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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Lord Henry Esturmy

 486736000. Lord Henry Esturmy

~1180, Henri Esturmi born in Wiltshire, England, s/o §§Lord Geoffrey Esturmy.

1200, Henry’s father died.

4/28/1200, John by the grace of god King of England, … granted … to Henry Esturmy such seisin of all the land in the bailiwick of the forest of Savernake as Geoffrey Esturmy his father had therein on the day that he died. (S) The Wardens of Savernake Forest, 1949, P28.

1200, Henry Esturmy liable for 250 marks “to have the peace” of the king.

1206, Henry paid a fine of 100 fat fowls for leave to assart to acres of Cullfield woods.

1208, Henry Esturmy gives 100 marks because the forest that he has custody of was not well kept.

1214, Rober Doisnel bringing action against Henry Esturmy in a plea of land.

1214, Henry de Esturmy was commanded to cause to come without delay all the carts which he could procure in his bailiwick, to carry the king’s treasure to Portsmouth. (S) History and Description of Corfe Castle, Bond, 1883, P18.

6/7/1223, Sussex. Hugh Esturmy has made fine with the king for the 100s. that he owes. (S) FRsHIII.

Henri died.

Family notes:

1086, Richard Sturmy held the manor of Burbage Sturmy, by the serjeanty of keeping of Savernake forest.

1130, Henry Sturmy held the manor of Burbage Sturmy.

1162, §§Lord Henry Sturmy held the forest of Savernak’ and the manor of Burbage Sturmy.

By 1196, Henry died.

1197, Geoffrey Sturmy held the manor of Burbage Sturmy.

Child of Henri and ?:

i. Geoffrey Esturmy (243368000), born ~1205 in Wiltshire, England.

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