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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl William de Warenne & Countess Gundred of Flanders

 639664244. Earl William de Warenne & 639664245. Countess Gundred of Flanders

~1035, William born Normandy, France, s/o §§Raoul de Warenne & Beatrice ?.

~1047, Gundred born in Flanders.

2/1054, Duke William of Normandy [future ‘Conqueror’] had to repel the forces of King Henry I of France invading Normandy from the east, while the King’s brother Odo invaded from the west. William divided his forces and took his part against King Henry. Vassals including Robert, count of Eu; Walter Giffard, Roger de Mortimer, and William de Warren opposed the other army.

1054, Hugh de Gournay one of the leaders of the army of Duke William winning the battle of Mortemer. (S) Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, Vs3-4, 1837, P170. [Other leaders were William de Warrenne and Walter Giffard.]

1054, William acquired land in Bellencombre [which would become the family manor in Normandy.]

Aft. 1054, ‘castrum … Mortui Mari’ granted to ‘Guillelmo de Guarenna consanguineo eius’ after it was confiscated from ‘Rogerium de Mortuomari’, who had helped the escape of a French prisoner after defeating troops of Henri, King of France.

5/23/1059, Philip I crowned King of France.

3/20/1066, Haley’s comet appeard in the sky at its closest point to earth, and was interpreted as an evil omen.

10/14/1066, William at the battle of Hastings with William the Conqueror. (S) FMG.

10/25/1066, William I crowned King of England.

[––William & Gundred––]

~1066, William married Gundred.

1066, William and the King held the market at Lewes, Sussex. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1066-67. William awarded 296 lordships, in 13 counties. (S) Digest of the Domesday of Bedfordshire, Airy, 1881, P31.

1067, William de Warren and Richard fitz-Gilbert the king’s justiciars. (S) Placita Anglo-Normannica, Bigelow, 1974, P56.

1068, King William granted the Saxon village of Burnham to William de Warren.

1069, The Danes led by Swain, King of Denmark, with a large fleet made a raid into the Humber and up the Ouse, Don and Trent rivers.

1070, Conisburg castle, Yorkshire, built by William de Warren. (S) Rudimentary Architecture, Bury, 1853, P121.

1072, William began the founding of the Cluniac priory at Lewes. (S) Gentleman’s Magazine, 1900, P319.

1073, King William, going to Normandy, left Richard fitz Gilbert and William de Warren as his lieutenants in England.

1073, William, earl of Warren, appointed justiciar in Normandy. (S) The Law-Dictionary, V1, Tomlins, 1820, P-XCIV.

1074, ‘Rodulfus de Warenna eiusque conjux … Emma cum filiis suis Rodulfo … atque Willelmo’ sold land in to Sainte-Trinité de Rouen.

Aft. 1074, William’s father died.

1075, Bishop Odo of Bayeux and William de Warrene led a successful siege against the fortress of Ralph de Gael at Norwich during the revolt of the earls of Hereford and Norfolk. (S) Annals of Cambridge, V1, Cooper, 1842, P18.

1076 at Winchester, William, earl of Warren, witnessed a royal charter in favor of Battle Abbey. (S) The Academy, V15, 1879, P458.

1076-77, William de Warren and Gundred his wife made a pilgrimage to Rome. [Unable to pass the German frontier, they ended up visiting the abbey of Cluny in France.] (S) Conqueror and His Companions, V1, Planche, 1874, P142.

1077, William, earl of Warren, founded the Cluniac priory of St. Pancras at Lewes castle … (S) Monasticon Anglicanum, Caley, 1825, P2.

1080, ‘Willelmus de Warenna … Surreie comes [et] Gundrada uxor mea’ founded Lewes Priory as a cell of Cluny.’ [5 hides and a half of land in Swambergh.]

1082, ‘Willielmi de Guarenna’ witnessed the charter in which William I, King of England, granted land at Covenham to the church of St Calais.

5/27/1085, Gundred died at Castle Acre [Norfolk, possibly in childbirth]; buried in the Chapter House of Lewes priory.


William married 2nd, Marie, sister of Richard Guet.

By 1086, William I, King of England donated property in Norfolk to Lewes priory, for the souls of ‘Gulielmi de Warenna et uxoris suæ Gundfredæ filiæ meæ.’

1086, William de Warren with an income in England of £1000 yearly holding lands in 13 counties. (S) Commercialization of English Society, Britnell, 1996, P39. By 1086, [The 10 wealthiest landowners, not prelates, included Roger of Montgomery, William of Warren, and Richard of Clare.]

8/1086, The first draft of the Domesday Book was completed and contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees [the border with Scotland at the time].

1087, William gave a 2nd charter to his Cluniac priory at Lewes.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror. Duke Robert Curthose [the elder brother of the two] succeeded in Normandy.

1088, William supported King William Rufus against the rebels led by Odo Bishop of Bayeux and Robert Comte de Mortain. [Half brothers of King William.]

4/1088, William, Earl of Warren, created Earl of Surrey by King William Rufus.

6/24/1088, William died of wounds in the six-week siege of Pevensey [Sussex] against Robert Comte de Mortain; buried in Ely Chapel, East Anglia.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

Bef. 5/1055, §§‘Rodulfus Warethnae’ and his wife Beatrix sold land near Rouen to the abbey of Holy Trinity.

1059, §§‘Rodulfus de Warenna’ and his 2nd wife Emma sold to Holy Trinity 4 churches in the Pays de Caux.

Gundred a sister of Gerbod, ‘the Fleming’, earl of Chester.

10/1845, During an excavation at the old Cluniac priory of St. Pancras, the leaden coffins of William de Warren and Gundrada were dug up. [They were inscribed with their names.] (S) Archaeological Review, V2, Gomme, 1889, P44.

Children of William and Gundred:

i. Ediva de Warenne (80007785), born ~1068 in England.

ii. William de Warenne (319832122), born ~1070 in England.

iii. Reginald de Warrene (745647810), born ~1072 in England.

Reginald married §§Alice de Wirmgay, heir & d/o §§William de Wirmgay.

11/3/1090, King William began a siege of Rouen which was in revolt. Reginald with 300 knights in support attacked the west gate.

1105, Robert fitz Hamon captured in a battle in Normandy near Bayeux by Reginald de Warren. King Henry invaded Normandy and freed Robert.

1109, Reginald captured by King Henry at the abbey of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives in Normandy. [Released soon after.]

Child: Alicia de Warren (378223905) (b~1092) married §§Reynold de Dunstaville.

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