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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Lord Thomas de Gorges & Joan ?

 134224144. Lord Thomas de Gorges &134224145. Joan ?

~1190, Thomas born in Normandy, s/o §§Ralph de Gorges & Margaret Foliot.

~1200, Joan born in Normandy. (S) See 1236-37.

[––Ralph, father of Thomas––]

1198, Accounts of the Bailiwick of Caen in Normandy, Ralph de Gorges, Robert L’Angevin and William de Morsalines rendered £138 13s 12d for themselves and their associates for the sale of the forest of Blanqueville, which sum save £13 17s 4d in tythe to the chaplain of Benouville-en-Caux and £29 in wages to the same accountants for the custody of the vente of the said forest. (S) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii, Stapleton, 1844, P174.

1199-1203, Thomas’ father died.


5/27/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.

1203, Richard de Fontenay rendered an account of his receipts of the Cotentin [Normandy] in the Honour of Cherbourg and of Valognes and of Brix of £140 which he had received from … the mainpernors of Thomas de Gorges of his fine – £122 18s. of his receipts from the Bailiwick of Coutances … (S) Magni rotuli Scaccarii, Stapleton, 1844, P246. [“Gorges” a commune in the arrondissement of Coutances, canton of Periers.]

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England.

[––Thomas & Joan––]

~1220, Thomas married Joan.

1230, Pro Thoma de Gorges et aliis militibus reteutis in servicio regis … (S) CPRs. [On behalf of Thomas de Gorges and the other soldiers in the service of the king … The Count of Brittany salutes you. … the liberation of the camp of the proffered to have you do …] (S) CPRs.

1231, Thomas Gorges, Sergeant-at-Arms to King Henry III,  granted the tenancy of Powerstock Castle, the hunting lodge restored by King John. [Thomas had lost his lands in Normandy to France.]

1234, Thomas, lord of Warleigh, died before his mother.


1236, The King gave “a handsome allowance” to one of Joan’s sons, Ralph, and “maintained” the other son, Thomas, at University. [Ralph the elder of the brothers.]

9/28/1236, For Joan, wife of Thomas de Gorges . Order to the king’s escheators to cause Joan, who was the wife of Thomas de Gorges , to have full seisin of the manor of Powerstock, which Thomas held by bail of the king … into the king’s hand by reason of the death of the same Thomas, with all corn, stock and chattels found therein to sustain her for as long as it pleases the king. (S) FRsHIII.

11/29/1236, Licence for Joan late the wife of Thomas de Gorges to go beyond seas to obtain her dower of her husband's lands in Normandy for 2 years. (S) CPRs.

1236-37, Joan sued in Normandy for her dower rights, but it was determined by the court of Rouen that she was heiress in her own right, and that Sir Thomas’ Normandy lands reverted to the French crown. (S) Hist. of the Family Gorges, Brown, 1944, PP5-7.

4/13/1238, To Margaret late the wife of Roger son of Payn. The king has assigned 100 marks a year for having the custody of the lands late of her said husband, to Robert de Monasteriis and his fellows, who were of the household of Thomas de Gorges, for their maintenance on the king's service; and to the use of Joan late the wife of the said Thomas, who takes 5 marks a year out of the said 100 marks with the manor of Purstok which has been assigned to her for the maintenance of her and her children [Ralph and Thomas]. (S) CPRs.

1239, §§Margaret, d/o Robert Foliot of Warleigh, in Tamerton Foliot, Devon, wife of Sir Ralph de Gorges, died.

1/16/1241, Appointment during pleasure of Bartholomew Peche and Joan de Gorges to the custody of the lands of Ralph de Gorges [Joan’s son] and Ellen his wife. (S) CPRs.

11/14/1266, Grant to Ralph de Gorges, son of Joan de Gorges, to whom the king lately granted the the manor of Porstok for her life, that he shall have it for 5 years from her death in consideration of his expenses in the king’s service in the time of the disturbance in the realm. (S) CPRs.

Aft. 11/1266, Joan died.

(S) Coll’s for a Parochial Hist. of Wraxall, Master, 1900, P10.

Family notes:

Margaret (b.~1170, d.1239) [Thomas’ mother] d/o §§Robert Foliot (b.~1140) of Warleigh, in Tamerton-Foliot, co. Devon. §§Robert likely brother of §§Richard, f/o Margery de Foliot (243342355).

3/1140, Henry, son of king of Scots, to §§Robert Foliot [(b.~1110) & Margery, heir & d/o §§Richard de Reinbuedcurt], his steward, and burgesses and barons of Honour of Huntingdon; has granted to priory church of St Mary, Huntingdon, churches of St Martin and St Benedict.

Children of Thomas and Joan:

i. Ralph de Gorges (67112072), born ~1222 in England.

ii. Thomas de Gorges, born ~1225 in England.

1251, Thomas de Gorges, Robert de l’Espesse, and the King the 3 patrons of the church of Gorges in Normandy; of the fief of Thomas de Gorges. (S) Magni rotuli Scaccarii, Stapleton, 1844, P247.

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