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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl Hugh de Audley & Countess Margaret de Clare

 60845658. Earl Hugh de Audley & 60845659. Countess Margaret de Clare

1289, Hugh born in Stratton Audley, Oxfordshire, England, 2nd s/o  60845650. Hugh de Audley & 60845651. Iseult de Mortimer.

1293, Margaret born in England, d/o 4997382. Gilbert de Clare & 4997383. Joan of Acre.

[–––Piers de Gaveston & Margaret –––]

11/1/1307 at Berkhamsted castle, In a marriage arranged by King Edward II, Margaret married 1st Piers Gaveston [supposed male partner of Edward II.] (S) Weir, P21.

12/26/1307, King Edward appointed Piers as Regent while he was on his trip to marry Isabella. [This was very unpopular.]

2/24/1308, Edward II crowned king of England. Piers and Margaret attended, with Piers carrying the royal crown.

5/18/1308, The barons led by Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, again had Piers banished from England. (6/16) Edward named him as Lord Lt. of Ireland. [Edward gifted Piers and Margaret with 1180 marks.]

6/27/1309, Piers and Margaret returned to England; his lands and titles restored soon afterwards. They were to spend most of 1309-10 at King Edward’s favorite residence – Langley.

11/1311, King Edward gave into the barons and again banished Piers; who was required to leave through Dover. Margaret was pregnant and did not accompany him, and was allowed to keep Wallingford castle.

12/1311, Queen Isabella sent John de Moigne from Westminster to pregnant Margaret “with various precious foods” as a New Year’s gift.

1/1312, King Edward II went to Wallingford castle, got Margaret and took her to Yorkshire. Margaret’s daughter Joan was born (1/12) at Scarbarough castle in Yorkshire. [(1/13) Piers, still officially exhiled, arrived soon after by way of Nottingham – likely to see Margaret and Joan.]

1/18/1312, King Edward revoked Piers’ exiled and declared him “good and loyal.” [Piers’ lands and titles restored 2 days later.]

2/20/1312, Edward, Piers & Margaret celebrated Joan’s birth at York.

2/24/1312 at York, Queen Isabella was present for the christening of Margaret’s infant daughter Joan.

3/1312, Piers excommunicated by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

4/22/1312, King Edward, Piers and Queen Isabella were together at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. [Closer to the Scottish border.]

5/4/1312 at Newcastle, Margaret and daughter Joan were captured in Lancanster’s revolt.

5/19/1312, Piers captured at Scarborough castle. [Piers’ sister was captured with him.]

6/10/1312 at Deddington priory (Oxfordshire), Amyer made no resistance when the Earl of Warwick seized Gaveston and carried him off, turning him over to 3 other earls at Warwick castle.

6/19/1312 near Warwick, Piers executed. His body was found by Dominicans who could not bury him because he had been excommunicated. Margaret [with the help of Edward II] paid for “wax cere cloths” and a coffin for Piers’ unburied body. Edward II also gave Margaret lands worth 2000 marks a year. Joan was sent to Amesbury priory. [A common place for noble girls to be raised. Edward granted the nuns 100 marks yearly for her sustenance. Many noble daughters were nuns at the priory.]

[–––Margaret –––]

9/1310, Hugh de Audley a household knight serving in Scotland with the king. (S) England and Scotland in the 14th Century, King, 2007, P19.

11/1311, Hugh a knight in Edward II’s household.

6/24/1314, Hugh de Aulele, jun., in the retinue of William de Montagy at the battle of Bonnockburn near Stirling, the largest lost of English knights on a single day. (S) History of Staffordshire, V8, 1887, P34.

8/1314, Hugh de Audeleghe, junior, given wardship and marriage of the younger daughter [Maria] of the late Edmond Comyn, with wardship of half of Edmond’s lands.

By 1315, Hugh de Audley (60845658) with Roger Damory (30422770) and William Montacute (2495306) highly influential with the king. [All 3 had fought at the Battle of Bonnackburn.] (S) Edward II, Warner, 2017.

