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Friday, August 28, 2020

Lord Ralph de la Fenne

 94563458. Lord Ralph de la Fenne

~1135, Ralph born in England, s/o §§Alan of Fenne.

[Undated], Alan de Fenne gave Kirkstead abbey in Lincolnshire some land in an area of Scrane called Crakeholm, plus 5 acres of arable land in the marsh of Toft. “This gift I have given to the said church in alms for the health of my soul and my father and all my forebears,” with the “consent and good will of Ralph my son and heir.”

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

[Undated], “Ralph son of Alan of Fenne” made grants to Kirkstead abbey.

By 1155, ‘Ralph son of Alan’ witnessed a grant by William of Huntingfield to his vassal Baldric the clerk of Fenne, of 1 of the 9 carucates he had just acquired in Toft. Baldric was to provide him with the service of an 11th part of a knight’s fee. [Ralph’s grandson, Ralph de Rocheford, would hold property matching this under the Huntingfields.]

1156-58 at Boston, Ralph a witness to a charter of Conan IV, duke of Brittany and earl of Richmond. [Near the end of the witness list.]

1165-66, Pipe Rolls record: Ralph and his men owed the crown 5 marks “for pleas”.

[Undated], Ralph was a witness to grants of Roger Fitz William (de Huntingfeld, b.~1145, d.aft.9/1206).

12/1184 in London, Ralph witnessed a charter of Geoffrey, s/o King Henry II, granting a plot in Boston to Reiner of Waxham.

1184-85, Pipe Rolls: Ralph paid the crown 20s, and owed another 20s, for a “recognition of the travails” of his nephew, Baldric, whose father had died before he came of age.

1185, Ralph granted Albreda and her husband Waleran rights in the church of Quadring.

1186-87, Ralph paid the 20s owed to the crown from 1184-85, Baldric still under age and the ward of Ralph.

1185-90, Ralph granted 50% of Quadring church to the nuns at the priory of Stainfield near Lincoln. Ralph had appointed his brother as parson.

1185-90, Ralph, of Lincolnshire, died.

(S) Rochford of Fenne, V1, Nettleton, 2016.

Child of Ralph and ?:

i. Hamo de la Fenne, born ? in England.

“Hamo son of Ralph” witnessed 5 charters to Kirkstead abbey.

Hamo apparently died before his father, his sister the heiress.

ii. Albreda de la Fenne (47281729), born ~1180 in England.

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