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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Earl Ranulph de Meschines & Countess Lucia Taillebois

 159916040. Earl Ranulph de Meschines & 159916041. Countess Lucia Taillebois

~1070, Ranulf de Brisquesart de Meschines born in France, s/o 319832080. Viscount Radulfe of Bayeux & 319832081. Matilda d’Avranches.

~1070, Lucy born in Normandy, France.


Lucy 1st married to Roger de Romara [or possibly Ivo de Taillebois, then Roger.]

Lucy 2nd married to Ranulph de Brichsard, baron of St. Sever, Normandy.

9/26/1087, After the death of William the Conqueror, William Rufus crowned King of England; Duke Robert Curthose given Normandy.

4/24/1089, ‘Rannulfus filius Rannulfi vicecomitis’ in a charter of Robert Curthose, duke of Normandy, to Bayeux cathedral. (S) FMG.

Ranulph’s father died.

[––Ranulph & Lucy––]

~1095, Ranulph de Meschines married Lucy.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

1100-01, Ranulf le Meschin attested a royal charter. (S) Henry I, Hollister, 2003, P60.

9/28/1106, Randulf led the vanguard of King Henry I at the Battle of Tinchebrai; defeating Duke Robert.

1106-07, Radulph le Meschines sent with others to investigate complaints of Archbishop Gerard about attacks on the monaster of Ripon.

5/17/1110, ‘Rann. Meschin’ a part to a Convention made at Doura between King Henry and Robert, count of Flanders.

1113-16 at Reading, Notification to Robert bishop of Lincoln, … attested … Robert the king’s son, and Ranulf Meschin.

1114-4/1116, Notification to Ranulf Meschin, Wigot sheriff of Lincolnshire, … king’s grant in commendam to the bishop of Lincoln …

1116, Ranulf le Meschin the justiciar of Lincolnshire.

12/1116, Notification … that the king, … appointed to that office Robert bishop of Lincoln … being present with the magnates of the realm, namely Robert count of Meulan, Stephen count of Mortain, …, Ranulf Meschin, vicomte of Bayeux. (S) King Stephen, King, 2011, P13.

1118, The Count of Evreux died. Many barons revolted against King Henry. Richard, earl of Chester, Ranulph de Meschines, Roger de Conches, William de Warren, and Nigel and William de Albini remained loyal to the King. (S) Constitutional History of England, Stubbs, 1880, P310. [Many other Normans lost their lands and castles to the King.]

1119, Randulf supported King Henry in military service.

1119, Ranulf Meschin and his brother William Meschin attested the charter granted by Richard, earl of Chester, to the abbey of St. Werburgh at Chester. (S) Chartulary Series, V1, 1897, P470.

11/1120, When his cousin Richard d’Avranches died in the White Ship sinking, Ranulf, viscount of Bayeux, becomes earl of Chester; resigning Cumberland to the king. [Ranulf was the nephew of Hugh d’Avranches, earl of Chester.]

1120-23, Notification of the gift of Geoffrey Ridel’s daughter to Richard Basset to wife … done at the prayer of Ranulf earl of Chester, William de Roumare …, Nigel de Aubigny, and others his kinsmen, Geva his mother, Geoffrey chancellor of Earl Ranulf, … William Meschin son of Ranulf, … William de Aubigny, … William the constable of Ranulf earl of Chester, …

1121, Randulf at the king’s Epiphany council.

1122, Notification to Ranulf earl of Chester, Hugh de Leicester, and the barons of Lincolnshire ….

4/1123, Randulf, earl of Chester, sent with Robert, earl of Gloucester to secure Normandy which was threatened by Fulk of Anjou. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P182.

1123-24, Ranulf the Castellan of Evreux.

3/25/1124, In an engagement near La Bourg-Teroude, between Belmont and Wattevill, Ranulf earl of Chester and William the chamberlain of Tancarvill take prisoners Waleran count of Meulan, Hugh fitz-Gervase, and Hugh de Monfort. (S) Struggle for Mastery, Carpenter, 2003, P146.

1125, Ranulph de Meschines, earl of Chester, gave the manor of Harshill and Ansley to his kinsman Robert de Hardreshull.

9/1125, Ranulf earl of Chester a signatory of a grant to Geoffrey de Clinton, the king’s treasurer and chamberlain …

1126, Ranulf earl of Chester a witness to a royal document, and in consultations with the King. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P192.

1126-29, Writ to Ranulf earl of Chester notifying him of the grant to Robert de Glanvill of the land of Asgherbi …

1127-29, A writ to John bishop of Lisieux, Robert earl of Gloucester, Ranulf, earl of Chester, … in whose bailiwicks the canons of Bayeux have lands …

1/1129, Ranulf died; buried at the abbey of St. Werburgh, Chester; his son Ranulf his heir.


1130, ‘Lucia comitissa Cestr’ paid 500 marks to remain single for 5 years. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007, P57.

Lucia died.

(S) DNB, V16, 1909, P728. (S) English Hist. Rev., V34, 1919.

Family notes:

Lucia was the niece of Robert Malet of Eye [1071 holding 221 manors in suffolk, 32 in Yorshire, 8 in Lincolnshire, 3 in Essex, 2 in Nottinghamshire, 1 in Hampshire], and of Alan of Lincoln, and a kinswoman of Thorold (d.12/1085), sheriff of Lincoln. (S) FMG.

Children of Roger and Lucy:

i. William de Roumare, born ~? in England.

William married Hadwisia, d/o 319399468. Richard de Redvers & 319399469. Adeline Peverel.

12/18/1138, Waleran, count of Meulan, was in Rouen meeting with William de Roumare, King Stephen’s justiciar in Normandy.

Children of Ranulph and Lucy:

i. Adelize de Gernon (159916225), born ~1097 in England.

ii. Ranulph de Meschines (79958020), born 1099 in France.

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