1315, Margaret de Gavaston, countess of Cornwall, appointing John Waldeschef her attorney to receiver her pourparty of the inheritance of Gilbert de Clare, sometime earl of Gloucester and Hertford, her brother. (S) CIsPM.

6/1315, Edward wrote a note to the Chancellor requesting the completion of business by Hugh so that he could return to court.

8/8/1316, Sir Gilbert de Clare the elder, sometime earl of Gloucester and Hertford, espoused Lady Joan daughter of the late King Edward, of whom he begat Gilbert the late earl, Eleanor the wife of Hugh le Despenser the younger, Margaret late the wife of Peter de Gavaston, and Elizabeth late the wife of John de Burgo; and thus the said Eleanor, Margaret, and Elizabeth are sisters and heirs of the said earl, and the said Elizabeth is 17 and more. (S) CIsPM.

2/1317 at Clarendon, in a council meeting, Hugh with Roger Damory and William Montacute publicly  accused Thomas of Lancaster of treason.

[–––Hugh & Margaret –––]

4/28/1317 in the King’s chapel at Windsor, Berkshire; Hugh married Margaret, Countess of Cornwall with the King present.

5/22/1317, Whereas the king lately took the homage of Hugh le Despenser the younger, who married Eleanor the eldest sister and one of the heirs of Gilbert de Clare, late earl of Gloucester and Hertford, of Hugh de Augele the younger, who married Margaret, another of the sisters and co-heiresses … and of Roger Damory, who married Elizabeth, the third sister and co-heiress, … (S) CPRs.

8/1317, Hugh de Audele, junior, served with the King in Scotland [lost minor battles to the forces of James Douglas.]

11/15/1317, Margaret coheir to a third of the estates of her brother Gilbert, Earl of Gloucester. She inherited many estates including Tunbridge castle. Hugh granted the lordship of Newport and Netherwent as part of the distribution of the estates. Hugh now owned lands in England, Wales and Ireland worth £1,292 annually.

11/20/1317, “Hugh de Audley, Juniori” summoned to parliament with his father.

3/15/1318, Allot to Maragret, the wife of Hugh de Audley, her property in the inheritance of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester, killed at the battle of Bannockburn. (S) Report of the Royal Commission, Pt4, 1885, P155.

1318, Hugh le Despenser, married to the sister of Margaret, attempted to take control of Hugh’s lands in Gwynllwg. [3/1318, Edward II intervened in Audley’s favor.]

7/1318, Hugh accompanied the king to parliament.

10/1318, Hugh le Despenser, the younger, confirmed as Chancellor by parliament.

11/20/1318, Grant of fairs at Rotherfield, Sussex; Tonbridge and Yalding, Kent by King Edward II to Hugh de Audele, the younger and Margaret his wife, the king’s neice. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

3/20/1319, Writs sent to Hugh de Audele, father and son, to be at Newcastle-upon-Tyne [eventually for July 22nd] with horses and arms to proceed against the Scots. (S) History of Staffordshire, V8, 1887, P40.

1319, Hugh and Margaret petitioned parliament [unsuccessfully] for the restoration of the lands of her deceased husband Piers de Gavaston, which would make Hugh earl of Cornwall.

9/7/1319, Hugh and his son Hugh at the siege of Berwick-on-Tweed, a port in Scotland, with 74 men.

9/7/1319, King Edward at the siege of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Scotland. He had not brought siege engines and had to have them brought by ship. Learning of the invasion of York and the defeat at Myton, Edward abandoned the siege and returned to England.

1320, On the death of Matilda, widow of Earl Gilbert, Margaret’s inheritiance from her dower lands were worth £900 yearly. Margaret spent most of the year at Tonbridge, Kent with about 100 persons in their household.

5/12/1320, Hugh le Despencer the younger deceitfully obtained Newport and Netherwent from Hugh in exchange for lessor manors in England. (S) CPRs.

1320, Matilda de Burgh, wife of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester, died. Her dower lands were divided among Gilbert’s sisters: Eleanor de Clare (2954875), Margaret de Clare (60845659) and Elizabeth de Clare (2498691), each receiving lands worth about £900 yearly.

