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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Earl Reginald de Mohun & Lady Hawise Fitz Geoffrey & Countess Isabel de Ferrers & Baron William de la Rokele

 486756384. Earl Reginald de Mohun & 486756385. Lady Hawise Fitz Geoffrey & 30424583. Countess Isabel de Ferrers & 30418952. Baron William de la Rokele

~1195, William born in England, s/o §§Lord Richard de Rokele. (S) See Family notes.

1205, Reginald born in England, s/o 973512768. Reginald de Mohun & 973512769. Alicia Brewer.

1205, Hawise born in England, d/o 189118338. Earl Geoffrey Fitz Piers & 19909644. Aveline de Clare.

1213, Reginald a minor at the time of his father’s death, wardship given to Henry Fitz Count, s/o Earl of Cornwall.

Aft. 1213, Reginald 2nd placed in custody of William Briwere, his grandfather.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

By 1221, William’s father died.

1221, William de la Rokele sued Peter de la Mare over the manor of Lavington, Essex and the advowson.

 [––William & Hawise––]

~1223, William married Hawise. [William aka ‘William Doo’.]

1/4/1226, “Willelmus de Ralegh … assisam nove dissasine … Pro Reginaldo de Moyun.” (S) CPRs.

1/1227,  Reginald de Mohun was granted a royal letter suggesting to his knights and free tenants that they contribute and aid towards his knighting. (S) Origins of the English Gentry, Coss, 2005, P99.

1225, William de la Rokele and Peter partitioned Lavington, Essex.

1226-27, William died.

1/10/1277, Order to the sheriff of Essex to take into the king’s hand all lands formerly of William de Rokele, in his bailiwick and keep them safely until the king orders otherwise. (S) FRsHIII.


8/11/1227, Hawise d/o Geoffrey fitz Peter pardoned for a debt of 20s for which she was amerced.

[––Reginald & Hawise––]

1227, Reginald married Hawise.

1227, Reginald knighted.

1227, Reginaldo de Moyun attested a royal charter. (S) CPRs.

1228, Reginald’s step-father died.

10/19/1229 at Portsmouth, “Rex omnibus … protegatis et defendatis homines, terras, res, … Reginaldus de Moun …” (S) CPRs.

~1230, Isabel born in England, d/o 9994752. Earl William de Ferrers & 486752647. Sybilla Marshall.

4/20/1230, “Rex omnibus … in protectopmem et defemsionem homines, terras, … Reginaldus de Moyun.” (S) CPRs. [Letter of protection for the duration while “in partibus transmarinis.”]

1232, Reginald inherited part of the estates of his uncle William Briwere the younger.

6/12/1233, William de Percy has made fine with the king by 500 m. for having the custody of his 5 daughters, certain of the heirs of William Brewer junior , … until the lawful age of his same daughters, with their marriages. … surety … by Reginald de Mohun , …, and by Hugh Wake and Payn de Chaworth , … William, in the name of his aforesaid daugters, to have full seisin without delay of the manor of Ashley with appurtenances …. (S) FRsHIII.

1234, Reginald a King’s justice.

4/24/1235, The  fine of Aymer de Sacy for the custody of the land and heirs of Warin of Bassingbourn … Hugh de Vivonne for 50 m. Payn de Chaworth for 40 m. Hugh Paynel for 20 m. Reginald de Mohun for 20 m. Roger la Zouche for 10 m. (S) FRsHIII.

4/1/1237, Payn de Chaworth has made fine with the king by 200 m. for having custody of the land and heir of Margaret de la Ferté , … He has found Simon de Montfort as pledge for 25 m., H. de Bohun, earl of Essex and Hereford, for 25 m., … and Reginald de Mohun for 25 m. …. (S) FRsHIII.

Aft. 1238, Reginald’s mother died.

1239, Nicholas de Whichford quitclaimed his manor of Whichford to his overlord, Reginald de Mohun, for the sum of 70 marks. (S) Origins of the English Gentry, Coss, 2005, P79.

3/1/1241, Abbot Simon of Torre in an agreement with Reginald de Mohun, lord of Dunster, in which Reginald was licensed to build a chapel ‘in sua curia de Thorre’ for the use of himself and his family. (S) Ecclesiastical Antiquities, Oliver, 1840, P206.

1241, Reginald de Mohun held 3 fees in Ottery and Holditch of Geoffrey de Mandevil of the honour of Marshwood. (S) Reports – Devonshire, V2-I2, 1928, P160. [Reginald  held 2 fees in Stokes.]

