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Friday, August 28, 2020

Lord Patrick de Cadurcis

 94559152. Lord Patrick de Cadurcis

~1160, Patrick born in Brittany, France, s/o §§Lord Patrick de Cadurcis.

1166–1167, Payn, the grandfather, lost his English lands.

1168, Payne, the grandfather, had his English lands restored.

Patrick’s father died before his grandfather.

1170, Patrick’s grandfather Payn died.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded Louis VII as King of France.

1187, Patrick de Cadurcis accounted for £6 of knights’ fees of of the honour of Striguil in the scutage of Galway. (S) Dormant and Extinct Baronage, Banks, P263.

~1188, Patrick married a d/o “Chaworth”.

1189-90, Patrick de Charucis accounted for 40s scutage in Gloucester. (S) Calendar of the Records fo the Corporation of Gloucester, 1893, P71.

~1199, Patrick died.

Family notes:

·         §§Patick de Cadurcis of Little Brittany s/o §§Lord Payn de Cadurcis & Guiburge de Mondoubleau, d/o §§Pain de Mundubleil.

·         Mondoubleau a town between Paris and Le Mans.

Children of Patrick and ?:

i. Payn de Chaworth (47279576), born ~1190 in Monmouthshire, England.

Payn, of Kempsford, co. Gloucester, assumed his mother's surname.  

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