1320, Hugh de Audele, the father and son, were in the confederacy against Hugh le Despenser, father and son, with other barons and men of note. (S) The Reliquary, V6, 1865, P71.

2/1321, Hugh de Audley, junior, at Pountfreyt with Thomas, earl of Lancaster.

3/21/1321, Hugh le Despenser wrote to his allies that “Ser Hughe d’Audele” nor any of his allies had the power to hurt any of them.

4/8/1321, Edward II confiscated Hugh’s estates in the Marches.

5/1321, Hugh de Audley and Maurice de Berkeley at Newport in Wales, with 800 archers, 10,000 foot soldiers, and 500 light horse soldiers; attacked the De Spencers’ estates and captured tens-of-thousands of pounds in cash, household items, and livestock. (S) Berkeley Manuscripts, Fosbroke, 1821.

8/1321, Hugh one of the barons that forced Edward II to send the Despensers into exile.

8/20/1321, Pardon to Hugh Daudele, the son, … of any actions by reason of anything done against Hugh le Despenser, the son, and Hugh le Despenser, the father, … (S) CPRs.

1321, Hugh with others including Roger de Mortimer continued to wage war against the Despensers in south Wales.

10/1321, King Edward II took to the field with a large army to oppose the lords in revolt in the Despenser War.

12/6/1321, Writ of aid for Oliver de Ingham and Robert Lewer appointed to seize into the king’s hands all the lands and goods of Roger Dammory, Hugh Daudele, the younger, … Henry le Tyes, … John Mautravers, the younger, … and Bartholomew de Badelesmere in the counties of Oxford, Berks, Wilts and Gloucester. (S) CPRs.

1-2/1322, the Marcher lords were defeated by Edward II. The remaining lords in opposition joined the Earl of Lancaster as part of his revolt in the north.

3/16/1322, Hugh captured in the Earl of Lancaster’s revolt at the battle of Boroughbridge. Hugh was imprisoned at Berkhamsted castle. (S) Edward II, Warner, 2017, P175.]

5/16/1322, Margaret was sent to Sempringham Priory where she was not allowed outside the gates.

5/20/1322, Order to the escheator beyond Trent, … held … the manor of Litlyngton, co. Cambridge, of Roger Damory as of the right and pourparty of Elizabeth (2498691) his wife, one of the sisters and heirs of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester … Hugh Daudele the younger as of the right and pourparty of Margaret his wife, second of the sisters and heirs of the said earl … the said Roger and Hugh adhered of late to certain the king's enemies and rebels … (S) CFRs.

5/10/1324, Grant for Hugh le la Palice of the manors of Welles and Warham, co. Norfolk, late of Hugh de Audele, the younger, … (S) CPRs.

10/28/1325, The K. orders that Hugh de Audele and Richard de Lymesy, prisoners in the castle of Berkhampstede, be transferred to Windsor castle. (S) Cal. of Doc.’s Relating to Scotland, 1887, P159.

11/1325, Hugh, a prisoner, escaped when he was transferred from Berkhampstead to Nottingham castle, where he was put in custody of Richard Grey of Condor. [Hugh’s father died in prison.]

9/24/1326, Roger de Mortimer [the Queen’s lover] and Queen Isabella invaded England, landing at Ipswich, joined up with Henry, Earl of Lancaster and other opponents of the Despensers.

11/16/1326, Hugh le Despenser with King Edward and others captured in Glamorgan, Wales hiding in Neath abbey.

12/3/1326, After the execution of the Despensers and the deposition of King Edward II, Hugh summoned to parliament by writ.

1/13/1327, The lords mentioned came to the Guildhall, and in the presence of the Mayor, Aldermen and a great Commonality to the oath to safeguard Isabella, Queen of England, and Edward, eldest son of the king of England and heir-apparent, in their cause against Hugh le Despenser the younger and Master Robert de Baldock, … Earls: … Barons: Roger de Mortuo Mari, Hugh Daudele, … Henry de Percy, … William de Roos, … (S) CPR&Ms.

