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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lord Geoffrey fitz Payn

 79959620. Lord Geoffrey fitz Payn

~1095, Galfrid born in England, s/o §§Lord Ralph Paganel. (S) Yorkshire Arch. And Topo. Journal, V9, 1886, P72.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

By 1113, Geoffrey’s father died.

1113, Foundation charter of St. Neot’s Priory: ‘… propria manu confirmavi. [seals] … Signum Gaufridi filii Pagani. (S) History and Antiquities of Eynesbury, Gorham, 1820, P-CV.

1114, Geoffrey Fitz-Pain gave the chapel of All Saints, Skewkirk, to Nostel priory.

1114-16, Geoffrey fitz Payn held 4 carucates and 3 bovates in Ulceby. (S) Notes on Ulceby, Fletcher, 1885, P6.

1115-18, Geoffrey fitz Pain held 1 car. 4 bov. In Ribi, in Yarborough wapentake; and 1 car. 2 bov. In Sualwa, which Widmund held of him. (S) Record Society, V48, 1903, P100.

1121, Geoffrey fitz Pain witnessed the King’s grant of marriage to Milo of Gloucester of Sybill de Newmarch. (S) Women of the English Nobility, Ward, 1995, P27.

1131 at Waltham, Grant of the King for the use of the canons of the church of the martyrs Gervase and Protase of Sees … attested … Waleran count of Meulan, Hugh Bigot and Humphrey de Bohun sewers, Miles of Gloucester, … Payn fitz John, … Henry de Ferrers, … Geoffrey fitz Pain, … (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P563.

1132, Grant to the hospital of Falaise … attested by … William earl of Warren; the sewers Hugh Bigot, Humphrey de Bohun, and Robert de Curci; Geoffrey fitz-Pain, Miles of Gloucester, Pain fitz-John, … and Aubrey de Ver, at Marden.

1132, Galfrid Trussebut founded the priory of Wartre. (S) Barnwell Priory, Harmon, Dissertation, Univ. of East Anglia, 2016, P167.

Geoffrey died holding 11 carucates and 35.5 bovates. (S) Reports and Papers of the Archit. & Arch., V16, 1881

Family notes:

·         Geoffrey’s lands in Lincolnshire were derived from the estates of Roger of Poitou, who forfeited in 1102. (S) Anglo-Norman Warfare, Strickland, 1992, P49.

Child of Geoffrey and ?:

i. William Trussebut (39979810), born ~1120 in Yorkshire, England.

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