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Monday, August 24, 2020

Lord Adam de Caily & Mabell ?

 189120776. Lord Adam de Caily & 189120777. Mabell ?

~1190, Adam born in England, s/o 378241552. John de Cailly & 378241553. Margery ?.

~1200, Mabell born in England.

By 1206, Adam’s father died.

1216, Mandate to Hervey Belet that he not receive in the king’s peace until commanded otherwise: Hugh de Plaiz, Michael de Poynings, William de Stuteville, William de Mortimer, Adam de Cayly.

By 1218, Adam married Mabell.

11/23/1218, Oxfordshire. William of Huntercombe, Robert of Wallingford and Agnes, his wife, give the king 1 mark for having a pone, before the itinerant justices in Oxfordshire, of a plea between them, claimants, and Adam de Cayly and Mabel, his wife, defendants, concerning the fourth part of a knight’s fee with appurtenances in Ipsden. (S) FRsHIII. [William and Robert trying to recover forfeited lands.]

8/3/1221, To the sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk. Order that, having taken with him Osbert Gifford and Adam de Cayly, he is to cause diligent inquisition to be taken without delay by the oath of 12 law-worthy knights … (S) FRsHIII.

1229, Thomas de Ingoldestrop, Adam de Kaylly, Rogerus de Mustrel et Andreas de Sarnburn constituti sunt justiciarii ad assisam nove dissaisine. (S) CPRs, V2, 1903, m.4d. [Adam on 2 assizes in 1229.]

1230, W. comes Warennie, et sub eo, Johannes Bonet et Adam de Kaylly. (S) CPRs.

11/9/1233, The fine of Hugh d’Aubigny for having his lands. … [pledges] Adam de Cayly for 20 m. … (S) FRsHIII.

[Undated] Adam de Cailly paid £5 to plead in the case of waste in Bradenham forest, during the dower of Margerie, his mother, who was married to Michael de Poynings, she being to have only reasonable … to burn, by view of the forest.

8/1240, Eodem modo scribitur vicecomiti Norf' de Radulfo de Wauncy … Adam de Kaylli qui tenuit feoda iiij. militum, et similiter de illis qui tenuerunt feoda v. militum et dimidii de terra de Burneham. (S) CCRs. [9 knights’ fees.]

By 1244, Adam died.

Child of Adam and Mabell:

i. Osbert de Caily (94560388), born 1223 in England.

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