1/14/1327, Licence, at the request of Hugh de Audele, for Alesia [his sister] late the wife of Ralph de Greystok, tenant in chief, to marry Ralph de Nevyll. (S) CPRs.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

2/1327, Hugh pardoned by Queen Isabella acting for her son Edward III.

4/1327, Hugh de Audelegh and Margaret his wife appointed sheriff of Rutland. (S) Lists & Indexes, V9, 1898, P112.

10/1327, After the death of Edward II, Hugh petitioned for restoration of Tunbridge.

2/12/1328, To Giles de Wachesham. Order to deliver Hugh de Audeleye all the issues received by him from Hugh’s lands, which were in the king’s hands by reason of the quarrel of Thomas, late earl of Lancaster, … (S) CCRs.

2/24/1328, Ratification of the grant by Hugh de Audele to Ralph de Nevill of the wardship and marriage of William, son and heir of Ralph de Greystok, previously granted to Hugh. (S) CPRs.

2/9/1329, Hugh de Audele acknowledges that he owes to the king £10,000 … levied … co. Essex. (S) CCRs.

4/24/1329, Hugh pardoned 3000 marks of the total. (S) CCRs.

1329, Opposed to the rule of Roger de Mortimer and Queen Isabella; Hugh went into exile in France.

10/18/1330 at Nottingham castle, King Edward III captured his mother Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer [who was soon executed].

10/6/1331, General pardon … to Hugh de Audele, who came to the aid of the king and his mother to pursue the Despensers. (S) CPRs.

1331, Hugh a member of an embassy to France concluding a treaty about Guienne.

4/23/1332, Protection with clause … for Hugh de Audele going behound the seas on the king’s service. … Ralph de Stafford going with him. [14 others also named after Ralph.] (S) CPRs.

8/1332, Hugh was in violent conflict with William la Zouche of Mortimer in the marches of Wales; the king ordering them to keep the peace.

2/24/1333, Pardon, with the assent of Parliament, to Hugh de Audele of a recognisance of 12,000£ wherein he became bound by order of the council on submitting himself to the king’s will after the rebellion at Bedford. (S) CPRs.

1333, Hugh licensed to go beyond the seas on pilgrimage.

11/22/1333, Sir Hugh de Audele patron of the church of Cowden. (S) Archaeologia Cantiana, V21, 1895, P89.

1334, Hugh, having no male heirs, granted his nephew James de Audley ownership of Marcle.

1334, Hugh attended the 2nd Dunstable tournament. (S) Some Feudal Coats of Arms, Foster, 1902, P79.

10/9/1334, John de Stratford enthroned as archbishop at Christ Church, Canterbury. Hugh de Audeley acted as steward and butler for the heiresses of earl Gilbert de Clare. Also attending were John de Warrene, earl of Surrey, and Richard FitzAlan, earl of Arundel. (S) Archbishop John Stratford, Haines, 1986, P53.

3/26/1335, Ralph Basset of Drayton, Hugh de Audele, James de Audeley, Henry de Ferrars, … summoned to Newcastle-on-Tyne against the Scots.

Bef. 2/28/1336, Hugh’s daughter Margaret was abducted in co. Essex by, and married to, Ralph de Stafford. They filed a complaint, but King Edward III supported Ralph. (S) CPRs.

6/1336, Hugh appointed guardian of the coasts of Wales.

1336, Hugh was in the King’s service in Scotland.

5/4/1336, Petitioners: William la Zouche de Mortimer; Eleanor la Zouche, wife of William la Zouche de Mortimer and co-heir of Gilbert de Clare; Hugh Daudelegh (Audley); Margaret Audley, wife of Hugh Daudelegh and co-heir of Gilbert de Clare; Elizabeth de Burgh, co-heir of Gilbert de Clare. The petitioners and their wives, the three co-heirs of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford (d.1314) , request that the king order an inspection of the records regarding debts owed to Edward I by Gilbert's father, Gilbert (d.1295) . They state that these debts had been paid from the earl's goods and chattels seized into his hands by Edward I, and had been discharged by the Exchequer, but they are still being charged upon the executors of his son. (S) UKNA.

