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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lord Bertram de Bulmer

 94536966. Lord Bertram de Bulmer

~1105, Bertram born in England, eldest s/o §§Asketil de Bulmer.

9/1128-9/1130, Bertram sheriff of Leciester and Warwick. (S) English Historical Review, V37, 1922, P78.

Aft. 1131, Bertram’s father died.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1140, Bertram sheriff of Yorkshire, built the castle of Hotune. (S) Di Nova Villa, Swallow, 1885, P254.

9/1144, Bertram de Bulmer, Gregory de Conyers and Geoffrey Escolland overwhelmed the forces of William Cumin [chancellor to King David of Scotland] at Merrington. [Cumin wanted to be named bishop of Durham.] (S) William Cumin, Young, 1978, P24.

10/1144, Bertram de Bulmer witnessed a charter of William de St. Barbe, bishop of Durham.

By 1154, Bertram founded the Augustinian priory at Marton in the forest of Galtres, the first in Yorkshire for both men and women. (S) Monastic Order in Yorkshire, Burton, 2006, P129.

10/25/1154, King Stephen died.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

9/1155, Bertram de Bulmer held the office of sheriff of Yorkshire. (S) Knaresburgh and Its Rulers, Wheater, 1907, P28. [Bertram built the castle ‘Sheriff-Hutton’.]

9/1158, The Sheriff of Yorkshire [Bertram] charges – In camera curiae Radulfo filio Stephani £18 18s.

1160, Bertram de Bulmer, sheriff, amerced for £200. (S) Restoration and Reform, White, 2000, P96.

1160, Bertram of Bulmer owed £14 6s 8d arising out of pleas held in the county [Yorkshire] by royal justice. (S) Henry II, Warren, 1973, P270.

1161-62, Bertram de Bulmer and Ralph Basset sheriffs of Leciester and Warwick. (S) Supplementary Volume to Leicester Views, Throsby, 1790, P521.

1162, Bertram built the tower at the castle of Raby. (S) Stately Homes of England, Jewitt, 1874, P255.

6/1163 at Yorkshire, Bertram de Bulmer, r.c. etc. Et Rudulpho filio Stephani et Willielmo d Ostilli 100 marcas per breve Regis.

9/1163, Bertram gave up the office of sheriff, succeeded by Ranulf de Glanville.

1164, Bertram of Bulmer owes £9 6s 8d concerning the old pleas of William fitz John. (S) Henry II, Warren, 1973, P270.

1165, Carta Bertram’ de Bulmer: … Radulfus de Wilton, feod. dim. militis tempore … (S) Cartularium Abbathiae de Whiteby, 1879, P184.

1165-66, Bertram, Lord of Brancepeth and Sheriff Hutton, Durham, died; his son William, a minor, succeeding.

(S) Saxon Survivors?, Davison, 2007. (S) Battle Abbey Roll, 1889, P278ff. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878.

Family notes:

·         Bertram de Bulmer had a nephew of the same name, s/o his brother Anchitel, seated at Wilton in Cleveland.

Children of Bertram and ?:

i. Emma de Bulmer (47268483), born ~1145 in England.

ii. William de Bulmer, born ? in England.

1166, William succeeded his father.

1176, William died; his sister Emma his heir.

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