.

1089-91, Robert, count of Meulan, and Henry, earl of Warwick, both witnessed a royal charter in England.

4/21/1090, King William of England declared war on his brother Duke Robert of Normandy.

1090, Henry’s father retired to life as a monk. [But came out for a short time to help Henry’s brother Robert.]

2/1091, King William invaded Normandy and captured multiple lordships from his brother Duke Robert.

11/29/1094, Robert and Henry’s father died. Robert inherited English holdings in Dorset and Gloucestershire; Henry inherited the barony of Annebecq in Southwestern Normandy of the service of 15 knights, owing 10 of the fees to Duke Robert Curthose. Henry also held Norman lands of the Bishop of Bayeux.

1099, Henry, earl of Warwick, founded the castle at Swansea in Gower. (S) Welsh Castles, Pettifer, P109.

By 1099, King William Rufus invested Henry with the lands of Turchil de Warwick, a saxon, who had a title of earl.

8/1099, After the death of King William, Earl Henry de Beaumont helped [future King] Duke Henry secure the royal castle of Winchester and the royal treasure stored there. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P43.

[–––Henry & Margaret–––]

By 1100, Henry married Margaret.

8/5/1100, Earl Henry attended the coronation of King Henry I. Henry witnessed a charter of King Henry I confirming the laws of Edward the Confessor, called the “Charter of Liberties”.

7/20/1101, Earl Henry sided with King Henry during Duke Robert’s invasion of England.

9/14/1101, The King grants to Bishop Herbert … ‘Nomina primatum et principum:’ Robert count of Ponthieu, Stephen count of Brittany, Robert count of Meulan, Eustace count of Boulogne, Henry earl of Warwick, Simon earl of Northampton, William earl of Warren, William count of Mortain, Count Rogert the Poitevin, Eudes the sewer, Hamon the sewer, William the butler, Richard de Retvers, Robert fitz Hamon, Alan fitz-Flaad, Gilbert Fitz-Richard, Robert Malet, Roger fitz-Richard.

1101-02, Henry, earl of Warwick, fought against the rebellion of Robert and Arnulf de Montgomery in Gower.

1103, Earl Henry witnessed royal charters to the abbeys of Jumieges and Bec-Hellouin.

12/1105 at Westminster, Writ of Henry I to Henry, earl of Warwick, as to the settlement of the dispute between the abbot of Abingdon and one Josceline, respecting land at Hill, Warwickshire. (S) Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon, V2, 2012, P532.

1106, After the death of Hywel ap Gorony, Henry de Beaumont, earl of Warwick given Gower in Wales. (S) The Early Castles, V1, 1991, P25.

1107, Henry began his conquest of Gower. (S) Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan, V3, P1, 1991, P25.

1108, Earl Henry witnessed the founding charter of St. Andrew’s, Northampton.

10/1100, Margaret’s father died.

1113, Earl Henry fortified the tower at Swansea. [This would prevent the fall of the tower in 1116.]

1114, Earl Henry witnessed the royal charter to Hyde abbey at Barnham, Sussex.

1115-19, “Carta domini Henrici comitis Warr’ patris Rogeri comitis … Henricus comes Warewic’ presentibus … pro slaute mea et Margarite uxoris mee … testes: Margarita uxor mea, …” (S) Cartulary of St. Mary’s, Fonge, 2004, P9.

1116, Henry under attack by the Welsh at his castle at Swansea by Prince Gruffudd ap Rhys. (S) The Early Castles, V1, 1991, P25.

6/5/1118, Robert, earl of Leicester, and brother of Henry, died.

By 1119, Henry founded the priory of the Holy Sepulchre in Warwick.

1119, Henry died; buried in the abbey of Preaux, near Pont Audemer, Normandy.


1130, Roger, earl of Warwick, accounts for £72 16s 8d and two war horses for his forestry. Roger’s mother Margaret, Countess of Warwick is named, holding land in Wiltshire. (S) FMG.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1143, ‘Robert de Novoburgo’ donated property to the abbey of Bec-Hellouin with the consent of his mother countess Margaret, his wife Godeheld and his sons Henry and Ralf.

1148, Countess Margaret, widow of Earl Henry, signs a charter to Bec-Hellouin.

1156 in Normandy, A grant by Margaret, countess of Warwick, of the manor of Llanmadog in Gower to the Order of Templars, … (S) CH&I.H.II., P21. [Attested by Rotrode, bishop of Evreux; Philip, bishop of Baieux; Henry de Novo Burgo; Robert de Novo Burgo, seneschal of Normandy – all her sons. Her eldest son Roger was already deceased.]

Margaret died.

(S) Warwick Castle and Its Earls, Warwick, 1903. (S) Numismatic Chronicle, V1, 1901, P444. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Anselm of Bec and Robert of Meulan, Vaughn, 1987.

Children of Henry and Margerite:

i. Roger de Newburgh (243393932), born 1101-02 in Normandy.

ii. Robert de Neubourg, born ? in Normandy.

1144, A charter in favor of the church at Bayeux made by ‘Robertus de Curceio et Robertus de Novo Burgo.’

1154, Robert de Novo Burgo appointed seneschal of Normandy.

By 9/12/1159, Robert died.

iii. Rotrode de Neubourg, born ? in Normandy.

1139, Rotrou, bishop of Evreux.

Rotrode, archbishop of Rouen.

11/25/1183, Rotrode died.

iv. Henry de Novoburgo, born ? in Normandy.

Henry married Marguerite de Hauteville.

By 1139, Henry succeeded his older brother Robert as lord of Gower [who had lost it in 1136].

1141, Coins were minted at Swansea with ‘Henrici de Novob.’

Roger, earl of Warwick, confirmed a donation to St Pierre, Préaux, witnessed by ‘Gundr comitissa, Henrico fratre meo’.

Aft. 1166, Henry died.

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