3/16/1337, Edward appeased Hugh and Margaret by creating Hugh the Earl of Gloucester with a fixed annuity of £20. [The year Margaret’s sister and co-heir Eleanor died].

7/22/1337, Writ de intendendo directed to Hugh Daudele, earl of Gloucester, and Margaret, his wife, late the wife of Peter de Gavaston, earl of Cornwall, … manor and town of Henle, co. Oxford … (S) CPRs.

11/1337, Hugh, a Captain of the Army against the Scots, participated in the siege of Dunbar.

9/2/1338, Commission of oyer and terminer to Hugh de Audeleye, earl of Gloucester, … (S) CPRs.

1339, Hugh, Marshall of the English in Flanders.

6/24/1340, Hugh among the persons “by whose valour the victory was obtained” as acknowldeged by the king at the battle of Sluys. In this 10-hour sea battle the English lost about 4000, and the French about 25000. (S) A history of the Royal navy, from the earliest times to the wars of the French revolution, Nicolas, 1847.

7/12/1340 at parliament, Earls Richard fitz Alan (Arundel, 2954972), William de Clinton (Huntingdon, 3803074), and Hugh de Audley (Gloucester, 60845658) presented an open letter of King Edward III requesting money to fund an impending military campaign.

5/1341, Hugh the English ambassador to the king of France.

2/13/1342, Commission of oyer and terminer to Hugh de Courteneye, earl of Devon, … on complaint of Hugh de Audele, earl of Gloucester, that, … [many persons including  knights] Baldwin Malet, knight, John Malet, knight, … took  away cattle … felled his trees … depastured his grass … assaulted his men … (S) CPRs.

4/9/1342, Margaret died in France, buried in Tonbridge Priory, England.


4/15/1342, IPM of Margaret, late the wife of Hugh de Audele, earl of Gloucester. Writ to the escheator of Devon to enquire what lands &c. the said Margaret held in dower after the death of Peter de Gavaston, late earl of Cornwall, her first husband. Devon: Bradeneysh. The manor and the borough … held by the said Margaret and Hugh, for the life of the said Margaret, of the duchy of Cornwall. … London: Parish of All Hallows the Great, 48s. quit-rent of her own inheritance, … Dorset: Fordyngton. The manor held in dower of the king’s inheritance. The king is her next heir. Rutland: Okham. The castle and manor … Essex: Neweport. The manor and town … Margaret the wife of Ralph de Stafford, daughter of the said Margaret, aged 18 years and more, is her next heir in blood. (S) CIsPM.

7/29/1342, Hugh set out for Brittany with his banneret, 20 knights, 78 esquires, and 100 archers on horse.

8/28/1343, Commission of oyer and terminer to Hugh de Audele, earl of Gloucester, … (S) CPRs.

3/1/1344, Hugh de Audele earl of Gloucester and Ralph baron of Stafford acknowledge that they owe to Adam de Veryngham of Rockele £500. (S) CCRs.

11/16/1345, Order to pay Hugh de Audele, earl of Gloucester, £10 … (S) CCRs.

7/12/1346, King Edward landed an invasion force of 10000 in Normandy, which marched north plundering the countryside. King Philip VI, with 8000 horsemen and 4000 Genoese crossbowmen pursued.

9/4/1346, King Edward started the siege of Calais, France [which fell 8/4/1347.]

11/10/1347, Hugh, Earl of Gloucester, died in France, buried with Margaret.

11/11/1347, IPM of Hugh de Audele, late earl of Gloucester. Writ, Whereas, on the death of the said earl, divers lands, &c. which he held, as well by the courtesy of England as otherwise, ought to belong to Ralph de Stafford and Margaret his wife, daughter of the said earl … Northampton: … Margaret, wife of Ralph baron of Stafford, aged 30 years, is his heir. … Wilts: … He died on 10 November, 21 Edward III. … [Many counties and properties] … (S) CIsPM.

(S) Archaeologia Cantiana, Kent Archaeological Society, 1886. (S) Weir, 2005. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P763. (S) Edward II, Warner, 2017.

Child of Hugh and Margaret:

i. Margaret de Audley (30422829), born ~1320 in England.

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