1242, Reginald appointed Justice of the Forests south of the Trent.

1242, Warine de Ralegh, with consent of Margaret his wife, enfeoffed Simon, his second son, of the lands of Allingofrd to the held by him and Ela de Regni, his wife, by the yearly rent of 3s. 4d. and such services as appeared due by the grant of Reginald de Mohun.

2/9/1245, Reginald de Mohun having acquired Shapcombe, he called on William le Fleming to warrant to him the land of Sharcombe in Luppit, which he was then selling. (S) Report – Devonshire, V2-I1, 1928, P163.

1246, Hawise died.

[–––Reginald & Isabel–––]

7/14/1246, Reginald the patron at the dedication of a site for a new church; the abbey of Newenham at Axminster, Devonshire.

1246-48, Reginald married 2nd Isabel de Ferrers, widow of Gilbert Basset, d/o William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby.

1/6/1247, Reginald present at the ceremony at Newenham when a colony of monks from Beaulieu, Hampshire, took possession of their new church.

6/28/1248, Margaret late Countess of Lincoln … recovered her dower out of the lands in Ireland of W[alter] Marshall late Earl of Pembroke her husband taken out of the portions of the inheritance which accrued to William de Vescy and Agnes his wife, Reginald de Moun and Isabel his wife, …. (S) Cal. of Doc. Relating to Ireland, V1, 1875.

1249, Nicholas le Tayllur was summoned to answer Reynold de Mohun on a plea that he render him 183 marks, which he owes him and unjustly withholds. (S) Civil Pleas of the Wiltshire Eyre, 1249; Clanchy, 1971, P66.

5/26/1250, A charter records the restoration of property, granted to Margaret Countess of Lincoln, to William de Vescy and Agnes [de Ferrers] his wife, Reginald de Moun and Isabel [de Ferrers] his wife, …. (S) Cal. of Doc’s of Ireland, V1, 1875.

7/1250, Reginald at the ceremony where the foundation stone for the new church was laid.

1252, Reginald appointed Justice of the Forests south of the Trent.

10/27/1252, Grant to Reynold de Moyun of 100 marks a year for his maintenance, out of the issues of the forest. (S) CPRs.

10/28/1252, Appointment during pleasure of Reginald de Moun to the keeping of the castle of Sauveye. (S) CPRs.

2/2/1253, Exemption for life of Reginald de Mohun from being put on assizes and from being made justice or sheriff or other bailiff. (S) CPRs.

5/6/1253, Reginald granted market at the manor of Dunster, Somerset. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1254, Reginald granted a charter in Dunster for the consideration of 20 marks, and for the benefit and would of his eldest son, John, lately deceased. (S) The Archaeological Journal, V37, 1880, P88.

1254, Reginald gave 50 marks to the Prior and Covent of St. Peter at Bath to provide mass for the soul of his late son John.

9/1254, Reginald laid a corner stone and 2 other stones in a chuch building ceremony.

6/29/1255, Reginald left instruction to buried at Dunster.

1255-56, Reginald in Rome for the mass of Laetare Jerusalem, was given the rose of fine gold as the “most honorable and valiant man at court for the ceremony”. When ask his title, he replied “a plain knight bachelor.” The Pope told him the rose had never been given to less than an Earl, and conferred the title Earl of Este [Somerset], with an annual pension of 200 marks a year.

1/20/1257, Reginald, “Earl of Somerset, Lord of Dunster”, died of an extended illness; buried at Newenham on the left of the alter.


Bef. 11/16/1260, Isabel died.

(S) The Archaeological Journal, 1880, P65. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) DNB, V38, 1894, P111. (S) Cambridge Companion, Cole, 2014, P89.

Family notes:

1165, William Rochell in Essex. (S) Battle Abbey Roll, V3, 1889, P75. Wm. succeeded by Sir Richard de la Rokele [aka Rupella].

Child of William and Hawise:

i. Richard de la Rokele (15209476), born ~1225 in England.

Children of Reginald and Hawise:

i. John de Mohun  (243378192), born ~1228 in England.

ii. Alice de Mohun (243367953), born ~1230 in England.

iii. Lucy de Mohun, born ? in England.

Lucy married John de Grey, s/o 30424578. Sir Richard de Grey & 30424579. Lucy de Humez.

Child of Reginald and Isabel:

i. Isabel de Mohun (15212291), born by 1255 in England.

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