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Friday, August 28, 2020

Lord William de Camville & Lucy ?

 121671524. Lord William de Camville & 121671525. Lucy ?

~1198, William born in England, s/o 243343048. Geoffrey de Camville.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England.

~1215, Lucy born in England.

Bef. 1220, William’s father died before his grandmother.

1/27/1220, Complainant: William de Kamvill. Tenant or deforciant: Albreda Marmium (486686097, grandmother). Subj. of fine and result: Half a Knight's fee in Arewe. Albreda to hold it for her life, and to revert, after her death, to William and his heirs. (S) Staffordshire Hist. coll’s, V4, 1883, Feet of Fines, Warwickshire.

1228, Albreda Marmion (486686097) appeared before the king at Gloucester and quitclaimed to William de Camville all right and claim she had in Llanstephan.

6/29/1229, William de Camville has made fine with the king by 50m. for having back his lands which the king caused to be taken into his hand for the trespass that he made towards him in felling his wood of Arrow , which is within the king’s forest, without the assent and will of the king. (S) FRsHIII.

9/13/1229, The king has granted to William de Camville that, of the 50m. which he owes him, he may render 20m. … (S) FRsHIII.

1/1230, Wigornia.—Willelmus de Kamvill' attornavit Aitropum de Samford' contra Walterum de Bello Campo petentem de consuetudine et servicio. (S) CCRs.

1232, Warw. Confirmation by Henry de Nepferd to the monks of Bordesley … Witnesses: … William de Camvilla, … (S) Ancient Deeds, V1, 1890, B.767.

[––William & Lucy––]

~1233, William married Lucy.

8/28/1236, The king has rendered to William de Camville, son and heir of Geoffrey de Camville, the land of Fedamore [Ireland] with appurtenances, which Leuca, mother of the same William, held in dower of the gift of the aforesaid Geoffrey, formerly her husband, for the £60 by which he made fine with the king for having that land, and the king has taken William’s homage. (S) FRsHIII.

4/7/1237, William de Camville gives the king 4m. for having a pone in Staffordshire. (S) FRsHIII.

6/15/1240, William de Camville gives 20s. for having 4 justices. Order to the sheriff of Wiltshire. (S) FRsHIII.

5/4/1242, William de Camville gives half a mark for having a pone [to remove a plea] from the county court of Staffordshire to [the justices of the Bench at] Westminster. (S) FRsHIII.

4/1243, Staff. William de Camvill sued Richard de Camvill for the manor of Camvill, excepting one and a half virgates of land. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883, Plea Rolls, Banco Roll no.9.

2/3/1258, Robert de Kamvill a tenant for life at Haunton, under William de Camvill. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883, Plea Rolls, fn.8.

1/1259, Staff. Robert de Beverle acknowledged he owed to Richard, son of Richard de Kamvill, 45 marks, … owing for the land which they hold of him by the demise of William de Kamvill. [Same Court] Warw. Robert de Grendon was sued by William de Kamvill for homage and service owing for a Knight's fee in Grendon, pertaining to his manor of Clyfton … (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883, Plea Rolls, Banco Roll no.101.

1/20/1260, Warw. William de Camvill appeared on the fourth day against Richard de Kamvill in a plea. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883, Plea Rolls, Banco Roll no.14.

2/1260, William died.


4/1260, Staff. Matilda, widow of Richard de Kamwill, sued Geoffrey de Kamwill for one-third of two parts of the manor of Clifton; and Lucy, widow of William de Kamvill, for one-third of one-third of the same manor, as her dower; and Lucy called Geoffrey to warranty for the third of the manor held by her. A concord was made by which Geoffrey conceded to Matilda for her life 12 marks of rent from the said manor in the name of dower. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883, Plea Rolls, Banco Roll no.101.

Child of William and Lucy:

ii. Geoffrey de Camville (60835762), born ~1235 in England.

1/1261, Staff. William le Mathun sued Geoffrey de Camvill in a plea that he should warrant to him a virgate of land in Clifton, for which he holds the charter of William de Camvill, the father of Geoffrey. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883, Plea Rolls, Banco Roll no.116.

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