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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lord Robert of Gloucester & Hawise de Redvers

 79849866. Lord Robert of Gloucester & 79849867. Hawise de Redvers

~1130, Robert fitz count born in England, natural s/o 159916042. Earl Robert de Caen.

~1140, Hawise born in England, d/o 159699734. Earl Baldwin de Redvers & 159699735. Adeliz Baluun.

10/31/1147, Robert’s father died; his oldest half-brother William succeeding.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

Aft. 1154, ‘Henry Rex Angl Dux Norman & Acquietan … concessisse & confirmasse’ … the manor of Conerton to Robert, son of the Earl of Gloucester, my cousin, for his services … (S) Cornwall Record Office: Arundell of Lanherne and Trerice [AR/17 - AR/50].

6/4/1155, Hawise’s father died.


Aft. 7/1157, Robert married Agnes fitz Nigel, the widow of Eustace fitz John [killed in battle.] (S) CH&I, HII.

1158, Robert fitzCount, constable of Chester, granted Watton priory all the land as Eustace fitzJohn gave it with the consent of Agnes his wife, from whose marriage portion there was exchanged. (S) Book of Seals, Hatton, 1950, P356.

4/1158, A confirmation of a grant by King Henry mentions a grant by Agnes fitz Nigel and her husband Robert.

1160, Robert named in a charter, addressed in a writ from King Henry II as Castellan of Gloucester.

[––Robert & Hawise––]

By 1161, Robert married 2nd Hawise.

By 1161, Hawise, daughter of Earl Baldwin de Redvers, made a gift to Quarr Abbey jointly with her husband, Robert, son of Earl of Gloucester. [Quarr abbey founded by Baldwin de Redvers in 1131.]

1169-73, Robert died. (S) CH&I, HII.

Child of Robert and Hawise:

i. Mabel Fitz Robert (39924933), born ~1170 in England.

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