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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

King Geza II of Hungary & Queen Euphrosyne of Kiev

 189110360. King Geza II of Hungary & 189110361. Queen Euphrosyne of Kiev

[––Almos & Bela––]

~1105, Bela born in Hungary, s/o §§Duke Almos of Hungary (b.~1080).

1112-15, [Geza’s father] Bela, and Duke Almos [father of Bela], blinded on the order of Almos’ brother King Coloman of Hungary. [Almos had been trying to overthrow Coloman.] Almos and Bela were put in the monastery of Domos.

1116, Stephen II, s/o Coloman, succeeded.

1125, Almos fled the monastery to Constantinople.

9/1127, Almos died in Constantinople.

[––Bela & Geza––]

By 1129, Stephen II, having no heirs, and joyous on learning that Bela was alive, arranged for his marriage to Helena, giving them Tolna.

1130, Geza born in Tolna, Hungary, eldest s/o §§King Béla ‘the Blind’ of Hungary & Queen Helena of Rascia. [Rascia near Kosovo, Russia.]

~1130, Euphrosyne born in Kiev, d/o §§Grand Prince Mstislav Vladimirovich of Novgorod & Princess Cristina Ingesdotter of Sweden.

4/1131, Geza’s father Bela succeeded his cousin, King Stephen II.

1131, Queen Helena took Géza and his younger brother, Ladislaus, to an assembly held at Arad, where she ordered the massacre of 68 noblemen by whose counsel Bela had been blinded.

1132, Boris, s/o King Coloman’s 2nd wife who had been repudiated for adultery, invaded Hungary from Poland.

7/22/1132, Bela’s forces allied with Austrians defeated Boris at a battle on the river Sajó.

1133, 1134, 1137, and 1139, Bela was visited by his ally Soběslav I of Bohemia.

6/1139, Bela arranged the engagement of his daughter Sophia with Henry, son of the new German king Conrad III.


2/13/1141, Bela ‘the blind’ died, buried in the Székesfehérvár Cathedral. Geza succeeded his father Bela, his mother and her brother Belos acting as guardians.

2/16/1141, Geza crowned King.

1141, Geza, ‘By the Grace of God, King of Hungary, Dalmatia, Croatia and Rama’ signed a charter confirming the privileges of the citizens of Split in Dalmatia.

1145, Boris Kalamanos, a pretender to the crown of Hungary, led German mercenaries into Hungary and captured the fortress of Pressburg.

1146, Geza, of age, invaded Austria in retaliation for previous incursions into his lands.

[––Geza & Euphrosyne––]

1146, Euphrosyne’s father died, her brother Iziaslav succeeding.

8/1146, Geza married Euphrosyne.

9/11/1146, Geza won the Battle of the Fischa on the border between Hungary and Austria.

6/1147, German crusaders marched through Hungary on their way to the Holy Land.

8/1147, French crusaders journeyed through Hungary.

1148-1155, Geza supported Iziaslav II of Kiev [Geza’s brother-in-law] in Kiev-local conflicts.

1154, Géza invaded the Byzantine Empire and laid siege to Braničevo.

10/1154, Pope Anastasius IV declared Géza's rule in Dalmatia unlawful.

1158-60, Géza supported Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor, against the Lombard League.

1/1158, Géza accepted Emperor Frederick Barbarossa as arbitrator in his conflict with his younger brother Stephen.

9/1/1159, Pope Adrian IV died. The Cardinals split and 2 Popes were elected.

1161, Geza changed alliegance from Pope Victor IV to Pope Alexander III, promising the Pope to not depose or transfer prelates with his consent.

By 1162, Géza organized a separate appanage duchy, containing Dalmatia, Croatia and other territories, for his younger son, Béla.

5/31/1162, Geza died, his son Stephen succeeding.

Family notes:

Abū Hāmid stated that every country feared Géza's attack, because of the many armies he has at his disposal and his great courage, also observing that Geza employed Muslim soldiers. (S) The Travels of Abū Hāmid al-Andalusī al-Gharnātī, 1130-55, P.82-3.

Child of Geza and Euphrosyne:

i. Stephen of Hungary, born ? in Hungary.

1172, Stephen died; his brother succeeding.

ii. Bela III of Hungary (94555180) born ~1150 in Hungary.

iii. Elizabeth of Hungary, born ? in Hungary.

1157, Elizabeth married to Frederick of Bohemia.

iv. Odola of Hungary, born ? in Hungary.

Odala married to Sviatopluk of Bohemia.

v. Helena of Hungary, born by 1162 in Hungary.

1174, Helean married to Leopold V of Austria.

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