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Friday, August 28, 2020

Lord John de Gray

 94560768. Lord John de Gray

~1140, John de Gray born in Norfolk, England, s/o §§Anschetil de Grey.

1150-60, Anschetillus de Grai donated land at “Stanlache quod vocatur Langehurst et aliud ... Wdefordhurst..” to Eynsham, with the consent of ‘filius meus Johannes’. (S) FMG.

7/6/1189, Richard I succeeded Henry II as King of England.

1198, John de Gray, the elder, of Eaton in Norfolk died at Standlake.

Family notes:

John had a younger brother John, Bishop of Norwich.

Children of John and ?:

i. Henry de Gray (47280384), born ~1165 in England.

ii. Eva de Grey (243377351), born ~1170 in Engand.

iii. Walter de Grey, born ~1175 in England.

1205, Walter, lord Chancellor of England [under King John, having paid 5000 marks for the office].

1215, Walter, archbishop of York.

8/1220, Walter de Grey, archbishop of York, to Hubert de Burgh, justiciar: his efforts in the matter between Hugh de Bolbec and Roger Bertram; the former refuses to surrender a castle to the latter. (S) UKNA. [Hugh had to be threatened with excommunication and the loss of his own lands. Roger had to deliver a son as a hostage to the Bishop of Durham.] (S) Minority of Henry III, Carpenter, 1990, P207.

4/20/1228, The king has granted to the archbishop of York [Walter] that, beyond the 200m … of the fine of 1200 m. …  for the debts of the same archbishop and for the debts of John de Gray, formerly bishop of Norwich, his uncle, …  (S) FRsHIII.

5/1/1255, Walter died.

iv. Robert de Gray (243382848), born ~1180 in England.

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